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Becky Stevens

Becky Stevens



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Feb 10, 2009


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Becky Stevens

Becky is a lovely lass from Northern England as her accent will tell you immediately. A natural blonde with stunning eyes and a piercing just above her navel, her period had just come on when we did the shoot so you'll see her tampon string. In this, her first Femorg DVD she cums five times in four scenes. There is a fingers only solo on bed in missionary position, a solo in the orgasm chair using a magic wand, a solo on the bed bottoms up and finally two orgasms from hands on use of the blue dolphin toy in the chair. In the first scene Becky is lying on the duvet and slowly takes off her boots and clothes until she's only left with her pretty little socks on. Immediately she starts frigging her clit side-to-side which makes her large pussy lips wobble. This is real 'frigging' and is clearly the technique she's used since her teens. Her other hand is busy too, fondling and caressing her ample breasts or stroking the inside of her thighs. As she gets more aroused the frigging gets stronger and stronger, and we can only imagine the sensations her clit must be experiencing as each of her rapid side-to-side passes with her fingers pushing firmly through her hood causes her clit shaft to jerk from side to side. Her boobs are soon wobbling like jelly as her breaths get shallower and more rapid and we hear a couple of little moans as she cums. Although it takes her breath away and she can hardly keep her legs apart, we can clearly see pussy contractions. Afterwards as she recovers and pulls herself up a bit we can enjoy her beautiful smile. Next there's a full body view of her cumming in the orgasm chair. She starts off wearing matching pink spangled bra and panties, the magic wand waiting on the chair in readiness. Soon she's undressed herself and the wand is playing over her pussy, again her left hand busily fondling her boob. It's not long before Becky is aroused and she's becoming really fidgety and the wand's vibrations are being concentrated on the end of her clit. Her body starts to move rhythmically and she just flows into a quiet but intense orgasm that lasts a good 10 seconds. Afterwards she shows her super smile as she puts her undies back on before slumping in the chair again to recover. On the white bed sheets Becky starts off wearing black-trimmed nearly scarlet undies through which she plays with a pink vibe. Off they come and she gets on her knees to give us a great view of her butt profile as she investigates masturbating in this position which is new to her. It takes a while, but we can tell after a bit that it is going to be a good one because her moans come thicker and louder and then she has a really strong orgasm, she can hardly keep her balance, she flops over on her back and she's totally flushed and wiped-out, she's shaking and she can hardly focus or speak. Perhaps she'll do it that way more often after that! Finally, Becky is in the chair wearing frilly polkadot panties and the cameraman is massaging her clit through them with his fingers. Soon her panties come off and we see she's enjoying his finger attention because her body starts to move rhythmically to increase the pleasure. After a little bit, he switches to the blue dolphin vibrator and gets its end right under her clit hood. Very soon this does the trick and Becky is writhing silently in orgasm, but we see a lovely train of vaginal contractions that go on for ages, made more visible because of her white tampon sitting just inside it. After easing off a bit because of her sensitivity and pulling her clit hood back to show her now prominent turgid clit the cameraman carries on with the toy and again progressively increases the strength of the stimulation finally pushing it hard on to the clit with rapid circular movements -- the result is obvious, Becky's breathing gets louder and she's soon hit with a major, body-wracking, big, big orgasm. Now she's so sensitive she pushes the toy away. Smiling she says "I cum too quick the first time ...".

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