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Dripping For Dia

Dripping For Dia

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Jan 12, 2011

Running time

42:22 minute(s)



Dia Zerva, Slave Sean

A hard bodied California blonde, Mistress Dia Serva, takes Sean's cock and balls to a new level as she administers her special brand of blonde domination to the spread eagled submissive. She ties him tight to the bed and then makes him lick her ass clean, cuts off his air supply for fun and teases his cock and balls until he is begging for release. She applies an artificial vagina to his cock for a cruel and sensuous build up to a wicked milking. She extracts every drop then slaps his cock over and over, ruining his fun and making her day. Short opening with a beautiful blonde in clear high heels tying her sex toy to the bed spread-eagle. She climbs on top and begins to dominate him. She turns and he submits under her tight ass, his nose buried deep in her asshole as she ties up his cock and splits the balls apart with the rope. She roughly handles his cock and balls then uses tongs and a thin rod to drum a solo on his balls and make him scream. She stands, removes her panties and uses them to tie up his balls even more tightly. She sits on his face again and hurts the bound cock some more. She moves to get a plastic bag to shut him up. Sensuous and sinister, Mistress Serva cuts off his air supply and face sits him over his bagged face. Her strong hands clamp on his neck and a smile plays on her lips as he strains to breathe and hopes for mercy. She returns her focus to his balls and calls attention to his corona, the nerve bundle around the head. She orders him to watch her stimulate his nerve bundle with the razor sharp pinwheel. His screams are bothersome so she takes the panties and stuffs them into his mouth and follows that with a ball gag. While her used panties are rinsed in his screaming hole, she applies a large vibrator to his tied and straining balls and resumes teasing his cock head. To distract him from his throbbing balls, Miss Serva puts the clover clamps back on his sore nipples and tugs as she works his swollen balls with the wand. He screams past her used panties in his throat and the ball gag, making her laugh. She jerks his cock a bit getting it completely rigid then resumes her intense sensation cyclone with the Whartenburg wheel. She applies clothespins to his balls and then whips them off making him go crazy. She grabs his nipple clamps and, tugging hard, looks him in the eye and tells him how much she enjoys his suffering for her. She moves to show him a transparent vagina that she is going to use as a substitute for her own tight pussy and applies it over his stiff cock. The effect is immediate and he is ordered to fuck the pussy. Miss Serva yanks the fleshlight off Sean's cock just before it explodes and sticks the cunt lips in his face. She goes back to fuck him some more but this time, as he begins to fuck the vagina, She back-hands him right in the balls. He screams and she continues to pound his nuts every time he gets excited in the cunt she is stroking him with. Finally, she removes it and gets him almost ready with her hands and then stops. One more turn and he is begging. She allows it and a huge load sprays from his cockhead. She immediately starts slapping his sensitive cock head, ruining his orgasm. His ball gag is popped out and he licks off her hand.

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