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Diana Angel

Diana Angel



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Nov 16, 2012

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38:17 minute(s)



Diana Angel

Femorg always brings you real women having real orgasms. Meet Diana Angel, a 28 year old Swedish blonde that uses her fingers and toys to pleasure herself, showing off her pulsating pussy for the camera. The first scene opens with Diana Angel lying on the bed, propped on a brown pillow, wearing nothing except a white bra and purple panties. She fondles her breasts and her pussy through the garment before pulling the bra straps off her shoulders and licking a nipple. Next, she peels off the tiny panties to expose her shaved bald pussy. She finger rubs her clitoris momentarily before reaching for the magic wand. She works the big toy on her breasts first, then slowly trails it to her pussy, making soft little sex sounds as she goes. Diana works the toy on her clitoris, pointing the end right into her clitoris and really starts to whimper, moan and gasp. Her legs are quivering as she keeps the toy on low power and clutches her breast. She cums pretty quickly with lots of nice perineal contractions, even as she lifts her feet off the bed. She keeps the toy going through a long orgasm, smushing her bottom down into the bed as she cums again for a second orgasm. But, she's still not finished! Without taking the toy away, she keeps up the stimulation for another orgasm, whispering and whimpering, "Oh my god." The contractions during the third orgasm aren't quite as strong as in the first two, but they are definitely there and visible. Three orgasms back to back. Nice. That's the way to start off with a new model and a new movie title ;) Diana turns off the toy and gently recovers. The next scene is a close-up pussy view of Diana lounging on blue bed sheets while wearing purple lingerie. She is finger rubbing her pussy through the small panties before she sits up to take off her bra - but we can't really see her breasts from this close-up view. She pulls the panties aside briefly for some extra stimulation, but then decides to take them off completely. She uses one hand to pull one lip aside, and then begins massaging her clitoris with the other hand. She slides slightly down the bed, so more of her large, natural breasts are in view as she reaches for the purple flat headed vibe. She warms up slowly, working the toy around her clitoris before burying it a bit more firmly into her folds. Diana pussy lips begin to spread, glistening with moisture as she rocks her hips up and into the little toy. Diana breathes - gasping and moaning audibly - as she enjoys the little toy. She rhythmically rocks her hips up and down and her legs begin to quiver as she gets closer to cumming. Diana says, "Oh. Cum. Yeah." as she really firmly presses the toy into her clit. Diana keeps up with the stimulation, seeming to struggle a bit to find this one, but once she jiggles and works the toy just so, her little sex noises intensify and her strong, clear, pussy contractions are perfectly visible! Diana shows off very classic pre-orgasm contractions just before she pulls the trigger this time - and the orgasm contractions themselves are strong, and pulling with glistening juices being squeezed out from her slit. She also gets a large showing of classic goose bumps. Diana dips her fingers into all that wetness, pulling the strings up to her clit. Wearing a leopard print top and jegging jeans, Diana Angel is back in the bedroom undressing for us. She takes off the top to reveal a purple/pink color bra. She fondles her nipple and leaves it peeking out before she peels off the jeggings. Diana leaves on a pair of blue panties while she sits up to take off her bra and fondle her breasts. Then she peels off the panties as well. She warms up with a slow finger massage, moistening her clitoris with some saliva. Diana also licks the purple flat headed vibe, playing with her nipples and clitoris once she turns it on. Diana settles back on the pillows, quickly moaning and whimpering and enjoying the sensations from the vibrator on her clitoris. She jiggles and firmly presses the toy into her clitoris as she clutches a breast and rocks her hips in this full body view. She increases the power of the toy, going right back to her usual rhythm. Diana starts to quiver and gasp, pressing the toy downward on her clitoris. She is also developing a nice and obvious sex flush across her upper chest, neck and upper arms. As with the last scene, Diana has a big, quivering build-up before she pulls the trigger for this orgasm. She really works the toy around her pussy and clitoris as her inner thighs quiver, her hips rock and she moans and whimpers. And then Diana Angel has a big, hard, popping, orgasm! It lifts her feet up and off the bed, but she keeps her thighs spread so we can see all of those contractions! Nice!

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