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Nov 17, 2009

The first lovely lady our fixed camera captured is Ms. Gina. She is lounging on her bed wearing nothing but cotton white polka-dotted panties! She pulls the panties aside and dips her finger into her pussy before deciding to remove the panties completely. Gina reaches under the pillow for her favorite pink vibrator and slowly begins to enjoy the toy by inserting in and out of her vagina. Gina takes her time and really enjoys the buzzing sensations on her clitoris before moving her hips up and down in the throes of a nice visible orgasm. One can see her tummy muscles really tensing and her pussy contractions, too. Sex-kitten Charlie strips out of her short denim skirt and tiny top to enjoy some time playing with the magic wand. After a little sampling of the powerful toy with her panties still on, Charlie decides to remove them and bend over on her knees for a bit of doggie-style action. The toy is powerful, she says and as she is leaning over, her nipples are very erect! Charlie chit chats a bit as she is enjoying the toy, which she says is going to make her "... cum real quick"! She moans softly, repositions the toy, lifts her bum up a bit higher into the air, begins to moan a little louder and gets into a zone enjoying the wand! Her breathing rate increases, all the while moaning, she re-adjusts the toy a little bit, as she kind of rides and rocks on the wand as she becomes more and more aroused. Her moaning becomes more and more intense until she enjoys a really nice, long, powerful orgasm saying, "Oooohhhh, yeeeaaahhh"! She says she enjoyed that "immensely". Jean and Jo-May are lounging on the sun porch in their pretty nighties flipping through an adult catalogue and chatting about toys in their handbags. Jo-May has balls, a dolphin and an egg vibrator. Jean decides to go with the egg vibrator. Jo-May inserts the vaginal balls and stimulates her clitoris with the dolphin. There is lots of fun chit chat between the girls. Jean thinks the silver vibe is a "right machine" as Jo-May tells her to stop stimulating her clitoris so that she doesn't cum too soon. Jo-May keeps the balls in, but opts to switch to the "lawnmower" buzzy vibe after a few moments. All the while, Jean is getting closer and closer to orgasm ... Jo-May removes the balls and just goes for intense clitoral stimulation with the pink vibe as Jean quietly wanks with the egg. Jo-May buzzes frantically and has a nice orgasm just before Jean says "Oh, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum"! They both have nice contracting orgasms! And Jean's eye is twitching ...the girls are then ready to head into the bathroom to play with some more toys. The gorgeous 21-year-ol, blonde-haired, Czech, Misha is sitting on the sofa when she starts to feel a bit horny. She slowly slips out of her pink velour sweat suit and pink t-shirt down to her mint green panties. She reaches her hand down to her pussy for a quick rub before taking the panties off, too. Misha's pussy is completely shaved except for the little airstrip on her mound. Misha is a very pretty and very sexy woman - and no batteries are required for this babe! She does the frantic finger rub on her clitoris until she is cumming - only pausing to wet her fingers from time-to-time. We are certain that Misha has a real orgasm, but her contractions are tough to spot because of the intense rubbing and hip movement she enjoys. Large-lipped Honey is in the bedroom next ... we just love her pussy lips! Honey removes her bra, tweaking and stimulating her large nipples before removing her panties, too. Honey spreads her lips wide open and to the sides as she rubs her clitoris with her index finger, occasionally getting a bit of moisture from inside her vagina. Honey just lightly rubs and tweaks her clitoris for a bit before reaching for a bright-blue vibe. Honey stimulates her nipples and breasts before moving the vibe down to her clitoris. Honey starts to use that vibe on her clitoris in earnest, slowly lifting her hips and panting quietly until her pussy is contracting and rolling in a big orgasm! Very visible and very nice!! Beth and Julieta are sitting on the sofa together watching a porno-movie which features Beth's boyfriend getting it on with another woman. Julieta lifts her skirt and uses a little finger vibe on her clit through pink satin panties. Meanwhile, Beth lifts her shirt and plays with her nipples before hiking her skirt up, too. Julieta exposes her breasts and pushes her panties aside for a moment before deciding to take them off and use the little toy. Beth takes off her panties, too and reaches for a silver bullet vibe. The girls smile and giggle quietly. Julieta replaces the finger vibe in favor of a pocket rocket and the girls pull their legs up and wank side-by-side on the sofa. They both adjust to a more comfortable position in order to throw their hips up and back while watching and listening to the porno film. It's not long before Julieta is hissing and cumming with a nice orgasm. I like the way she strokes and plays with herself after her orgasm ... meanwhile, Beth is gasping and shaking on the other side of the sofa getting closer and closer to orgasm. She lets out somewhat loud moans and cries as she cums - her legs completely twitching. Beth jokingly says to Julieta, "You can't beat watching porn, can you?" Julieta giggles and puts her panties back on while Beth continues to rub and play with herself for a few moments, looking for her knickers. 24-year old beautiful high-lighted blonde Ashleigh is in the bedroom armed with a pocket rocket for the next scene. Ashleigh has large breasts and even larger areolas. Ashleigh looks really sexy spread across the bed and enjoying the power of the little pocket rocket. She has a nice orgasm, pretty quickly, with lots of nice contractions! Ashleigh has quite the lippy cooch, too!! And Ashleigh makes the most intense facial expressions when she cums. The raven-haired Russian cutie Roxanne is lounging in bed about to enjoy the silver bullet vibrator. She takes a moment to adjust the setting on the vibe before getting it just right and smiling. Roxanne is thin, with a nice, toned and well-endowed body and she looks very sexy while masturbating on the bed. She starts to breathe heavier and faster before she cums. This is a full-body, side angle view from the fixed camera, so her contractions are a little tough to spot, but her tummy tensing and rhythmic hip thrusts definitely show she is cumming.

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