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The Ransom

"The Best of SAS - Director's Choice!

In this fantasy role play, Cassandra Nix gets and held for ransom. Amy Brooke, a very beautiful and wealthy friend agrees to make the payment for her release and meets the kidnapper in an abandon warehouse. Unfortunately the girls are dealing with a mad man who wants more than just the cash. He ties Amy down and makes her watch video footage of Cassandra being sexually . Amy is filled with horror as she watches but she is unable to stop her pussy from getting wet as he rips her clothes off and gropes her. She watches on as Cassandra gets throats fucked and ass fucked while in inescapable bondage and then she receives the same rough treatment. Finally, the two girls are reunited and all of their holes are used!"

Released:Aug 05, 2020
Length:1 h 9 min

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