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Annabelle Pink

Annabelle Pink



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Jul 28, 2010


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45:52 minute(s)



Annabelle Pink

We are pleased to welcome mature-ish, MILF-ish Annabelle Pink to She's a 34 year old, nearly 35, dirty blonde with nice rather large, natural, breasts. Annabelle first started masturbating when she was 12 years old, usually having one orgasm per session. Hardcore girl-on-girl scenes really get her horny and her favourite toy is the pocket rocket! Annabelle Pink walks into the bedroom wearing a maroon t-shirt and tight jeans. She takes off the t-shirt, exposing her black bra. Then she unzips her knee-high black boots to slowly peel off the jeans. Still standing, she takes off her bra to show us her nice natural breasts and then she peels off those tiny black panties, too. Annabelle reaches into her handbag to retrieve her favourite pocket rocket. She makes herself comfy on the bed, caressing her breasts and her pussy. AS the camera moves in, we can indeed confirm that Annabelle is au natural with a few stretch marks across her tummy and a completely shaved pussy. After playing with her pussy with her hand for a few minutes, she turns on her pocket rocket to stimulate her nipples and clitoris. The toy gets Annabelle rocking her hips, moaning and panting pretty quickly and Annabelle continues to moan and say "Mmmmmm" until she is panting and cumming. Annabelle has a very nice orgasm! Her pussy sides are pushing out very visibly over and over again. She turns off the toy, reaches her hand down to touch her cooch. She looks up and smiles at the camera before sitting up a bit more on the bed, saying, "Mmmmm. That felt good." She stands and walks out of the bedroom. Annabelle is back in the bedroom rummaging through her underwear drawer to find her trusty pocket rocket. Annabelle kneels on the bed, unbuttoning a plaid shirt and tiny jean shorts. She is wearing a pretty black with pink trim bra and panty set. She removes the bra, clutching her full, natural breasts. Annabelle removes the panties, too and does a little warming up with her fingers before turning on her favourite pocket rocket once more. Annabelle lifts her feet up and off the bed as her hips rock up and down with the toy. Sometimes she points her toes and really presses them into the bed, too - I think the feet fans are gonna enjoy this perspective. The little pocket rocket does the trick for Annabelle pretty quickly this time! With her legs quivering, she cums again! Again, Annabelle's pussy gets so engorged in and around her outer labia that when she reaches orgasm, it is with strong, protruding contractions. She turns off the toy and takes a few moments to recover before putting on her panties, bra and clothing. She puts the pocket rocket back in the bedside table. Wearing a white tube top and white panties, Annabelle introduces herself in this third scene! She leans back against the bed headboard and pulls her top down to expose her breasts. She seems to really like to fondle and play with them. She then kneels on the bed, pulling off the top completely. Still kneeling, she pulls the panties down to touch herself. Annabelle gets on all fours, doggy-style, exposing all of her dangling bits to the camera. From this perspective, we also get a really good look at the tattoo across the small of her back and the one on her ankle. Annabelle turns on the pocket rocket and starts stimulating her clit with the toy. I have to say, Annabelle really seems to be enjoying herself as her pussy is getting quite wet. She rides the little pocket rocket, working her clit back and forth over the tip of the tiny vibe. Annabelle begins to pant as she breathes and flicks the toy across her clit. She rides the toy for a while saying her characteristic, "Mmmmmmm" and quiet, "Oh yeah." Suddenly Annabelle begins to get just slightly more vocal and her panting increases in frequency as her bottom and pussy pucker rhythmically with orgasm contractions! And once more her pussy is nicely engorged with her bits fully exposed and dangling. Annabelle rolls over, licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy. The camera moves in for a close-up of her juicy pussy. Annabelle says, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!" I knew she was having fun in this one! Always adventurous, Annabelle is having a little wank outdoors in the park! She is seated by a tree, wearing a little plaid skirt and a red tied shirt. She puts her hands in her panties to play with herself before removing the panties. She gets herself revved up by rubbing her fully exposed pussy with her hand and fingers. After a few minutes, she reaches for her pocket rocket and begins working the toy on her clit. The outdoor adventure seems to also get Annabelle aroused - I think it brings out the exhibitionist in her - because she really works the toy all over her clit, moaning and rocking to orgasm! She puts her legs taunt and straight out in front of her as she writhes and toys her clit. I have to say, if you like outdoor / outside scenes, this is a pretty erotic one! She looks sexy leaning up against the tree getting off! Annabelle alternates between making little circles all around her clitoris to quickly pushing the little toy into her clitoris. When she cums outside this time, it's a nice one and her head and neck curl as her tummy goes taunt. By this point, she's practically lying horizontal on the woodland ground! After Annabelle cums, she turns off the pocket rocket and takes a minute or two to catch her breath again. She smiles at the camera before her zooms in to catch her fingers playing with her juicy wet pussy. She slips on her panties, standing as she does so and quickly picks up her towel and pocket rocket as she walks off into the woods.

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