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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up


Viv Thomas

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Hot blonde Sofi Golfinger is basking in the sun when her girlfriend Kaia Katava joins her and starts stroking her beautiful ass, as the first episode of Sandra Shine's sizzling erotic movie series "Bottoms Up" begins. Sofi smiles approvingly, and lets Kaia massage lotion over her firm cheeks, then slide off her bathing suit. Now topless, raven-haired Kaia presses her fingers into Sofi's ass flesh and kneads it sensually, before showering it with kisses. Burying her face in the cleft of Sofi's rear, Kaia runs her wet tongue from her lover's pussy up to her asshole, making Sofi moan with delight. As Kaia's tongue flicks and licks at the juicy lips of Sofi's shaved pussy, the sexy blonde's body trembles excitedly. But it's when cute Kaia starts finger drilling Sofia's sodden slit that she really goes wild, her body undulating uncontrollably as she bites down on her fingers. Flipping over onto her back, Sofi spreads her legs wide so Kaia can eat and frig her pussy, while she tugs at her own erect nipples. Sofi holds her legs high and wide, and Kaia slips two fingers inside Sofi's tight asshole. Sofi gasps with pleasure as the digits slide deeper inside her ass, Kaia lapping at her pussy, until she's overwhelmed by a powerful climax. Still reeling with orgasmic sensations, Sofi peels off Kaia's panties and laps at the juicy folds of her shaved pussy. Getting on all fours with her delicious peachy ass in the air, Kaia joyously submits to Sofi's probing fingers and tongue. Her arousal level goes off the scale when Sofia wedges two fingers knuckle deep inside her pussy while licking her asshole, driving her to an intense orgasm. It's a must see for fans of anal fun! Gorgeous blonde Cristal Caitlin looks so sexy doing her chores in a skintight T-shirt and shorts, as episode two of Sandra Shine's erotic movie "Bottoms Up" begins. When cute brunette Monica Brown shows up, her hands go straight to Cristal's perfect ass, fondling and squeezing, then tugging her shorts down. She plants kisses on Cristal's firm cheeks, and licks her tight, puckered asshole. Cristal moans approvingly, growing louder when Monica shifts her attention from her ass to her pert breasts, and sucks her pretty pink nipples erect, while rubbing her pussy. Monica kneels to lick Cristal's prominent, puffy clit, then spins her around and eats her from behind, trailing her wet tongue up and down between Cristal's juicy slit and asshole. Cristal slides a finger into her own ass, thrusting it in and out as Monica continues lapping at her pussy, the intense sensations making her beautiful body tremble to a powerful climax. Cristal takes control now, running a wet fingertip around Monica's dark nipples, sucking them, and pinning her arms behind her back as she kisses her way down the slender babe's body, peeling down her shorts and panties. She spreads Monica's legs so she can eat her shaved pussy and tight asshole. When she's dripping wet, Cristal flicks her tongue rapidly over Monica's clit while jamming one finger in her pussy and another in her ass, fucking her to a breathless orgasm. Gorgeous blonde Katy Sky lures Gina Ferocious away from her book, as episode three of Sandra Shine's erotic anal play series "Bottom's Up" begins. As cute Gina rocks in a hammock in the garden, Katy smothers her with kisses, bares her beautiful breasts, and teases her nipples to stiffness with her fingers and tongue. Tugging off Gina's denim shorts, Katy trails her wet tongue along the slit of her sweetheart's shaved pussy. Gina moans as Katy probes between her fleshy folds, the joyous expression on her face communicating how much she loves the taste of her girlfriend's pussy. Gina turns onto her hip to expose her tight asshole, which gapes open as Katy eats her pussy even more voraciously. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Gina licks her finger and thrusts it into her own asshole, frigging herself feverishly, the powerful stimulation driving her to an orgasm that makes her whole body tremble. Now Gina fondles Katy's fantastic breasts, strips her naked and kneels to lick her shaved pussy. Katy rubs her own clit as Gina's tongue explores her pussy, turning around to get eaten from behind, gasping as her lover drives her to a breathless climax. Sexy blonde Zazie S nibbles at Tatalila Shi's sweet ass cheeks to entice her away from her studies, as episode four of Sandra Shine's steamy "Bottoms Up" series begins. Tatalila is finally distracted by Zazie's hot kisses, returning them with growing passion as Zazie peels off her T-shirt and sucks her stiffening nipples. Zazie gets topless too and rubs her pert breasts against her girlfriend's, before pushing her onto her back on the rug and stroking her through her pristine white panties. Getting her sweetheart naked, Zazie laps at the slick slit of her succulent pussy, spreading her open and pushing her tongue inside the pretty pink folds. She straddles Tatalila's face in a sixty-nine, the cute brunette pulling her panties aside to lick her hot pussy avidly. She slides her tongue up to Zazie's asshole, pushing it inside, making Zazie gasp and moan with pleasure. Zazie reaches back and spreads her cheeks to pull her ass open for Tatalila's probing tongue, then thrusts two fingers deep inside the tight pucker to fuck herself as she rides her girlfriend's tongue. Zazie orgasms hard, landing face down on Tatalila's pussy as she collapses forward. She immediately starts sucking and licking, pausing to pepper kisses over her girlfriend's entire body. She turns Tatalila over and buries her face between her quivering ass cheeks, rimming her to an intense climax.

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