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Female Orgasm Classics Collection - Volume 1

Female Orgasm Classics Collection - Volume 1



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Jun 12, 2013

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56:52 minute(s)

The Female Orgasm Classics Volume 1 begins with hairy MILF, Chloe undressing in her bedroom. She takes off a grey jacket, tee shirt, lacey bra (nice, large natural breasts) and a pair of sweat pants. She is wearing animal print thong panties as she gets comfy on the bed. Chloe removes her eyeglasses and lets her long, dark hair escape from a barrette. She lies back on the bed, peeling off her panties to expose her very hairy and lippy pussy. She fondles herself slowly with her hands and fingers, concentrating on her clitoris with a slow finger rub. Chloe has a rather large and prominent clitoris. After a finger warm-up, Chloe breaks out a large, white smoothie vibe. Her hubby is operating the camera and we have to say he does a nice job of varying full body views with closeup pussy views. Chloe lifts her legs up and off the bed, tilting her pelvis up as she buzzes away with the big vibe. As Chloe gets closer to her orgasm, her pussy starts to pop and push out. Then we hear her whimper and see a very rhythmic set of popping contractions that just go on and on. Chloe says, "oooohhh. Aaaahhhh" as she cums. She rides her orgasm, then pulls the toy away, touching her pussy with her fingers to recover. The next scene is a stationary cam, closeup, pussy view of sexy, Goth, Amber finger rubbing. Her inner and outer labia are shaved smooth, but she has a landing tuft on the top of her mound. She is resting her head on the arm of a leather sofa wearing nothing except a black tee shirt, a clit piercing and a silver ring. Amber is using her fingers to rub on her clit and clit piercing - nice, small, tight circles - over and over. Occasionally her hips gently rise and fall and she pauses only to moisten her fingers with her own saliva. After a few minutes, Amber stops rubbing for a moment and rolls over. When she is back before the camera, we see she has reached for her glass dildo. She slowly thrusts the dildo in and out of her nice pussy as the other hand continues to vigorously massage her clit. Her foot lifts up a bit, too, as she masturbates. Suddenly Amber's entire body seems to "hop" or "jolt" just as her orgasm overcomes her! Amber has nice, intense orgasms. It's a stellar, perfectly visible, and very strong orgasm! Amber slowly removes the glass dildo to finish off and she is quivering. Another popular self-filmer back in the day is Clare. She is lying on the bed, completely naked with the camera positioned between her legs. She is tweaking a nipple with one hand and touching her pussy with the other. Clare's undercarriage is shaved smooth with a tuft of thick coarse hair across her mound. There is a television playing in the background. She is slowly inserting her middle finger into her vagina, picking up some moisture to circulate on her clitoris. She continues with the finger rubbing, switching to her index finger and pressing firmly and more frantically, still fondling her breasts. She wiggles her hips from side to side while she rubs firmly as she gets closer to cumming. Her pussy gets quite pink and she doesn't make a peep as she cums. She stops moving her hips, presses firmly on her clit with her finger and her pussy contractions pop. She leaves the camera in position long enough to capture her after shocks, too. Blonde American Nicole was a fantastic twenty-four year-old cummer originally filmed in 2005. Nicole is petite, with small natural breasts. She is lounging on black satin sheets, playing with a pocket rocket on her pierced pussy with a triangle patch of hair across her mound. She rolls over onto all fours to go doggy style, while switching to a large white smoothie vibe. She strokes her pussy with the big toy, then moves it out and up to her clitoris. Nicole has a large tattoo across her lower back and one around her upper arm. After a few minutes of bottoms up action, Nicole rolls onto her back, then reaches for both the pocket rocket and the smoothie vibe. With the vibe stroking her inside and the pocket rocket going around on her clitoris, it doesn't take long for Nicole to reach solo orgasm ecstasy - and the best part is she slips the smoothie vibe out of her pussy so that we can enjoy all of her incredible, nice, strong, orgasm contractions, too. She softly whimpers and pants just before and during her nice orgasm. She turns off the toys and smiles at the cameraman. Also filmed in 2005 is brunette American Alexus. Alexus goes totally multiorgasmic in this one! She has a nice, petite body. Alexus starts off kneeling on the bed in high heels and a long cardigan sweater and she isn't wearing any panties. This was one of her first shoots and she requested to have a little music playing in the background. She unbuttons her cardigan revealing her small natural breasts and her lippy cooch. She lies back on the bed, applying a generous amount of