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Every Boy's Fantasy IV

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Every Boy's Fantasy IV


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Sep 18, 2017

Running time

36:10 minute(s)


Penny Pax, Pepper XO

Pepper is a gifted student but she has no interest in studying. She oftentimes has her s cover for her while she skips class to study what interests her most, mind control. Pepper regrets using her s as a sort of guinea pig for her experiments, she was almost unable to wake her from her last XXXX. Penny has full trust in her s's odd experiments and loves the euphoric state of mind she is in after the XXXX, "it lasts for hours," she tells her s. Pepper hopes that Penny will leave her alone and stop bugging her to put her under again. Pepper lowers her glasses to express her sincere concern, "it's dangerous, and out of the question. I should have never used you like that, it was unethical, but I won't do it again. I can't test on a human again until I am certain it is safe." Penny rolls her eyes and begs for Pepper to put her under the XXXX. Penny has been having a hard time lately, her boyfriend left her, she's tired of her waitressing job at the truck stop diner, and she fears she will never get out of this small town unless she aces her XXXX exam at University of Dumonte. Penny pleads, "I can't focus and I need to study, my test is tomorrow, and tonight will make or break the rest of my life." Pepper rolls her eyes at Penny, she knows that her s has a tendency to overreact. Pepper explains, "all the most successful people never went to college, Penny, start doing what you love and your passion will lead you to a happy career." Penny crosses her arms, she feels angry that she is being ignored, and frustrated that she has put her neck on the line to cover for Pepper's truancies. Penny gives Pepper an ultimatum, she knows exactly how to get what she wants. Pepper's eyes are wide in disbelief, "are you blackmailing me?" Pepper is taken back my Penny's newfound confidence. She looks at the clock, their b will be home any time now. If he sees that Penny is in a XXXX he will surely tell their parents, and they'll take away her lab equipment but she has no choice! Pepper reluctantly gives into Penny's blackmail. Penny's heart leaps with excitement she lays her head on Pepper's lap and gives her the mineral to begin the XXXX. The chemical properties in the mineral glow green, and feel warm against Penny's skin. Penny smiles at her s and closes her eyes, she listens to Pepper's instruction and allows her muscles to relax, her mind to be open to change, she feels herself slip deep into that euphoric XXXX. Her body remains alert while her mind is dormant, controlled by Pepper's voice. Penny's hand clenches the mineral tightly and Pepper hears the crunch of the stone, she watches in horror as the pieces fall to the floor. This hasn't happened before! Pepper needs the mineral to bring her out of the XXXX-like state. The front door opens and she hears her b's heavy boots against the marble tile. She tries to lie to her b about Penny's blank eyes, her limp body, and her b refuses her. He tells her, "Tell me the truth, geekette, what's wrong with Penny?" Pepper confesses her experiment, and begs for her b's help in bringing her out of the XXXX. "Nothing comes for free," he explains, "you need to help me before I help you." His cock is hard, testing the strength of the zipper on his jeans while he looks at his beautiful, helpless s. He tells her, "I can keep a secret if you can," he pulls out his cock, white drops of precum drip on the rug, "I need to see her pussy." Pepper reluctantly agrees considering that Penny will never remember this when she wakes up. He looks at her perfect pink, soft pussy, and feels an urge like he has never experienced. He needs to see more, he needs to feel more, he needs both girls, it doesn't matter if they are his s's. He needs to cum. "I need to cum. It's going to happen. I need both of you. Climb over top of her and spread your legs. I need to feel both of you."

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