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Booted Bitch

Booted Bitch

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Dec 5, 2012

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1:04 hour(s)



Mistress Emily

Mistress Emily walks tall for 64 minutes as She completely destroys slave marco. Her boots are worshipped and walk on his body and then he is fucked until orgasm after orgasm wrack his body and he begs Her to stop. He is used for tongue service and eats Her pussy clean as She spreads Her long booted legs in the air. She only gives him a bigger cock up the ass for his efforts then makes him jerk off on Her boot. She canes him for his effort after he licks it off. Mistress Emily leads the big submissive in and sits down on the couch. She has on some wicked black boots She uses to dance at the club. They come up to Her mid thigh and are in need of some tongue service. He is ordered to clean them from bottom to top and begins to lick. She slowly moves Her boots around as he washes down every bit of surface dirt. She plays with Herself as he comes up the second boot and then spreads Her legs and moves Her red panties aside. She orders him to tongue Her pussy and clit. The slave is pleasing Her with his tongue. She sits back and enhoys it, guiding his head to the perfect place. Her pleasure mounts and She removes Her red panties and has him lick more. Finally having enough, She rises and puts on a strap-on. Her orgasm has made Her horny and She commands him to his knees on the couch. Moving behind him She pushes Her cock into the hilt. The rubber balls bounce on his taint as She fucks him. first hard, then soft, Her big dick stretches and fills his hole as he starts to moan and buck. She gets into fucking him and keeps on doing it. He orgasms several times but then the pleasure is replaced by the constant fucking and he can do nothing to get away as he is jammed up against the couch. The more he bucks and orgasms, the harder She fucks him, Her beautiful round perfect ass drives that big rubber cock in until the balls bang against the back of his real balls. She grabs the bane and beats him infrequently, just to mix up the pain with the constant fucking. She does not stop and his pleasure is long gone as She has him impaled fully on the big dick. The ass fucking Mistress Emily is giving this big slut is unbelievable. She just does not quit fucking him and the cock is very large and very long. He is impaled like a fish on a harpoon as her gorgeous ass drives it in. Her taut muscular stomach shows and She is very fit and able to fuck him without stopping and with no mercy. He cries and screams but She totally ignores him and it makes Her savage his ass more. Finally She pulls out and orders him to the floor. Her sharp heels on Her boots begin to score and scrape his flesh. She digs the seven inch heels into his body as he squirms and cries. She digs Her heels in a few final times and orders him to crawl toward the wall. Her boots kick his ass red and then She tramples him for a bit. Moving him back to the couch, She puts on a huge monster strap-on and ties his hands behind him. She moves behind and inserts the gigantic baseball sized cock into his ass. His ass is so sore from all the fucking from before it proves painful and sensitive as his hole opens ever wider to accommodate the girth of the new cock. She enjoys his plight and tells him this is what he wants and leans into it. His ass has been pounded and the huge cock has widened his hole even more. He will be thinking of this as he sits for the next several days. She pulls it out of him and orders him to jerk off on her boot as She sits on the couch. She idly looks at Her nails and pretends the creature is not there as he strains to ejaculate. All the internal orgasms from the strap-on session seem to have drained him but with a cry he does ejaculate and then is made to lick up his mess from her boot top. Now at his most sensitive, She orders him to his knees and gives him a final punishment with the cane.

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