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Brooke Jameson

Brooke Jameson



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Jul 28, 2010


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47:17 minute(s)



Brooke Jameson

Brooke Jameson is a twenty six year-old blonde with lots of tattoos and other "enhancements". She loves to look pretty and sexy and she is very proud of her enormous breasts! We really love her great orgasms! Brooke is undressing in the bedroom, removing a tank top and jean skirt. The black bra is quickly tossed aside so that she can lie back and fondle her enormous breasts. It's not long before the panties are tossed to the floor, also. Brooke makes herself comfortable on the bed - she has a dangling navel piercing and a series of small star tattoos across her abdomen and pelvis. She has a really large tattoo across her rib cage, also. Brooke turns on a small lilac coloured vibe to use on her completely shaved pussy. I would describe Brooke's cooch as neat and tidy. Her labia are small and tight, you can spot lots of pre-orgasmic contractions as her arousal level builds. Brooke increases the power of the vibe a bit as she works it in small tight circles on her clit. Her head is slightly lifted off the pillow in this wide-spread-thigh-to-head angle view. Brooke begins to pant ever so slightly - she's a quiet one - barely making a peep. She lets out a little exhale as the orgasmic contractions begin! It's a nice one - perfectly obvious and perfectly visible. She keeps the toy on her clit for a moment or two longer - getting the most out of it. Then, the camera moves in for a nice cooch cam close-up before panning out for a final torso view. And of course, we get a close-up view of those enormous breasts, tattoos and shaved pussy! Ms. Jameson is back on the bed wearing a pink trimmed with black bra and panty set while lounging on a set of black sheets. Brooke starts to play with herself, keeping her panties on initially. Keeping with the colour theme of the scene %uF04A, Brooke reaches for the black baton vibe and its not long before those little pink panties are once more discarded to the bedroom floor. This is another wide-spread-thigh-to-head angle view of those perfectly coiffed wanker. She lies back to enjoy the vibe, only occasionally making sweet eyes at the camera. This toy seems a little bit more powerful than the other smaller vibe and it's not long before Brooke's pussy starts to show the pre-orgasmic contractions - which are very, very quickly followed by the big ones! It's another nice, strong orgasm with her slit opening and closing quite nicely and rhythmically. She turns off the baton vibe and touches her pussy with her manicured hand. Once more, she is so quiet! He slowly and gently caresses her pussy, lightly inserting a finger into her vagina before fading away. Now wearing a naughty red bra and panty set, Brooke is lounging on the blue bedroom sheets! She plays with her clean, shaved pussy with her fingers for a moment after she removes the panties. I think Brooke really likes the black baton vibe because she is using it again!! Once more, she is just totally relaxed as she works the toy around on her clit and pussy. As she gets ready to cum, we see little contractions building up before she cums again - perfectly visibly! Another nice, albeit quiet, snapping orgasm! She really came quite hard in this scene ... makes me wonder who or what she had on her mind?! ;-) She lets out a nice, deep breath and smiles at the camera as her hand fondles her pussy for a minute. Brooke pulls her panties back on and sits up on the bed. Wow! Her back is tattooed, too! And wearing a pale pink bra & panty set with matching fishnet thigh-high stockings, Brooke is seated in the orgasm chair! She gives the toy a go through her panties before standing up to remove them. She sits back down in the chair, makes herself comfortable by spreading her legs across the arms of the chair and settles down with the black baton vibe - I knew it was her favourite %uF04A. The camera moves in for a close-up cooch cam view as she rotates that little toy around and around on her clit. It's not long before I hear a little pant escape her - and I note the little pre-orgasmic contractions. With what is almost a moan, Brooke Jameson has yet another pussy snapping orgasm! There's a series of small contractions all down the sides of her labia and then a nice, long series of big ones! It's a wow! And it's in close-up view, too. Now lounging on the sofa, and wearing those pink thigh-high fishnets, Brooke takes off her black bra and panties. She props one leg on the table and the other over the back of the sofa as she plays with the baton vibe yet again. I knew it was her favourite! %uF04A. Brooke is totally chilled and relaxed on the sofa, with her eyes closed, as she enjoys the baton vibe some more. She's quite - and then we see a huge pull and series of contractions as she has another perfect orgasm! This one goes on and on with the contractions slowly decreasing in intensity! A nice, nice orgasm! He asks her if that's a good toy and she says, "It's actually very strong!" He suggests she try the magic wand next ... Now lying in the bedroom, Brooke Jameson is playing with the magic wand. She wonders out loud if the toy will "vibrate me off the bed!" She turns the wand onto low power and enjoys the sensations on her pussy. Brooke just places that toy on her cooch and goes with it! She barely moves it at all! At one point, she does lift her head off the pillows, then she pulls the toy away from her clit for a moment, then settles back into working the toy around on her clit. It is so strong that her legs actually kick out as she cums! And then we see all those lovely contractions! She laughs afterward noting, "That's intense!" She puts her hand over her pussy and says, "Wow!" The next scene we see Brooke on her hands and knees doggy style as the cameraman is moistening a butt plug and inserting the toy into her anus. She jokes that with the tassels hanging out of her she feels like a horse with a tail! She rolls over onto her back with the butt plug still in place. Her comment regarding the wand is, "That thing is vicious!" She asks the cameraman for the black baton vibe once more instead. We've had several member requests for a solo orgasm scene while using a butt plug, so I'm pretty sure this scene will make quite a few of our loyal members happy! Brooke holds the plug in place with one hand while working the vibe on her clit with the other. She pulls her hand away as she continues to work the toy on her pussy - and just as the orgasmic contractions begin the plug pops out a bit, so Brooke moves her hand back to push the plug back into place, which makes the rest of the contractions impossible to spot! It was a good first attempt with butt plug in place - and she giggles, "It tried to escape!"

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