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Cory Has A Big Fat Dick

Cory Has A Big Fat Dick

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Jake Jaxson

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Aug 25, 2017



There's something about Cory Kane's bedroom eyes and nice taut body that makes all the boys swoon. He got a nice 9-inch dick as well. Cory is joined by Jack Hunter, Allen King & Gabriel Clark to round out this group of hung boys just looking to have fun! When asked who has the bigger dick Jack Hunter and Cory Kane are remarkably modest about their own comparison to the other, that is. In fact they're outright complimentary towards each other while expressing an eager fondness for a big dick. So of course there's only one way for them to answer the question: they have to find out for themselves with the old-fashioned "hands-on" method. And you'll know this works right from the start when Jack kneels in front of Cory, takes out his cock and murmurs, "That's the fattest dick I've ever seen". Jack and Cory both take their time to savor every inch of each other's cocks and since there are plenty of inches to taste and enjoy, taking their time is a must. Having their own large endowments theoretically gives these guys an advantage in the art of cocksucking and giving pleasure. Jack challenges himself to deep-throat Cory and is rewarded with Cory's skillful mouth in several ways. Jack gets sucked off, rimmed while on all fours while his cock and long-hanging balls are attended to, and he gets to face-fuck his talented scene partner. And before Jack takes his turn the guys kiss and compare their cock sizes. The winner? YOU! When it's time to fuck Jack builds up to it by rimming Cory as he lies on his back and then slowly taking him missionary style. Penetrating Cory from the side make take a little extra effort but the guys ultimately succeed, moving together with pleasure reflected on their faces, in their eyes, and in the sounds emanating from their lips. Cory takes Jack from behind and though he starts slow he picks up the pace and the control. Both you and Cory will know he's found Jack's magic spot as he tops him on his back and Jack's mouth and his eyes are opened wide. It's only a matter of time before a thick load erupts from Jack's engorged mushroom head and Cory showers Jack's already glazed torso with another layer. So who IS bigger? Jack Hunter and Cory Kane may know the answer now but it's doubtful that it matter to either one. Benjamin Blue and Danny Montero are two fun, crazy for each other, passionate guys who can't seem to be able to keep their dicks in their pants when they meet. As Danny admits "I'm a shy guy but within 5 minutes of meeting Benjamin he was already sitting in my lap" As Benjamin starts to tickle Danny he finds his weak spot is his feet but then Danny finds his revenge when he kisses Benjamin behind the ear. As the two are giggling and throwing around on the bed the clothes start to come off and Benjamin reveals his rock hard cock. Danny wastes no time and starts to suck on it right away. Apparently Danny is a sucker for pre-cum because he licks every drop of it off of Benjamin's uncut cock. Clearly Danny is doing such a great job at it that Benjamin feels the need to turn him around and start smacking Danny's ass to leave his hand print on those ass cheeks as he is rimming his hole to get it ready for some serious fucking. Danny is in pure heaven as Benjamin tongue fucks his hole and opens it up before he slides his hard cock balls deep. First, Benjamin take Danny from behind doggy style and rides him hard for a while before pushing him down on the bed to really get deep in his hole. As Benjamin plows Danny's ass like never before Danny can't stop telling Benjamin how good his feels up his ass. Of course Benjamin already knows that so he just keeps pounding him harder and harder until Danny shoots his load over his head. As Benjamin sees Danny cumming all over himself he immediately pulls out to cover him with his cum shot too. Then it's back to tickling. It's getting a little chilly on the back patio so Ashton Summers and Dillon Rossi decide to build a fire to warm things up a bit. The find a lighter and grab some firewood and before you know it a roaring fire is blazing up the early evening. They lay back on the couch as Ashton gently strokes Dillon's rock hard cock inside his shorts. They quietly talk about how happy they are to have some time together and before you know it they're passionately making out. Grinding their mouths together and staring into each other eyes. Ashton sees Dillon's cock poking out of his pants so he grabs it and gives it a couple of strokes while he continues to kiss his buddy on the lips. That cock is too tempting so Ashton leans forward and takes the swollen head in his mouth. Gently licking the tip before sliding his mouth all the way down the shaft as Dillon just moans his approval and strokes Ashton's own boner. Turnabout is fair play so Dillon pulls Ashtons clothes off and gets on his knees so he can suck Ashton's own 8 inch uncut cock. He opens his mouth and swallows as much of that meaty shaft as he can take. And