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Ball Battered Bitch

Ball Battered Bitch

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Sep 30, 2010

Running time

52:55 minute(s)


Mistress Eden uses slave Sean for a whole 53 minutes in this ball battering adventure. First Mistress Eden has the piece of meat tied to a pole in his pantyhose. She laughs at his hands tied above his head and his feet on a stretcher bar. The bound submissive can't move while Mistress Eden uses his balls as a punching, kicking and slapping toy. When she tires of having him beaten on the pole she has him tied to a bench at floor level. From that point Mistress Eden shows off her CBT skills by using hose to string his balls up and as he licks Her 4 inch high heeled laced up shoe, she yanks on his swollen and constricted balls. He screams and squirms with all the pain Mistress Eden inflicts on his useless body. She uses the point of her heel to poke at the swollen balls as he winces in pain. She finally has the submissive Sean strapped to a horse where she uses an 8 inch strap on to fuck his worthless ass. Eventually she takes off the strap on and starts to milk his cock. She works him for quite some time until she instructs the useless sub to squirt his juice into the dog bowl waiting on the floor. Mistress Eden finds slave Sean tied to a pole. She uses her CBT skills to immediately kick and slap his cock. There is nothing the sub can do as his hands and feet are bound and all he can do is grunt and groan in pain. She uses Her hands to squeeze the already bright red balls. Mistress Eden ties his balls with a piece of pantyhose She then has him hold in his mouth. She is now able to torment the subs balls even more. Mistress Eden likes to use nipple clamps and smiles as she puts the metal toothed clamps on his wimpy nipples. It's now time for our Mistress to grab the black leather flogger and put out sub into some further tease. Mistress Eden enjoys the pain she inflicts on slave Sean and She laughs as she rips off the metal clamps clinging to his nipples. Then another round of kicking his reddened and useless balls. Mistress Eden has him now tied to a board on the floor. She uses an electric dog collar wrapped around his swollen cock and balls for more CBT fun. She has him lick Her pantyhose clad feet and shocks him when the desire hits Her. Screaming he is immobile to do anything as the shocks course through his balls and up his cock. Now Mistress Eden has the sub Sean's balls tied up to the ceiling with hose in a predicament bondage situation. Then She uses Her sultry time putting on high heel lace up black leather heels. She has the piece of meat lick her shoes while she tugs on the pantyhose. She even ties the hose to her shoe and tugs at his balls while he squirms in pain. Our submissive Sean is still strapped to the board and Mistress Eden is enjoying the torment She is giving him by stomping Her heel on his blackening balls. She demands he lick Her shoe bottom then She stomps more on his balls and cock. Now it is time for Mistress to do the tugging of the balls while She enjoys a ride on the subs face. Every groan is like a vibe on Her pussy and She stays where She is and enjoys Her using Her CBT skills on his balls while She is tugging them upward. Mistress Eden gets up from riding the face of Her sub and then we find him strapped to a horse, ass up high and ready for what Mistress wants to do. She uses Her black gloved hand to lube up his puny ass and makes it ready for the strap-on fun. Mistress Eden has taken Her time lubing his ass making it ready for the strap-on She has made ready to use on him. She starts slow then jams the strap-on cock into his ass as he grunts in pain. She rides his wimpy ass as much as She wants while he takes what She has to give. She uses a move to corkscrew his ass with the lubed up strap-on his cock unable to cum as it's tied and weighted down. When Mistress Eden is fully satisfied in Her ass-fucking abilities and is finished with her piece of meat She pulls out and has sub Sean kiss the strap-on covered in his ass juices and thank it for giving him the pumping he needed. After Mistress Eden takes off the strap-on She begins the milking process. Beautiful red headed Mistress Eden starts to milk the subs hard cock as he is strapped to the horse unable to move. His red balls are swollen and darkening while She pumps him up and down. She tells him he must hold his cum until She instructs otherwise. She uses her spit to make stroking the cock as easy as possible. He doesn't deserve it but Mistress is a giving Mistress so She likes to see her pieces of meat release after all Her torment. As She works his cock She reminds the strapped down wimp to cum on Her direction and to hit the dog bowl She has waiting to catch his jizz. He finally loses his wad and squirts it all as directed into the shiny metal dog dish making Mistress Eden very happy.

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