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Sauna Surprise

Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet love keeping their bodies in top shape, and it truly does pay off; they are a duo of stunning hotties. Josephine is still busy running on the treadmill, while Eve is finished with her workout and is heading to relax her sore glutes in the sauna. Josephine can't hear her anyway; she's wearing headphones and is in the zone while Eve tries to explain where she's going. Never mind anyway; it's time to get into the booth and lay down while the water vapors fill up the room. But it seems as if she's not alone here; something is crawling on the walls, leaving behind a slimy trail. Eve doesn't seem to notice it, instead closing her eyes and fully embracing this peaceful moment. It won't stay like that for long. The strange alien worm crawls between her legs, lunging straight inside her exposed pussy, to which Eve instantly begins to panic. She takes the towel off herself and notices that her nipples are fully firm.

Released:Sep 30, 2023
Director:Roberto Suna
Length:10 min

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