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Full Movie: Scarlet Red & Friends

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Scarlet Red and Luna C. Kitsuen Share a Huge Cock

Scarlet Red is an adventurous girl, but you always do more with your friends than you would by yourself. With a little help from sexy Luna Kitsuen they get to work straight away on Bruce's cock, which didn't take long to get fully erect at the mercy of two warm, wet mouths. After taking turns getting the depth of their throats tested, attention is turned to both girls' eager pussies, radiating heat and dripping juices. Scarlet takes her time teasing all of Luna's sweet spots while her pussy is filled with every inch of Bruce's meaty dick. Luna can't wait to watch a huge cock slide in and out of Scarlet's tight pussy, gripping Bruce's cock for dear life. Once they've finally had enough, they return attention to his shaft and work him over to produce a fresh sticky load big enough for both girls to share.

Released:Mar 25, 2015
Length:37 min

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