he can take a lot! Ashton reaches back and fingers Dillon's ass while he continues to suck his cock. Playfully smacking his butt before asking him if he's ready to get fucked. Dillon can barely get the word, "Yes!" out of his mouth before he's sitting on Ashton's massive pole and sliding it all the way inside his body. Bouncing gently up and down the full length of Ashton's shaft while his own boner slaps against his belly. This dude is seriously turned on! Ashton pulls out and bends Dillon over the couch to fuck him doggie style. His enormous uncut cock slowly disappears inside Ashton's ass as he moans loudly. Completely overwhelmed by the pure pleasure of being filled by that huge tool. Ashton picks up the pace and fucks that ass like there's no tomorrow. Slamming his cock all the way the balls with every stroke and leaving Dillon quivering with anticipation of every thrust. Dillon loves getting fucked and he's super close to cumming so he asks Ashton to slow down a bit. Ashton has other things in mind and he flips Dillon around so he can see his face while he fucks him until he cums. He fucks Dillon with long and hard strokes on his back and after a few minutes Dillon announces he's going to cum. Ashton grabs his cock and strokes that load out so that all Dillon can do is lay back and accept the pleasure that's washing over him. He quivers and shakes as the last drops of jizz shoot out of his cock then gasps as Ashton continues to fuck his hole. A couple strokes later and Ashton is shooting his own load all over Dillon's muscular chest and abs. Coating his buddy with a thick load of cum before bending over to kiss him straight on the lips. Dillon looks up and says, "I hope this happens every time we hang out by the fire!" Ashton chuckles and kisses him one more time. Something tells me that won't be a problem! Tegan Zayne is the latest CockyBoys exclusive model so the first order of business is to hook up with the one and only Gabriel Clark. Tegan hops in the car with RJ for a roadtrip to Montreal and the two talk the entire way. Turns out Tegan is a bit of an exhibitionist and likes jerking off behind the wheel so he whips out his dick and gives it a few strokes on the highway. He's getting a bit too horny so he pulls off the side of the road and jerks out a quick load before getting back on the road to Montreal. It's pride in Montreal so Gabriel shows Tegan around the "gayborhood" before stopping at a restaurant for a pizza date. Once dinner is done they take in the paradea dance and have a great time on the street. Tegan loves pride and he remembers starting a gay/straight alliance at his highschool and marching in his first pride parade! Pride is fun and all, but when it comes right down to it Tegan has one thing on his mind. And that's some uncut French Canadian dick! The two end up back at the hotel and Gabriel takes control right away. Slowly making out with Tegan before dropping to his knees and taking his rock hard cock in his mouth for the first time. Tegan loves the attention but can't wait to get at Gabriel's uncut cock so the two switch positions and Tegan swallows Gabriel balls deep. He gags a little but this stud knows how to use his mouth. Before you know Gabriel is pushing his head down on his cock and getting the blowjob to end all blowjobs. Tegan is feeling a little playful so he grabs a Fleshjack and slides it on Gabriel's cock. Teasing him with what it's going to be like to fuck his ass. Gabriel enjoys the sex toy a lot but he's hungry for some ass so he flips Tegan around and buries his face in his butt crack. Licking his asshole as Tegan moans with pleasure and pushes his ass back against Gabriel's face. Gabriel drives his tongue deeper and deeper in Tegan's asshole then stands up and points his big French-Canadian dick at the spit-lubed hole. He slides that cock inside and starts pumping it in and out as Tegan cranes his neck to watch what he's feeling. Gabriel fucks him good and hard doggy style before flipping him onto his back and pushing his cock back inside his body. He pounds that asshole good and hard as Tegan wraps a transparent jack off sleeve around his own cock. Maximizing the pleasure with every stroke as Gabriel destroys his hole. These two find the perfect rythm and enjoy every minute of the fuck before Tegan pushes Gabriel back and hops on his dick one more time. It doesn't take long before his hand is a blur on his cock and Tegan announces that he's going to cum. Hosing down Gabriel's chest and belly as the French Canadian stud tries to catch as much of the cum in his mouth as possible. Tegan rolls off of Gabriel's uncut cock and Gabriel aims that dick right back at Tegan. A couple of strokes later and he's blasting Tegan with a huge load of French-Canadian cum that seems to go on forever. Gabriel shutters as the last drops land on Tegan's belly then leans in to kiss his buddy. They make out for a second then Gabriel says, "Welcome to Montreal" and they both laugh as they look deep into each other's eyes. But the magic is broken when Gabriel hops and invites Tegan out for a night of clubbing at Montreal Pride!

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