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Sep 26, 2006

2006 AVN Award Winner for Best Foreign All-Sex Release Any film that involves this Tanya Hyde has our curiosity. This girl is one sick twist, judging by the rave revues, so let us see how she weighs in on this piece of depravity. This girl has her mind in the gutter and let's just see how deep in the downspout she really is. The Broadway stage with some off-center productions. Puppet master starts it off and this is nice stuff. If this chick is the new "Raggedy Ann" in the toy store, who wants to be Pinnochio?? Look at this harlot. She'll sit on your face and say, "lie you son-of-a-bitch, lie." Marionette, she ain't one yet.....teacher's pet....she won't ever regret it. What a spankable rump she has and what better way to defile and degrade her than right on the live stage.?? For latex lovers, all colors and adornments, this is up your alley. Some nice upside-down cocksucking and just hornblowing aplenty, gets the audience aroused here. She got it throated to the nut sac. A highlight cuz these guys got some long straws. The setting resembles one of those old burlesque houses, back in the day, minus the activity up on this round table. Those are some bright pink balls he has there. Wonder if there is a rash going about. Carry on, full dong ahead. These thigh-high, red latex boots, the chute girl has on, cost a bundle. Protracted top riding here with a good view of his bulbous sacs. Pro wrestling flashback---remember "Kimchee?" He was the face-painted manager of the Ugandan giant, Kamala. Well, he's all grown up now, same face, new derby and one tasty, big-titted tart sitting on his lap. Now these are some major league tits. A black, latex dress, with matching "neck brace." And what is that black object she is centering towards the target? She squats and fellates. Neck brace removed as she has to watch him pounding her wrinkles. Those tits are ready to give her two black eyes, if she keeps hopping around like that. She also has a wonderful set of fanny cheeks. That's a roomy butt hole with plenty of wear on it. Red latex joins in and gets a lezzie bath, front and back from our bottom girl, super tongue action and lens shots. He's trenching her bowels now and the female narrator wants him to shove it in deep and fast. We switch to top-riding a shiny, black, strap-on missile and does she ever buck it. The real meat returns for more chute slamming. Great work here---he squirts into one crack, while the other slut lays underneath to catch the droppings. Even have a miming mc introducing the next act, nice. This would be act number three and watch the viddie work here. A glass pump tube over his cock and a gas mask, with hose on his face, this is bizarre. Two girls service the meat while wearing some ET glasses with gun barrels on each side. They do get in the way of proper sucking. There is a gash you could put a double decker bus into. Not to mention double peckers. Jump to a F/m face-sitting domme scene and this is tasty. White, latex panties, with crotch cut out, goggles and he's licking away. She has lovely drapes and also a gaping ass hole. He could put his head in there, with glasses intact. Another X-ray tramp is working his stump. There is some fine dining up there, even though the restaurant is quite large. Deliberate, in concert, butt slamming here and her ass is just the right angle. Where did they get that eyeware?? Maybe, with all these various "expired meat" shades of cock, balls and holes, plus goggles, we are in a radioactive chamber. Works for me. Now, a favorite---a girl rubbing herself THROUGH her white, cotton panties, oh this blonde looks like an alien girl from a B movie., this B movie. Got the stain showing while shears cut the cloth. Some stirrup fucking here, nice. Dick on a stick, perfect, just like soap on a rope. Nothing more than a rubber wang, hollowed out, with a stick attached to give the plunger effect and does she take it in her butt hole. Just like lining up the 8 ball for the corner pocket---suck it bitch, suck your own shit cum. Definitely checking for squirrels. Twin alien chicks, top riding, side by side. If you're or buzzing, you'd see four. Super DP here. This theatre has to stink like a quarter movie booth by now. Time for your medicine, girls, and two eager mouths get their fix of protein and salt water. Watch that torpedo, tit fucker, spurt that first load, like it was shot out of a gun, bang right into her and over her. Applause, well-deserved. This next one is gonna be epic. This a retro-style, BDSM scene and it looks severe and heavy. One dude hung upside down and two others standing by. She blows him in that position but there is the crop. The retro fades as she does herself with said tool and there goes the wench. Capitol One