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Black Into White #8

Black Into White #8

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Apr 23, 2006

Running time

1:24 hour(s)


Kathi, Lou, Matt, Paulie, Sandra, Tony

BIW-8 is a hardcore movie with lots of interracial xxx -- fucking and several interracial blowjobs. This video consists of two BIW Lifestyle productions! Segment 1 of this hardcore movie features Lou and Sandra, and one of our favorite hung black studs, Tony. With the interracial xxx action taking place at producer Michael's house, Lou introduces his lady to Tony, who immediately picks her up and tosses her onto the bed, and begins licking her all over, and kissing her on the lips. Sandra is a delightful Asian girl with a sparkling personality who clearly loves a hard fuck and loves to give a hot interracial blowjob. You're going to hear her delighted squeals throughout her part of this hardcore movie. Lou asks Tony to "fuck my wife" and spreads her legs, then plops down in a nearby chair to watch the interracial xxx action. Tony crawls between her legs and sinks his big black cock slowly into her hot wet pussy, and we get close-ups of the fucking from different positions. Tony drives her hard as her bare feet wave over his back. He then puts Sandra on hands and knees and fucks her from behind. Tony screws her hard and she is screaming "Yeah oh yeah oh yeah!" Her husband seems amazed with how she responds. Tony decides he wants an interracial blowjob and falls onto his back as Sandra gets between his legs to suck. Lou comes over to sniff her pussy, cracks to the camera, "Boy does that smell like sex!" The interracial blowjob continues as they move into a 69 position. Soon Tony wants more pussy. He lays her back, raises one leg and begins fucking her, slowly at first, then hard. We get in tight with the camera to get the powerful thrusting. Sandra is laughing, moaning and squealing in orgasm. "Was it good?" he asks her. Her eyes flash and she grins, "You have NO idea." Our hardcore movie continues as Tony fucks her hard doggie style. Sandra screams in another cum and jumps forward, off of his cock, but soon comes back for more. Sandra takes a break, props herself up on one arm, the other around Tony's head as he licks her to even more cums, as we see Lou in the background rubbing his crotch at the view of all the interracial xxx action before him. Ready to fuck again, Tony puts some lubricant on his big dick and rubs the head up and down on her slit. She runs her fingers along its shiny length as she calls Lou over to kiss her on the mouth. Tony then presses his hands into her thighs, pushing them back, as he slides inside again and begins fucking her anew. Sandra strokes her clit as Tony pumps her. He kisses her neck. Pulls out, hooks his arms in her legs and pulls her to him as she bubbles "Oh wow!" then gets more fucking. She looks at Lou, tells him to undress and begin jacking off. We are in tight on the interracial xxx penetration as she gives him his orders. Tony fucks her hard, cums inside her, doggie style. When it's over, Sandra barks, "Lou, snap out of it!" and orders him to finish masturbating. Michael suggests ice cubes be used to inflict serious discomfort upon Lou during his whack-off session. Sandra tells him to fetch some ice. She holds ice cubes to his dick and balls as he finally cums, ending this part of our interracial xxx hardcore movie. In Segment 2 of our interracial xxx hardcore movie, Kathi, Paulie and "Santa" (hung black stud Matt) arrive in the bedroom; they sit on the bed, Santa in the middle. Santa reads a letter from Paulie in which he asked Santa to drop by during his Christmas Eve rounds to fuck his wife. "Do you want to be fucked by Santa?" Matt asks Kathi. She nods, silly smirk on her face. With eyes locked on hers, Matt deadpans, "Santa needs a blowjob." Kathi falls to her knees and begins giving an interracial blowjob. Kathi is an eager and talented cocksucker. While she administers an interracial blow job to Matt's big, thick dick, he reaches around behind and spreads her ass cheeks. We get in tight for a nice view of her pussy. We move the camera around for a side view, he bats his dick on her lips then she enthusiastically sucks it some more. Kathi, in mid-blowjob, tells Paulie to get a washcloth, clean her feet and lick them. Paulie does as he is told as she continues to blow Matt as he slaps her left ass cheek. Soon she orders him back to his chair, tells him to shut up, and then climbs aboard Matt for a hard ride. We get in close with the camera to capture all the hard interracial xxx fucking. "Who's your daddy, who's your Santa?" Matt asks. She groans. "You are." The intense fucking grinds to a stop with some kissing. She rolls off of Matt then tells Paulie to get a glass candleholder and jack off into it. Matt then mounts her doggie style and pounds away at her pussy from behind. Matt then rolls her onto her side, raises her right leg and fucks her as Paulie continues to pull his pud. Finally he blows his load in her pussy, and seconds later Paulie cums in the candleholder. And then she lights the candle to cook his cum!

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