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No Pain, No Gain

Valentina just hired a new personal trainer, Laz, who works out of his home. Laz begins their first session by testing Valentina's flexibility. When she bends over to try to touch her toes, he immediately notices what a great ass she has. He stands behind her to help with her alignment and presses his body against hers. She thinks it's a bit inappropriate, but she goes along. When he checks her flexibility once again, and against presses himself against her, she gives him a dirty look. This goes on for a while, in different positions, as Laz inappropriately touches her. When she's on the ground, he pulls down her pants. She gets angry with him, but he smacks her ass & the submissive in her lights up. He can tell she'll be compliant.

When it's time to test her squat technique and suggests that her range would be better if she wasn't wearing shorts, she knows where this is going. He gets down on the ground & makes her squat over his face. He finally grabs her & pulls her to him, burying his face in her plump ass. She loves how this feels and knows that while this isn't exactly what she had in mind when she sought a new trainer, this is certainly going to be a fun workout. Valentina & Laz have some very energetic sex on his floor and she takes a big facial. Laz asks how she feels about her workout. "I think I'm going to be a little sore," she replies. "Well, you know what they say: "No pain, no gain.""

Released:Jun 04, 2020
Length:20 min

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