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Cuckold #13

Cuckold #13

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Apr 24, 2006


Running time

1:29 hour(s)


Diane, Tony, Zoli

Our interracial fuck movie begins with a shot of an office building and then we catch Tony and a naughty wife named Diane coming down an outdoor corridor next to that building, toward the camera. Here's a clue for those of you who like messy faces. This hot sex video ends with an interracial facial. Tony explains that she just visited her husband's office. She waves a pair of data CDs and says that she's been seeing Tony for a couple months now and doesn't want to have to sneak around anymore. She downloaded the customer list of the company he works for to the CDs when her husband went off to the bathroom and then smuggled them out of his office. "We're going to get his cooperation," Tony says, grinning. A moment later they are on the sofa at producer Michael's home. In the brief interview for our fuck movie, she explains that she plans to tell her husband about Tony and that he will have to accept her desires for interracial fucking, otherwise she will tell her boss about the customer list, and hand that list off to their competitors. But this isn't Diane's first visit to Michael's. We next get to see a sex scene from a recent encounter. Nope, the interracial facial is not part of this segment. Diane and Tony are naked and on a comforter spread over the sofa. Our hot, naughty wife is laying back lengthwise on the sofa as Tony slowly strokes into her pussy. After a few minutes, she goes to her hands and knees as Tony begins fucking her harder from behind. We get excellent, well-lit views of the action from underneath and above, then move the fuck movie camera around to the front to catch their expressions as they fuck. Then the action moves into the bedroom. Tony carries her in and literally throws her onto the bed then lays her down and begins licking her pussy. She begins squirming and pushing her pussy into his mouth as he has his mouth locked on her slit, then he begins licking side to side, dragging his tongue slowly from left to right and back again. Tony pulls this naughty wife to the edge of the bed for camera angle purposes. We get a low-angle view of his mouth working between her lips and it is soooo hot. Her reply to his actions, the interracial facial, is in the offing, folks, be patient. Next, he's laying flat on his back and she swings her legs over his head and they begin performing interracial oral sex on each other. We spend a lot of time watching Diane eagerly lick and suck Tony's big black cock and balls, too. But we do swing around to see her black man licking that pussy again, with his nose practically pressing into her asshole. Diane turns around and sits down on his big dick, then goes for a ride, bouncing up and down. We get between his legs for some excellent interracial sex footage of their coupling for our hot fuck movie. Diane whimpers as Tony pushes in and out of her. Soon she is on her back, with her knees pulled back, head on a pillow, as Tony fucks her hard but slowly. He picks up the pace for a while, and we get excellent views of the fucking from above and behind. He moves this slutty, naughty wife onto her side and knees with one leg on either side of her right leg and fucks into her slowly and deeply in this new position. He picks up speed as Diane rocks back and forth from the impact. When he slows down again, he gets one of his legs out of the way so we can get some unusual video of his deep penetration. We really liked this angle, it shows off the pussy lip penetration very well. Diane is delivering an enthusiastic blowjob when Tony asks how she found out about interracial sex. She replies, in between sucks on his dick, that it all came about at the interracial sex websites associated with We suspect Tony is thinking about the interracial facial yet to come as he watches her blow him. Shortly, Diane is back on hands and knees as Tony fucks her from behind. We get good views of the action from the side and from above for our fuck movie, but it's not long before Tony begins driving toward climax. He cums in her pussy, then puts an arm around her and kisses her back. We pull the camera around between his legs and see the cum that dripped out over her onto the sheets, then we show his cum-slicked cock as he pulls it out of her and slides it up and down the crack of her ass. The second sex segment takes place eight days later. This time her husband Zoli is present. Zoli (he's Hungarian) wonders about the movie lights but Diane tells him not to be concerned and to go have a seat and watch. Zoli grabs a chair as Diane begins licking, sucking and slobbering all over Tony's big dick. At one point, Zoli speaks up. "What is it you want from me?" he asks her. Diane takes her mouth off Tony's cock and looks at Zoli. "I want you to learn and accept this." Zoli mumbles something. "What?" she says. "I would rather kick his ass," Zoli says. "Dude, I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. You're not