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Full Movie: Consumed by Curiosity

Consumed by Curiosity

Mialooks like a good little Catholic schoolgirl, but she has an insatiable desire for the forbidden knowledge of life. When she sneaks into the chapel at night to read a secret occult text that she stole from the rectory, she inadvertently summons two demons posing as Catholic clergy, who confront her using the text as an affront to their "lord." Little does she know that the spanking she's receiving from the demon nun is just the first of two trials to see if she is worthy of the power she has called upon. Young Mia takes a hard hand spanking, followed by a stiff paddling from a large wooden paddle, all the while feeling the air and mood around her change as her second trial approaches. She must suck off the devilish priest to his satisfaction to prove she is worthy. She takes his evil cock into her mouth as the devilish sister chants in latin. Mia sucks and slobbers until the demon's seed is sprayed all over her tits.

Released:Jul 30, 2018
Director:David Harris
Length:31 min

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