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Carmen K

Carmen K



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Oct 6, 2010

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Carmen K

We recently filmed a sultry, natural, blonde, voluptuous, curvy, new-cummer Carmen K! Carmen's cooch is completely shaved and makes for a great camel toe. She's vocal when she reaches orgasm, but not too loud either! Carmen is wearing a sexy set of white eyelet bra and panties and she's voluptuous and curvy! She is softly moaning as she rubs her pussy through her panties and her nipples through her bra. She gets up on her knees in the chair to allow us full appreciation of her backside. With her bra and panties still on, Carmen reaches for the magic wand and begins to work the toy all over her body. She is clearly enjoying the sensations of the powerful toy on her pussy through her panties as she moans and rocks her hips ... after a bit of warm-up and play, the panties do come off, but the bra stays on. Carmen moistens her fingers as she uses her fingers to rub her clit. Her pussy is already nice and pink from the foreplay with the magic wand. Carmen reaches for the wand once more, beginning with it on low speed. Carmen is simultaneously spreading her lips and pulling back on her pubic mound as she works the wand all over her clit and pussy. Carmen intently rubs the toy around and around on her clit, moaning as she closes her eyes and gets down to serious masturbating. Carmen's moans become more and more rhythmic and intense. She decides to crank the toy up to high power and within 1 few seconds of doing so, she is cumming hard! It's a pretty visible orgasm, and she lets out a couple of full gasps as her head goes back into the chair. When she pulls the toy away, I notice her pussy is completely shaved and the "cameltoe" type. Carmen is lounging outside in black wedge high heels and an animal print bra and panty set. Carmen releases her large breasts from the confines of the bra, then sits up for a moment to take her panties off. After a bit of rubbing, Carmen takes her bra off, too. Carmen has had breast reduction surgery and her fading scars are just visible. Her breasts are still large and "natural" looking though as it does not appear they were lifted into a un-natural position or shape. Carmen reaches for the silver bullet vibe as the camera moves in for a pussy close-up view. Again, Carmen's pussy is completely shaved and she has a "tidy cooch" as Laura J would say - meaning not large pussy lips. Carmen increases the intensity of the toy and pulls back on her clit and mound. Then she really buries the toy into her clit, working it frantically up and down. Suddenly she opens her mouth and throws her head back with an "Aww! Mmmmm!" and she cums with a couple of hips bucks and quivering legs! It was tough to spot the contractions, because the camera was in full body view, but I don't doubt this was a real orgasm for her as you will see by her body reactions. The camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy and her wetness. The next scene is a hands-on scene. Carmen is wearing black thigh-high stockings and red panties. Her pulls the panties aside and begins to massage her clit with his fingers. She likes this! And when he pulls her lips apart a little bit more, the wetness is building! After a bit of rubbing he whispers, "Take your panties off." He dips his finger in, showing off that wetness and applying it to her clitoris. He turns on the baton vibe and works that around and around on her clitoris. She pulls back on her mound and is moaning softly - clearly enjoying the attention! He whispers more, "I'm not going to let you cum too quickly." He continues to work the toy on her clit and pussy - rubbing it along her lips and Carmen K. continues to moan quietly. He places the toy, still on low intensity, on the side of her clit. He moistens the toy, puts it back on her clit, then increases the power. Carmen's legs are clenched as she rocks her hips upward. True to his word he keeps stimulating her, but not letting her cum, until suddenly Carmen's vocalizations increase dramatically and she has an orgasm. Her contractions are a bit of an eye test - even in close-up view - but they are there and pretty rapid fire. Her pussy is nicely wet, too. He dips his finger in for a feel just before she sits up. Carmen K. is wearing a dark red g-string panty as she bends over on the bed doggy-style to show us her bottom. She rolls over, sitting on the bed, and takes off her top and skirt. She is wearing grey striped knee-high socks and high heels. She pulls the panties aside to rub her pussy, then she fondles her large breasts to remove her bra. She bends over, doggy style once more, wrapping her panties around her thighs as she plays with herself. She peels the panties off, making herself comfortable doggy-style as she turns on the magic wand - I note she starts off on high power this time %uF04A. Within seconds, Carmen K is rocking and riding the wand. Rocking back and forth, obviously enjoying it, it takes only a few moments for Carmen to cry out in ecstasy and reach orgasm! She is curled over the toy and her legs are quivering. Just a few faint contractions are actually visible. She turns off the toy, spreading herself more and touching her clit and pussy. He asks her, "Good toy?" and she smiles and says, "Yeah!" Carmen is back in the orgasm chair, wearing a pair of jeans and tiny tank top. She is playing with her pussy first through the jeans. She sits up to remove the tank top - revealing a pretty purple bra. She massages her nipples beneath the bra, then lets her hands roam down and into her pants. She slowly unbuckles the belt and unbuttons the pants. She slides them off as we get a glimmer of her pretty purple panties, too. She removes her bra, one strap at a time, then plays with her nipples. She reaches a hand down to rub her pussy and pull the panties between her slit before peeling those off, too. She is now completely naked in the chair. She reaches for the bottle of lube and applies that to her hairless pussy. She rubs the lube, then asks for some assistance turning on the pocket rocket. She stimulates her nipples first, then puts the toy on her clitoris - quickly turning it around in tight circles. Carmen's leg is hopping and quivering as she becomes more and more aroused. But, she doesn't stop moving the toy round and round on her clit! She says, "Oh, oh, oh." Then pants and lets out a big moan as she has an orgasm. Again, her pussy contractions are visible, but very faint. She rubs her pussy lightly with her fingers, then spreads her lips. After the DVD officially ends, there is a short "behind the scenes" clip where the camera man has a happy ending too!

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