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Ping Pong

Eve Sweet and Josephine Jackson were playing ping pong, but the game was interrupted when Josephine had to take the wet cloths to the dryer. When she walked into the laundry room, she sensed something was off. As she was about to put the cloths in the dryer, she noticed a sticky, weird slime on them. She started to investigate the source of the dripping and when she looked up, she saw an alien parasite crawling on the ceiling

Josephine gasped in shock as the alien parasite jumped right in her mouth. A few minutes after, the alien parasite started taking over, driving Josephine into a horny frenzy, craving sex more than anything. She wanted to fuck Eve, who was running away. But there was no escape, as the alien parasite also got into Eve. Now both of the babes were overcome with lust and they started to fuck each other with wild abandon, their bodies trembling with pleasure as they explored new heights of pleasure.

Released:Nov 11, 2023
Director:Roberto Suna
Length:16 min

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