kicking anyone's ass," Tony says, his eyes riveted on Zoli's. This is a fact, he does have that black belt. Zoli makes no reply to that and his naughty wife returns to sucking Tony's cock for several minutes. Then he stands her up and undresses her, finally sliding off her white thong panties. Tony puts her on her hands and knees, kneels behind her and begins fucking that slutty pussy doggie style. We're up close with the camcorder, as usual for excellent fuck movie footage. Then he flips her onto her back and begins to push inside again. Her breathing is heavy and ragged. He rolls her over and moves a pillow over, then rolls her back on top of it. We have the camcorder positioned directly above him as he fucks her in a good, steady rhythm. He moves her onto her side and begins a kind of scissors fuck. We get some outstanding penetration views from behind her butt cheeks for our XXX fuck movie. Tony begins fucking her rapidly at this point. After a few minutes he puts her back on hands and knees and continues the fucking. She grabs the pillow and positions it under her chest. Tony grabs her hips and pulls her back onto him. Be patient, the interracial facial is coming soon... Next, Tony lays back and she gets into a 69 position on top of him. She's eagerly gobbling away on him and we get in tight on her cocksucking action. This naughty wife loves to suck dick. After several minutes of watching her give this hot, sexy blowjob, we come around behind to see Tony's tongue tip teasing her pussy. After several minutes of oral sex action, Diane swings around, positioning herself between his legs, while continuing to slurp on his dick. Suddenly Zoli unbuckles his belt. Diane looks up at the sound. "What are you doing?" "I think I will jack off," Zoli says. Diane orders him to leave the room and go jack off elsewhere. Zoli goes to the living room and plops down on the sofa. Diane looks into Tony's eyes and shakes her head as if to say, "Unbelievable." She goes back to giving her blowjob. Meanwhile we follow Zoli out. He opens his pants and begins stroking his dick and rubbing his balls. He looks back toward the hallway as he pulls on his dick. A moment later we are watching Diane blow Tony. We're pretty sure she's looking forward to receiving that interracial facial in the very near future. "What's he doing out there?" she asks. "He's jacking off," Michael says. "Cool. Let's give him something to listen to," our nasty, naughty wife says to Tony, giggling. Suddenly the volume level of the groans and sighs goes up. Tony gets up, pats the mattress twice, and she lays down on her back. Tony climbs between her legs and begins fucking her again. We bear in mind the desires of our fuck movie buyers and get up close and tight with a view above the point of penetration for several minutes, then we bring the lens around between their legs for some excellent footage of the fucking. Her head comes into view occasionally when Tony pulls back. Eventually Diane gets back on her side as Tony straddles her and resumes fucking. We're looking at the action from behind them and oh what a view! The pace of fucking picks up and so does the sound volume as they resume teasing her husband. Tony has a firm grip on her hip as he slams it home. Suddenly we all hear faint groans of orgasm from the living room. Tony and Diane break up laughing. "Is Zoli cumming?" Tony asks, chuckling. "He did it!" Diane cracks. Next, this naughty wife is flat on her stomach, laying on two pillows, as Tony fucks her rapidly from behind. Zoli strolls in, goes into the bathroom, cleans up, then returns to his chair. We move the camera up under Tony's chin looking down at the fucking for a couple minutes, to get his view of the pussy penetration. He moves her onto her back, holds on to her thighs and continues the fucking. Her butt is on both pillows, and even though it's an uphill move, she pulls herself up to watch for a moment. A moment later her head dangles over the edge of the bed as Tony fucks her hard. He pauses to lick her thighs and belly. She knows now that the interracial facial is coming soon. A moment later she is down on her stomach again as he fucks her hard from behind. Soon he rotates her onto her side again, gripping her hip and ass as he drives toward climax. Suddenly Tony pulls out, grabs his dick hard and rolls her onto her back and blows his load on her chin and mouth! The interracial facial she's been waiting for is delivered! She spends a minute licking him clean then turns over, wipes some goo off her face with her hand, and looks at Zoli. Cum is still splattered over her face from the interracial facial as she addresses her husband. "Do you think you can handle it?" "Yes," he replies. "Actually, I had a good time too." "Good," she says, nodding ever so slightly. "That's good." The next and final scene of our fuck movie is in a narrow city street. We see a blue dumpster in a nearby parking lot. The dumpster lid opens and we see a woman's hand drop two CDs into the trash and then close the lid. She walks away.

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