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Holy Josephine

Sister Josephine Jackson's faith is unwavering; she's a servant of God first and foremost, and her whole life has been dedicated to Him. As per usual, she is at home, reading a book, and enjoying the peace and quiet. However, she seems to notice something in the mirrora red stain as if there is a devil. She goes to take a better look, but theres nothing at all; shes so silly sometimes. However, sister Josephine is starting to burn up as if she has a fever.

She's sweating, and it keeps getting worse, so that must be the source of her delusions. She gets out of the room to measure her temperature, but the moment she comes back, that red spot becomes as real as it can be. It's a she-devil, looking exactly like her, just standing there and smiling sinisterly. Sister Josephine tries to establish some sort of communication, at least so the devil will tell her why she's here, but it fails.

The succubus is just standing there, so our dear sister does what she's been learning all these years. She grabs her cross and begins to scream "The power of Christ compels you". Although it is a solid attempt at chasing the devil away, it fails. The succubus makes the cross vanish, leaving Josephine dumbfounded at what is happening, and at the same time, her fever starts to advance. She's sweating even more, crunching from the pain in her crotch, and something begins to change.

Released:Oct 12, 2023
Director:Mark Zebro
Length:16 min

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