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Anal Gypsy Girl

Anal Gypsy Girl

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Mar 14, 2003



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57:00 minute(s)


Cobra, Damiana

Cobra is a wild gypsy girl. Skimpily-clad in a belly-dancer's outfit, she's a mysterious and seductive redhead who likes to knock on random doors to seduce the innocent. Her latest victim is Damiana, a young brunette with adorable piggy tails. Damiana opens the door in her pajama top and pink socks, with no underwear. Cobra persuades Damiana to let her in "to read her palm." Little does Damiana suspect what's in stock for her! It starts with a sensual seduction, and ends up in a wild romp of oral sex, 69, fingers in asses, ice cubes, oil cover, anal beads, and even douching and an enema! The douching and the enema take place with Damiana swung across Cobra's lap. For the enema, Cobra uses a car-oil funnel, with a transparent flexible tube attached to it, and a hefty nozzle. Afterwards, Cobra makes Damiana expel the water into a bucket, in perfect full view. Cobra is a wild gypsy girl, a redhead who likes to seduce the innocent. Her latest victim is the young Damiana, a brunette with adorable piggy tails. They indulge in an orgy of strap-on sex and anal sex. With anal beads in each of their asses, they both ride a double-ended dildo - and tie together the strings of the anal beads sticking out of their butts! But what happens when the two girls simultaneously pull out in opposite directions? Which one has the tighter pussy? Which one has the tighter ass? After sex, Cobra wants to "move on", explaining that "I've done what I came here to do!" She's a gypsy after all... But her wicked ways don't settle too well with Damiana, who quickly loses her residual shyness, and discovers that she has a great aggressive side! She pounces on Cobra, and wrestles her to the ground. Damiana gains the upper hand, and decides to punish Cobra. She uses a straitjacket, a human-sized bird's cage, a whip -- whose handle doubles as a dildo -- a paddle and finally, a series of enemas. The first enema, with a red bag, is just a warm-up... Then Damiana uses a "super-soaker" toy gun! She loads it up with water, pumps up the pressure, and hits the immobilized Cobra with several powerful jets, including on her exposed pussy. Then she fucks Cobra's pussy and ass at once with the gun! The shape is perfect match: the gun's muzzle goes up Cobra's ass, while the handle of the pressure pump goes up her pussy! After penetrating Cobra, Damiana "fires" many jets of water up Cobra's ass! Damiana's revenge is now complete, and she leaves Cobra on the bed, with her bowels uncomfortably full and still immobilized in the straitjacket -- to contemplate the consequences of her naughty behavior!

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