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Brunette Orgasm Collection

Brunette Orgasm Collection



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Jan 7, 2010

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1:03 hour(s)


As a companion to the Blonde Orgasm Collection, or on its own, we now feature the Brunette Orgasm Collection DVD! This is a compilation of some of our favourite brunette orgasms of all time and these scenes can be found on each individual model's DVD. The first lovely brunette to get naked and orgasm for us is the lovely Sabrina. Sabrina has a firm, tight body and we especially like how gooey wet she gets before she has an orgasm! Sabrina undresses, removing her bra and panty set, and sits down in the orgasm chair. Her cooch is completely shaved except for a little brazilian style airstrip at the top. Sabrina uses a purple g-spot stimulator vibe and immediately gets to business by rubbing it all over her clitoris. There are wet-cooch-sound-effects as she moves the toy up and down and around and around on her clit. Her pussy is parted, as I note her inner lips quivering and contracting as she gets closer and closer to orgasm . It's a great camera angle - capturing her full body, face and breasts and all her pussy contractions! Watch her pussy snap and spasm as she cums! She keeps the vibe on her clit after her orgasm, too, having more and more contractions! There's just alittle nice clear wetness peeking out from her vagina, too! The camera moves down her leg to her dangling foot at the end. The next brunette we see cumming is Amber. The staff of femorg really like watching Amber orgasm - she has a bit of a different look, slightly goth, which is nice for a change. Amber also has a nice body and very large breasts. The foot fans will especially enjoy this scene as Amber's pedicured feet and toes are visible in this entire scene. She is laying on top of a piece of wooden furniture, rubbing her clitoris with her fingers. Occasionally she pauses to lick her fingers. Amber's skin is fair and milky white. She rubs and rubs and rubs, and just before her orgasm takes hold, her bottom puckers and the very strong, very visible orgasmic contractions begin. Then she stand up and walks out of the room. Isis shows up in a nice black skirt and top and waist length black hair. She pulls her top over her head exposing her pierced nipples. Then, she slips off her skirt and very sexy black lace panties before lying down on the bed. Isis is another interesting brunette babe with a very nice body, if not rather small breasts, nice and interesting tattoos, a navel ring, a ring in each nipple, a ring in each lip and one in her clitoral hood. Her stomach muscles are taunt and enviable! With her knee-high black boots still on, Isis pulls out her diamond-studded-look smoothie vibrator, immediately pressing it on her clit. Her reaction to the power of the vibe is instaneous - little contractions around her bottom. It's not long before Isis starts panting and her body is twitching as her pussy starts having lots of little contractions. Moaning softly, Isis gets right to the verge of cumming - her chest heaving and her abdominal muscles totally taunt - but she loses it. Isis keeps going, hanging onot her vibrator with both hands for additional pressure and contral and hos lots of little pre-orgasmic contractions - she really is totally enjoying herself! It doesn't take much longer until her pussy starts pulsating and throbbing as she climaxes hard. It's neat the way she hangs onto her vibrator with both hands as she cums! Isis thinks she may pass out after that one - "That was brilliant" she says as she plays with her wet, post orgasmic pussy. The shy and quiet one, Myla, is featured next. Myla gets undressed and settled into the chair. She takes a few moments to massage her clit and pussy with just her fingers. Myla can cum so quickly that she often has to delay her orgasms. After a bit of manual stimulation, Myla decides to reach for a smoothie pink vibe, which must feel really good for her. She moves her hips up and down and adjusts the speed of the vibe a bit, sometimes slowing it down and massaging her clit with just her fingers. She arches her back and smiles at the camera. The vibe goes up and down and round and round on Mylas clit, keeping her lips fully spread and completely parted. The camera moves in for a closeup of Myla's face, then lingers and moves down for a closeup of her pussy. She starts to moan and hiss a bit as the camera moves back out to capture a more full-body view of her really nice, really strong orgasm! Her entire labia are rocking back and forth as she cums this time and they continue to contract even after the toy is moved away. She smiles at the camera and giggles with a little, "phew". And the camera moves in for one more closeup of her completely shaved cooch. Little miss (legal) teen Olichka is wearing a rather naughty pair of red see-thru panties and a tank top. She is turning upside down and doing acrobatics in a green chair while she removes her scant garments. Olichka keeps a wide, triangular patch of hair on the top of her pussy, but the labia are closely shaved. She sits with her legs spread wide in the chair pulling the hood of her clitoris back and playing with her pussy juice and her clit. Olichka uses only her fingers to bring herself to orgasm. She dips a finger into her vagina to keep moistening her clit as she rubs round and round - pressing firmly and making soft little noises. A lot of the camera angles are very closeup cooch-cam shots (so close you can see the hairs!), but there are some full-body angles, too. Her pussy starts to drip a little bead of wetness and little pre-orgasmic contractions show, just before she really cums , with lots of soft moaning and orgasmic sounds. She drips her fingers into her wetness and presses on her clit as the camera moves out to show her pretty face and firm body. Olichka gives a little wave to the camera. A brunette orgasm collection would not be complete without the totally orgasmic and erotic Genie Bunny! Genie is lounging on a futon reading an erotic novel with her skirt hiked up around her waist. She is massaging her clitoris through her panties as she reads. The massaging become more and more intense, but she pauses to turn the pages and find the next erotic and sexy passage. Genie takes off her panties - she is filming this one herself - and uses the remote to zoom the camera in for a closer view of her pussy. The feet fans will again be pleased with this scene as her lovely toes and feet are visible for quite a while in this scene. Genie licks her fingers for a moment and moistens her clit. Then she inserts two fingers lightly into her vagina as her thumb massages her clitoris. It doesn't take Genie long to "find" this nice, long, contracting orgasm - she even gets the goose bumps - it's so intense. Then she moves the camera angle back out and smiles. Another fun loving brunette we'd like to share is miss Paradise Summers. She is lounging on the bed sipping a little drink when she decides to take off her sweater - she's not wearing a bra! And pull off her jeans. She keeps her pink boots on as she reaches for a little bit of lube and long (diamond-studded) vibe. I wonder if it's the same one Isis used?? Paradise like to insert that vibe deep into her pussy before taking it out and massaging her clitoris with the toy. In and out, then back on her clitoris - as a gooey white juice builds up at the base of her vagina and starts dripping down to her bottom. Paradise turn the toy up to full power, going frantically now around and around on her clitoris and rubbing her puffy pussy. The white girl juice is really building up now as her breasts jiggle as she rubs that clitoris. Her cooch is getting swollen and her breathes are coming in short little hissing bursts. Then a series of quick, short little breathes as Paradise lifts her head off the pillow and cums hard! She even removes the toy and spreads her lips as she is cumming to show her contractions!

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