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Fallen Angel III - Initiation

Fallen Angel III - Initiation



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Nov 10, 2004



Fallen Angel III - Initiation, the latest chapter in the Fallen Angel Series, again pushes into previously unseen territory. Finally, a hard-edged, leather-sex video in the style of a mainstream feature: real locations and real men living out their leather fantasies, all tied together by the watchful Fallen Angel. This is Titan Media doing what they do best: beautifully documenting masculine men living out their erotic dreams. Viewers will find it easy to forget that behind the images is a production team determined to capture and explore leather and fetish in a way that has never before been done in gay erotica. Cole Tucker leads the cast of Fallen Angel III - Initiation. As the feature opens, Tucker recalls his fall after studying truck mate Keith Webb's dreams. A desolate moonlit road is where the fallen Tucker remembers surrendering his wings. Trucks and truckers had been his downfall and he has been exploring that gritty world of man-sex ever since. Tucker takes Webb on as his initiate during the course of their truck route. Security guard Mike Roberts identifies Tucker and Webb's mysterious cargo at a warehouse loading dock. After the truckers depart, Roberts leads motorcyclists Ric Hunter and Karl Hengst to a hoisted and bound Austin Masters for tit, cock and ball tease that makes Master's cock rockhard. Jay Black and Bronn Douglas, men with thick muscles and cocks, draw the attention of Hunter and Hengst while Roberts jacks, then fucks Masters. The warehouse is filled with raw men in rut: rimming, cocksucking and fucking that tear at the flesh and fill each pairing with gushing cum shots. All join into an intense group orgy with fuck circles that climax with additional cum shots by Hunter, Hengst and Black. Webb drifts into a dream state as Tucker drives to their next destination. Tucker sees into the dream as two muscle and leather clad figures beat the balls and ass of a chained man. Shaveheaded Eduardo and Gabriel Cortes are brooding creatures tormenting the manacled Brock Devonshire. Devonshire's handsome face is pulled open by their thick fingers and cocks rendering equally thick cum shots from all three. Webb sees himself enter the dream as Cortes fingers stretch, and Eduardo mercilessly fucks, Devonshire's ass. It's now Cortes turn to choke as his throat strains to take Webb's huge cock. Webb loves the darkness of the scene and goes into convulsions as he cums while punch fucking Devonshire. Eduardo and Cortes cum again with the sight. At the end of a long warehouse shift, Ramon Valero discovers, and hungrily deep throats, a huge cock he finds protruding from a shipping crate. Valero's noise draws guard Roberts and Dirk Stahl into the action. Roberts gives a masterful performance in this segment, commanding the two men to service the massive mystery cock and himself to climax. Robert's fucks Valero as Stahl tongue lubes them both from below. Roberts turns Valero's ass over to Stahl for a few strokes but shoves him away and fucks Valero with greed, commanding him to cum. Tucker brings Webb's dream fantasies to reality at their final destination as he reveals the mystery cargo: crated, pierced and tattooed sex slave: Bud. Tucker initiates Webb into an intensive exploration of penetration, first on Bud, then on himself '' an amazing, rare sequence with rock hard dicks.'' Tucker delivers a command performance by physically and verbally dominating the screen. He takes Webb's hand while climbing the walls of the truck and combines with Bud in a 69 position that renders payday cum shots from all three. The action continues inside the factory with Bud simultaneously taking Tucker's and Webb's cocks in his mouth and ass. Tucker materializes a masked and suspended Lance Gear as an additional play toy for Webb. The taunting Gear, receives a furious flogging from Webb. The released Gear blows Webb and serves as the first car in a train rimming from Tucker and Bud. Tucker fucks Gear, then spit lubes Webb's cock and guides it into Gear's ass. Gear licks his cum from Webb's mouth and chest just before Tucker shoots a dazzling load. Also, Chisel bodied Ric Hammersmith makes a stunning cameo appearance as the Fallen Angel.

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