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Full Movie: Services - Hazel Paige

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Full Movie: Services - Hazel Paige

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Services - Hazel Paige

Hazel and Will are exes who are stuck living together. Both have decided to take diverging paths with their lives while getting along pretty okay. The issue that always comes up is chores. Namely Hazel's inability to do them in a timely manner. One day she forgets to take out the trash which really annoys Will. A small argument ensues where Hazel and Will finally make a bet that Hazel will take out the trash next week or she has to do anything Will wants of her.

The next week rolls around and it turns out that Hazel has once again forgotten to take out the trash. What happens next? Well maid costumes, deep pussy pounding and a cum shot to the face. Maybe the punishment doesn't fit the crime and that is what makes things fun.

Released:Feb 02, 2023
Length:40 min

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