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Cherry Adams

Cherry Adams



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Jan 11, 2011


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Cherry Adams

Cherry Adams is a red-haired MILF with a pussy that is sometimes quite hairy! Cherry's pretty new to the adult industry; she appears a little shy and nervous at times. Cherry gets quite aroused and her pussy becomes wet with her natural juices as getting off in front of the camera is quite the turn-on for her. Cherry is the epitome of the horny, new-mom, housewife looking to pleasure herself. Cherry Adams is standing in front of the orgasm chair in the living room slowly taking off her panties. She is wearing a red t-shirt that is pulled down and a black bra. Cherry exposes her breasts and tweaks her nipples. She gets seated in the chair - spreading her legs wide across the chair arms and wastes no time getting busy with a clit stimulating toy. Her pussy bush is trimmed in this scene and the camera moves in for some close-up views of her button clit as Cherry pulls firmly back on her mound to apply the tip of the vibrator directly on her pleasure zone. We can hear her begin to breath and pant a bit. After a few more minutes of toy stimulation, Cherry's hips are rocking and rising and falling as she continues to pull back hard on that mound, getting the most out of the little toy. Her cooch is twitching as she moans softly. The camera is right in for a cooch cam close-up as Cherry lets out a low, "Ohhhh" moan and cums! The contractions are quite strong, clear and visible. She dips a finger into her clear pussy juices. The camera pans back out for full body view of Cherry sitting in the chair. She stands as the camera moves across her body. Cherry Adams is in the bedroom for scene two. She is totally naked - her hairy pussy bush obvious - as she sprawls across the blue bed sheets. Cherry is using her favorite little clit stimulating vibe once more. Cherry's preferred masturbation method is the same as last time - one hand pulling firmly back on her pussy mound while the other hand keeps the tip of the little vibe stroking her button clit. Cherry enjoys the toy immensely, and as her excitement grows, her chest and face become red. She pants and exhales as she plays with her clitoris. Cherry's hips are responding to the toy too as she quietly says, "Oh fuck". Cherry releases herself into another nice orgasm! This one is captured in full body view. Cherry puts her hand down to her hairy patch, gently touching her clit and dipping a finger into her vagina. She spreads the juices all around. She seems genuinely pleased with herself. Cherry is once more in the bedroom - this time lying on green sheets wearing a sundress and pink panties. The panties are peeled off and discarded to the floor. Her pussy is not quite so hairy in this, but rather neatly trimmed. The dress is hiked up around her mid section and the camera is roving in aerial view. Cherry is enjoying a bullet vibe seemingly running at high speed. Cherry likes it best when she pulls up and back on her clitoral mound, working the toy on her clitoris. Cherry begins panting and exhaling a bit - both visibly and audibly. It takes Cherry a bit longer this time - perhaps because of the different toy - but she lets out a big exhale and cums hard! We can see all the perineum pulling twitching contractions! Cherry has to fan herself to cool down after that one - and a big smile spreads across her face! The fourth scene is a close-up hairy cooch cam view of Cherry enjoying a purple g-spot stimulating vibrator. We can see Cherry's thighs and pussy and just up to her bra covered chest as she spreads out across black satin sheets on the sofa. Cherry inserts the curved toy into her pussy, playing with it both internally and externally on her clitoris. She increases the power on the toy and gets busy with it stimulating her clitoris. Cherry really works the toy all around, but after some play, she decides to switch to her little vibe instead. Once more, she comes from underneath, directly buzzing her clit with the vibe. Within just a few moments, she is panting and her hips are responding. We know she's getting ready to cum. Cherry keeps her clit nicely moistened with saliva and pussy juice from time-to-time also. After lots of "coming from underneath" stimulation with the tiny little tipped vibe, Cherry pulls back even farther - pressing very firmly. After quite some time wanking, the pussy juices are flowing from Cherry's vagina and pooling quite nicely. Press, press, press and tap, tap, tap, then rub, rub, rub with the vibe. Cherry lets out a quiet, "Mmmmmm. Ohhhh." As she strokes her clit with the vibe and cums. She dips the tip into her pussy juices and goes back to her clit. She's wet. Then she fingers her pussy, licking the juices off her finger. Back in the bedroom and back in full body view, Cherry is propped up against the headboard of the bed wearing a black and white plaid dress which is hiked up to expose her trimmed, furry, pussy. She is using a large egg shaped vibrator. Just before Cherry gets ready to cum this time, she takes a big deep breath, rocks her hips, and closes her eyes. This is biggie! With lots of strong, tugging, pulling contractions. The camera pans in for a close-up and she smiles. Cherry is wearing pretty purple lingerie, making herself comfy on the bed. She is propped up against the headboard and playing with the magic wand. She gets started on low power, but quickly turns the power vibrator up to high. Cherry begins to exhale and lick her lips. I like the way she closes her eyes, then opens them to look directly at the camera. She pulls back on her clit, as she likes to do, working the wand on her pussy. Cherry lets out a whimper and pants. It really doesn't take long at all for her to cum with the magic wand! And she squirts as her pussy contracts! Cherry just cums and cums and cums through this one. But, she doesn't stop with just one orgasm. She keeps the toy on her clit, looks at the camera, and closes her eyes and cums again. She grabs the wand and says, "This is definitely coming home with me!" He tells her she squirted and she says, "I did? Oh, how embarrassing!" but with sarcasm and then she smiles.

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