lubricant to her pussy. Alexus clutches and fondles her small breasts, then reaches for the powerful magic wand. And instantly, she is closing her eyes and writhing in ecstasy. With her hips bouncing up and down, it's not long at all before Alexus is popping and panting out her first orgasm - she looks directly into the camera too - but she's not finished yet! Alexus keeps the toy placed firmly on her clit and pussy, just the way she likes it, and she cums again, whimpering as she does. With just a second of pause, the toy goes back on her pussy until Alexus is rocking out another orgasm. But, she's still not finished, yet! She puts the magic wand back on her pussy, throws her head back on the propped pillows, rolls her eyes back, saying, "Oh god, yeah." And then cums again! Her legs are shaking and quivering as they lift gently off the bed. She turns the wand to low power, but even that's too much. She turns off the toy to catch her breath after all those orgasms. Petite brunette Nikki is already bent over doggystyle when we see her. She is working a large, white, smoothie vibe on her clitoris. She reaches her non-toy hand around to part her pussy lips and position the toy just so. Nikki is softly moaning as she gently works the toy on her clit. She takes the toy away for a moment to finger massage her clitoris, then puts the toy back on her clit. Again, she softly says, "Ah" as she works the toy on her clit. Her pussy is glistening wet. Nikki lets herself get very close to cumming, but stops it, pulling the toy away and moaning ...clearly enjoying this masturbation technique called "edging". With the toy turned off, Nikki begins to firmly and swiftly finger massage her clit - working her hand from side-to-side over her pussy. Nikkis says, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." This now finger wank is feeling good for her. She continues the firm and steady pressure. Nikki says, "Oh I'm going cum. Oh, yeah. I'm going to cum. I'm cumming." But not quite - just a series of pre orgasmic contractions. Then, she lets out a deep, "Oh." moan and we see a big set of nice, strong, anus puckering contractions. MILF Shanna Noel has shiny auburn hair and a hairy, wet, pussy. Shanna Noel likes to be tied to the bed. She is lying completely naked, except for a bra, on a bed. Her hubby straps her ankles to a spreader bar. Shanna obligingly lifts her legs up into the air as he fastens the ankles strap ropes to the bed posts. Shanna is spread wide with her legs up. She begins to play with her pussy, gently touching herself. She turns on a hand massager, putting the plastic tip of the toy directly on her clit. Hubby slowly works the camera angle in getting closer to the action, but not too close. Then he moves the camera in for a closeup of Shanna's hairy pussy, then he slowly moves the camera back out so we can see her face, cooch and spread thighs. Shanna is softly moaning. He slowly moves the camera back out for a full body view of sexy Shanna with her legs spread wide, then slowly moves us back in for more of the closeup views. Shanna's pussy is getting really wet as she keeps the steady hum of the ball vibe tip on her clit. Her eyes are closed, her lips gently parted as she enjoys the pleasure of the toy. Gradually the wetness builds and her hips rock. Hubby moves in for a closeup of her wetness and hairiness. He pans the camera out slowly to see her face, then Shanna lets out a deep moan and series of "Oh. Oh." and he moves the camera back in for her strong, pushing, long, orgasmic contractions. She turns off the toy, just gently pressing her fingers on her clit. Next we see Jessica Moore, clad all in black and lying on a white bed cover. Jessica is even wearing black thigh-high stockings. She pulls the black panties aside to finger flick her clit. Jessica has nice, big, pussy lips that wiggle and move up and down to the motion of her finger rubbing her clit. She lifts her legs up, bent at the knee and off the bed. She gently works her clit, getting closer to cumming. Then stops. She pants. Then starts flicking her clit up and down with her middle finger again - getting close - but not quite letting herself go over the orgasm edge. She resumes the middle finger massage, panting. I think she's about to cum. But, no. She stops. She is panting. Again and again Jessica Moore edges and skirts the orgasm, stopping just in time, then bringing herself right back up to that level - all with one finger. Jessica Moore is in heaven and just softly panting. She goes back to the finger rub, her mouth open in a perfect "o" shape with her head back and eyes closed. Her feet are still lifted off the bed. Jessica lets out a little "oh", followed by a long pant. Her middle finger and fingernail are still flicking up and down over her clitoris. Then, she kinda uses her fingertips to grab hold of her clit and pulls back. And she releases her hold on her clit as she starts to cum. Lots of nice, hard, pulsing contractions and a wet pussy. She catches her breath then her pulls her panties back in place.

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