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Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer

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Jan 25, 2011

Running time

52:10 minute(s)


Mistress Jade turns footboy into an animal from frustration at her feet. She trains his sorry ass for 51 minutes before he finally gets to unload his aching balls. Dressed in black with some wicked black boots, Mistress Jade orders him to fuck her boots. His cock turns raw as she applies suction cups to him then he worships at her booted foot before getting some bare foot domination, bondage and face sitting. His cock is jerked after she removes her pantyhose. He finishes on top of the used pantyhose held by her feet and is gagged with the vile material as She ruins his orgasm with intense stimulation. Mistress Jade stood over a kneeling footboy. His hands were fastened down and behind to a heavy cinderblock and he seemed in awe of the sexy woman in black high heeled boots that was now issuing verbal punishment and sizing him up. She knew how to arouse him but he had to take a light whipping first. She sat after the spanking and ordered him to fuck her black boots. The leather and buckles began to rub his cock raw as she started fastening suction cups to him. She told him he was a grunting animal and she smiled as the training continued. With his raw dick still between her booted knees, he was told to keep fucking the boots as she tickled him and shit talked him. His cock kept getting sorer and sorer. It was raw by the time she rose and removed her right boot then put the sweaty foot from the boot directly to his face and ordered him to kiss and lick her feet. He was released to grovel and spit clean her boot, sucking the heel on command. She bent, exposing her dusky jewel of an asshole and told him to start tongue cleaning. The kneeling slut was providing great tongue service as Mistress Jade wiggled to get his tongue as far up her hole as possible. She made him stand and teased his stiff cock by brushing it across her pantyhose covered ass cheeks. He had to contain himself as she used both bare feet now, having removed the other boot, on his face and cock. She took her leather tunic off and teased him with her body, spreading her legs and playing with her pussy. Her feet clamped on his cock and she began to rake the organ with the razor sharp pinwheel as her feet stroked him. Please and invaded his mind. Footboy's cock was agonizingly sore from the fucking he was made to give her boots. Now the pinwheel was making it raw. She knew it and got off on the fact. Finally relenting, Mistress Jade lay back and had the slave lick her pussy, wet from having watched him suffer. She moved to her knees and bent her submissive who was securely tied in pantyhose now, to clean her asshole again with his tongue. Not satisfied that his tongue was exhausted she rose over him and spread, having him licks each pussy lip. Next she sat and tied more pantyhose on him before roping his cock and pulling hard on his balls. Mistress Jade ordered footboy to fuck her dainty, well manicured feet and he readily complied. This was a lot easier than the harsh leather he had been fucking. She moved her used pantyhose into place and told him to ejaculate into them as she stroked his dick. He struggled to cut through the raw flesh of his cock hole. She moved him to the floor and sat square on his face. His cock got harder and harder but she was working too hard and moved to have him jerk his cock off at her feet as he gazed at his Goddess. She held her used pantyhose on her feet and he squirted onto them as they locked eyes. She moved to stroke and twisted his cock to ruin any thought of afterglow and stuffed the cum-covered pantyhose fully into his mouth.

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