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Full Movie: Would It Be Wrong to Fuck You Again?

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Would It Be Wrong to Fuck You Again?

Gross!! I can't believe my step-brother just came in me! I told him not to, but he did it anyway. The only way for me to feel somewhat clean again is to take a shower and wash that jerk's cum out of me.. But as I try to wash it away, I start getting extremely horny. My fingers travel down my body and I start rubbing my cum filled pussy. As much as I hate to admit it... the thought of fucking my step-brother to keep my secret actually turned me on so much! Right when I feel like I'm about to cum, he barges into the bathroom! Omg what are you doing! You scared me! Whatcha doing step-sis? Did I catch you in the middle of something? I'm trying to take a shower!! Can I join? - My step-brother smirks at me and jumps up on the bath tub with his rock hard cock out - Dude stop, you know they will be home any minute!! Come on, I know youwant it back in your mouth, I can tell by the way you're staring! I know it's wrong to fuck him again, and I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. But he's right, all I can think about is feeling his long dick deep inside of me again! And we've already done it once before, so what does it matter if we do it a second time? Fine but you can't cum in me this time!! No problem step-sis... Watch my big step-brother stretch out my tight pussy after I suck him off in the shower! Feeling his cock slide in and out of me made me cum so much and so hard! My step-brother might be a jerk sometimes, but taking his cock is worth it! My entire body shakes as he thrusts himself into my pussy. I made him promise not to cum inside of me again, so I took his sticky hot load all over my face like a good step-sister should! I'm glad my mom & Step-Dad wasn't home, or they definitely would have heard us messing around in the bathroom!

Released:Dec 07, 2021
Length:22 min

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