should be using this footage. Look at that squat---right over his filthy mouth and he gets to quench his thirst with her fluids. This is classic face sitting and compelled french and greek action. Tiring, she moves to her meat boys, who have been wankering in observance. This bitch is every guy's dream domme----blonde, busty and a can to die for. She is quite good at skinning the flutes. Should trash the topaz and turquoise rings, though. Very dangerous. The crop whips. Double handed, hand jobbing, very talented and the boys do have some sluggers she can yank on. She has to switch to get multiple meat swords now as the climax approaches. She has a wide, gaping pie hole. Like those inflatable mouths on blow-up dolls. Plunger toy returns to her quim as two cocks get busy at her mouth. Double penetration, toy plungers. Somebody misplaced their camera phone. And now a red, rubber dong--- her asshole can take an outboard. You can use her holes for the football skills challenge. Forward pass through the tires. This is reminiscent of "Behind the Green Door." Very well done. Any object that fits into a hole, this chick can take it. How about a shot of spray all over her ass cheeks?? And one in the mouth, all over her tongue. She swallowed and listen to the applause. Next act is the freak. What the hell you call all this shit up to now?? He is supposed to be "Dancing Harry" and a pseudo Doug Henning. That should bring a lawsuit. As he strips naked, what makes him the freak?? Our host is putting a corkscrew through his nose??? And pops the cork on the wine bottle. What the fuck is going on here??? And there's Crusty the Clown. He finally gets to be a pervert with some girls. The girls play first. They look like the Rockettes. Couple stage hands and Crusty start working on the holes, stretching them out for future insertions. What's a circus without some thumb and hand puppets?? Carry on. A slut girl sucks through the bars of her cage. No other way to say it----Big poles and big holes. Who sang it?? "Send in the clowns." A huge, rubber hosed dong, double ender, penetrates both sluts. Look at that pry bar work. Double drain snaking, the plumbers would love this one. Ben Wah balls into the shit chute, three on a rod and in they go. (Don't pull them out slowly-----rip them out of there like you're starting a lawn mower.) This is the best camera and special effects work you will ever see. Full aerial views of sucking and fucking. And Crusty is ready to bust a nut. Look at Crusty go to town. The twins are pole riding again. Talk about bang for your buck. The cotton candy flies forth. Eager, long tongue awaits the load. And another discharge finds the mark on her ass cheeks and glory holes. More applause. What is our host doing with that coat hanger???? He is swinging three pound weights, attached to his nipples, from the floor up, just like a dead lift and introduces "Pussy" our go-go dancer. Pole is present. Start tossing those tens and twenties. Poll question--who wants to come back re-incarnated as that pole??? A diamond in her pooper, is that rich or what??? And it remains, as she goes after a tractor beam. Don't think the cabaret license permits live sex on stage, but who cares?? She's a perfect little cocksucker. Wait a minute----get that diamond out of there before you start prospecting. Look how he's fucking her now, that is talent. He's in her ass hole and we have not seen the diamond yet, right??? This guy can fuck, no other way to say it. Diamonds are forever as its down in her mine now. Oh boy, the fucking machine. The jamming, mechanized plunger goes into her labia. Does it have adjustable speeds?? Technology is a great thing, eh?? You could mix paint or cement with this thing. Ladies, who needs cock, check out this power tool. Flip and its accurate to her dump hole. That is a hydraulic rod with a red dildo attached. Up all night. Pony-tailed Penny gets a real one now, sucking and fucking. Wonder if the machine can cum on cue too. She gets it hard and fast, no variable dials here. Dude is reminding her that there is nothing like the real staff. She seems to concur. More DP, wow---how about a double dicking, fucking machine?? Both dudes are wearing kneepads, they have been toiling in the oil. There's no substitute for real cream and onto the tongue it goes. Other guy wanks it onto her ass hole and pussy lips. Applause. And we see our MC nude for the final curtain and he lifts some dumbbell off the floor and swings it around with his nuts, applause around, this has been a great nite of theatre. Props to you Tanya Hyde. You are a sick, twisted woman who needs lots of medication. One caveat here-----WARNING---Do not watch this film if you are afflicted with COULROPHOBIA-----fear of clowns.

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