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Brooke Jameson - Hands On Orgasm

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Brooke Jameson - Hands On Orgasm



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Feb 15, 2012

Running time

50:30 minute(s)



Brooke Jameson

Twenty-five-year-old Brooke Jameson is truly a "snapper" when she has an orgasm. You'll see what we mean because she has incredibly strong and very visible orgasmic contractions. When Brooke is not getting off at the hands of our videographer, she is a rather famous British Porn star. And this porn-star liked the fact that she was really supposed to cum for us - as opposed to faking it for those other sites and movies. Lying on her back on the bed, we are getting an aerial perspective of Brooke Jameson with the skirt of her striped dress hiked up around her waist and pink thigh-high stockings on her legs. Her enormous breasts are covered by the dress and her arms are up on either side of her pillow. He is priming her pussy and finger rubbing her clit when he notes, "Oh. Look how wet you are!" Pulling her lips apart with one hand, he works the baton vibe on her clit and we can really hear how wet she is also. He occasionally removes the toy to lick it and moisten it further as Brooke is totally relaxed and enjoying the hands on attention. They go on like this - each equally patient and relaxed - until we hear Brooke begin to breathe a little louder and with a bit more frequency. He has the vibe firmly pressed on her clit and he is working it up and down, then side-to-side in circular motions, too. He moves a hand from her outer thigh to spread her pussy lips. Brooke suddenly raises her hips and gasps as he pulls the toy away - we can see every single contraction. It's a long, strong, orgasm. She moves a hand to cover her eyes and when he first touches her after she's cum, she is rather sensitive. Wearing bright pink satin panties, signature pink thigh-high fish net stockings and a pale pink bra, Brooke is seated in the Orgasm Chair as he strokes the baton vibe across her pretty panties. He suddenly realizes he can un-tie the ribbons of her panties - which he promptly does with some assistance from Brooke. With the panties out of the way, he spreads her pussy lips open with one hand and massages her clitoris with the baton vibe with the other. They go on like this for quite a few minutes and he keeps her moistened and her lips spread the entire time. Then, without really making a peep, just a heavy pant, Brooke has a seriously strong and intense pussy popping orgasm. I love the natural embarrassment she displays as she giggles after she's really cum for us. She giggles that "she was being stubborn then" but we really didn't mind the wait because this orgasm was soooo worth it. Brooke is now tied to the bed post sans panties. Her enormous breasts are covered with a black satin bra and her signature pink fish net stockings are present. He is using her favorite toy - the baton vibe - on her pussy in this semi-serial view. Clearly, he enjoys his work as much as Brooke enjoys being the recipient because he feels free to keep her clit well moistened and to work the toy in different ways while Brooke is totally relaxed with her eyes closed. Of course, Brooke is tied up, so she can't really go anywhere - but it doesn't look like she wants to go anywhere other than to ecstasy. :) He is moving the toy straight up and down on her clit with one hand resting on her pubic mound when Brooke lets out a little noise, rocking her hips as she cums. He continues to finger massage her clit through the orgasm when the toy is apparently too much. He grasps her clit between his index finger and thumb as Brooke notes how much she enjoys being tied up. Brooke is back in the Orgasm Chair with the baton vibe for a close-up orgasm view this time. With pink panties and pink thigh-high fishnets covering a bit of her body, he works the toy on her pussy with her panties in place. After a few minutes, she pulls off the panties and he massages her clit and anus. He keeps a hand on her bottom and on her pussy noting, "I want to feel your contractions when you cum." Don't we all? :) The cameraman continues working the vibe on her pussy as he works a finger into her anus, moistening the tip of the vibe as he goes. Brooke's leg begins to quiver as he firmly presses the vibe into her clit and then her pussy pulls and pops as she cums for a very nice, very long orgasm. He moves his finger out of her bottom and she says, "I thought your finger was there!" He suggests that maybe she might be able to have another orgasm and Brooke says she's never, ever been able to double up on her orgasms. But, one of hers is practically perfect! Brooke is back in the bedroom - and she is almost completely naked - her favorite stockings are still covering her legs. This time, he is working a buzzy vibe on her pussy and we are once again given an aerial perspective. We can really see all of Brooke's tattoos and navel piercing now that she is nearly naked. So, he works the buzzy toy on her shaved pussy, going up and down on her clitoris and up and down the labia. Brooke's head is back on the pillow and there is some "background noise" as an aeroplane flies overhead. Also, the windows must be open as some children playing outside, or next door, can be heard. Watch closely as Brooke begins to curl in her abdominals just slightly as he toys her pussy. When he moves a finger in to massage her perineum and anus, it's not long at all until Brooke is cumming again. He pulls the toy away as she bucks up a bit as her contractions continue to explode. She's very sensitive afterward.

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