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May 8, 2012


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36:22 minute(s)




We are pleased to introduce 36 year-old MILF Alice. Alice has dark hair, with blonde coloring around her face. Alice thinks her augmented breasts, sized 30 F, and is her best asset. Alice is a firm believer in exercise - and it shows on her flat tummy and rock-hard abs. Her legs and arms are also very toned - it doesn't look as though there is an ounce of fat on her strong body. And this shoot was filmed in Full HD 3D, so you may choose from a Full HD 3D Blu-ray, Full HD 2D Blu-ray DVD or a standard 2D DVD. When we first meet Alice she is lounging on the black-sheet clad bed. She sits up to remove her top, t-shirt and black bra. Next she peels off her pants, socks and panties. Now completely naked, Alice rolls over and reaches for the heart shaped pink and white vibe and wastes no time placing it on her clit and tugging her labia. Alice develops quite the sex flush as she quickly succumbs to the powers of the toy. And with the toy buzzing away, it's just a few moments until we enjoy seeing Alice have her first orgasm. She turns off the toy and smiles at the camera, slowly touching her sensitive clit and pussy. For the second scene, Alice is seated on the bed wearing animal-print panties and a purple t-shirt. Just before she peels off the t-shirt she nervously introduces herself saying, "My name's Alice" and smiling at the camera. She lies back, propped up on lime green pillows and uses the black baton vibe on her pussy through the little panties for a moment. It's not long before Alice discards the panties, also, and reaches for a second toy to work on her pussy. The baton vibe is buzzing on her clit and the purple "dental" vibe is stroking her pussy. This is a fixed camera full body view perspective, much as was the first scene, but this view is just a bit closer to Alice's cooch - and she looks like she's really enjoying the two toys and getting rather wet. Alice really wiggles and jiggles the purple toy just in the base of her vagina, throwing her head back and moaning as the baton stays put on her clit. Alice pulls the purple vibe out of her pussy, moaning, and cumming with a little bead of wetness dripping out of her cooch. Once again, her chest is flushed very, very red and she is giggly as she reveals, "I've never cum so many times in my life." Still flustered and giggly, Alice sits up to put on her panties, and then lies back on the bed, rolling over to nap. Wearing bright, mint green and white polka-dotted panties and a black lace bra, Alice is once more in the bedroom for the hands on orgasms treatment with the cameraman. He is chatting with her about the black baton vibe and the number of girls the toy has successfully made cum. He stimulates her nipples with the vibe and is more than pleased by the immediate reaction. The toy goes back down to Alice's crotch to stimulate her through the dotted panties. Then, the panties are peeled off and the toy is placed directly on her clit. He tells her he has a "great temptation to try and tease you." Alice is all smiles and giggles, relishing the stimulation from the toy. He spreads her pussy lips, inserting the purple dental vibe sideways into her slit. I gather Alice is a two toy kinda girl :-) She assists in placing the toy inside her and her notes how wet her pussy has become. As he works the toy, he notes, "Oh. Your clit's getting bigger." And as he promised, he gets her panting, and then pulls the baton vibe off her clit, saying, "Not yet". Alice is enjoying the attention, throwing her head back, panting and moaning. He asks her if it "feels nice" and she says, "Yeah." Alice's legs begin to quiver as he moves the baton vibe on her clit. She pants and moans. He pulls the purple vibe out from between her legs until Alice cums again, saying, "Yeah." He is going to make her cum again. He gently strokes her pussy lips with the toy, moving slowly in respect of her sensitivity. The camera is stationary and positioned between her legs showing her full body. Slowly he works the toy around and around on her clit, Alice's legs are again quivering as she pants and gasps - her chest and neck are flushed so red but he won't stop until she is moaning in ecstasy. Alice lies back to catch her breath and he says, "We're going to go for number three". But, she seems eager and ready to go for it. Once more, he starts her off slowly with the toy on her clit and one hand resting on the back of her thigh, near her cooch lips. As he works the toy, Alice's head is lifting off the pillows and she moans pants, hisses and quivers. And she cums for a third time! Her legs lifting off the bed and quivering. He teases her, "That's a good work out!" He steps out of camera view while Alice sits up to pull her panties on. We can hear him offering her a cup of tea. How very British :-) Alice is stretched across the black sheets in the bedroom. She is wearing red panties, adorned with a white heart and a red bra, also adorned with hearts in just the right places. Alice is going to go for this orgasm with the pink and white, heart-shaped vibe. This is another full body view, with her feet folded in front of her. Alice inserts a finger into the base of her vagina while the toy buzzes on her clit. Occasionally her hand reaches up to fondle and cup her large breasts. And, once more, I can't help but notice the sex flush that creeps across Alice's chest and face. It really is quite remarkable. Alice is really enjoying the toy and beginning to moan and gasp as she starts having a really big orgasm that has her gasping for air and going on and on. She takes a moment to recover, straightens her long, lean legs and smiles at the camera. After she has recovered she pulls her panties on and leaves the room. For the last scene on this DVD, Alice is wearing turquoise green panties, a purple t-shirt and a black bra. As the scene opens, Alice says, "Donald would like to know if I'd like to give the wand a go". She turns on the big toy and uses it on her pussy through her panties. Alice releases her breasts from beneath her bra and pulls her t-shirt up to expose her perky nipples. After a moment or two, she pulls off her panties and reaches for the purple "dental" vibe. Alice inserts the vibe into the base of her pussy while the magic wand is perched on her clitoris. We now know Alice likes to feel something in her pussy. The combination of the two toys has Alice's eyes rolling back into her head and gasping and smiling very quickly. With the purple toy wiggling, wiggling and the wand going, Alice is gasping and flushing red across her face and chest. She pulls the purple toy out of her pussy just as she starts to cum and looks straight at the camera as she has an orgasm. After Alice recovers she says, "Thank you, Donald." Giggle, giggle, giggle.

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