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Apr 9, 2008



'Welcome to TitanMen's wet and wild H2O, where ten hot men fuck 'til they're drenched in jizz and soaked in sweat. In this steamy movie within a movie, hard-bodied Damien Crosse jerks his meaty uncut cock as he watches a video of the cast having wild sex against a backdrop of stormy weather until he finally joins the fun himself.It's a stormy, steamy night outside as hot, thickly-muscled Damien Crosse sits on his couch watching TV, stroking his big dick while watching Fran?ois Sagat, Rocky Torrez and Steve Cruz exploring each other's hard, muscular bodies with their tongues. We jump into the scene, where hairy and muscled Fran?ois stands on a deck getting soaked in the rain, his jeans open to his crotch as he rubs the pouring water over his chiseled body. Incredibly sexy Steve joins Fran?ois and licks the water and sweat out of Fran?ois' pits and works his tongue over his tits, across his ripped abs and down to his bulging crotch.Beefy stud Rocky joins the group, licking Fran?ois' tanned, rippling back while Steve tongues every inch of his thick, muscular chest and torso. Steve slowly pulls Fran?ois' jeans down around his ankles to reveal his hard bubble butt and throbbing, uncut dick. Steve grabs Fran?ois' balls and swallows his cock whole, slobbering spit the length of Fran?ois' shaft and cramming Fran?ois' rod all the way down his throat. Rocky buries his bearded face in Fran?ois' amazingly hard, round ass and runs his tongue up and down the crack as he massages Fran?ois' broad back and shoulders.All three guys are dripping with rain water and sweat. As Rocky chows down on Fran?ois' ass, Fran?ois swallows Steve's cock, gagging and hocking spit on the stiff pole as Steve facefucks him. Steve's cock swallowing makes Fran?ois shoot a thick load onto Rocky's muscular thighs, and Steve and Rocky both jerk off, covering Rocky's thick thighs with even more dripping jizz.Steve bends over a chair and Fran?ois drives his thick cock up his hairy ass. Rocky then drives his ass down on Fran?ois' thick cock, taking it deep and growling like a beast until he floods the floor with his cum. Fran?ois isn't done fucking Rocky, though; he grabs Fran?ois' hard ass and sinks his cock deep in Rocky's fuck chute again while Rocky swallows Steve's dick. Fran?ois and Steve switch off and Steve fucks Rocky who hungrily devours Fran?ois' meaty dick.Rocky's blowjob gets Fran?ois worked into a frenzy until he lobs wads of spunk over Rocky's thick shoulders. He uses his foreskin to squeeze every last drop of spunk out of his throbbing cock. Steve jerks his dick out of Rocky's ass and jacks it until he shoots a load of jizz all over the floor.Next on Damien's screen are handsome Victor Banda, with his sexy five o'clock shadow and shaved head, and tall, ripped, Jeremy Hall. They're wearing skin-tight black Speedos and standing under a cascading shower rubbing the water over their muscular, lean bodies. They grind their crotches against each other, peel off their Speedos and bang their stiff cocks together.Jeremy grabs Victor's head with both hands and thrusts his cock down his throat, barking orders to Victor to suck his big dick. And Victor does, gagging and spitting on Jeremy's rod, licking his balls, and snapping Jeremy's hard cock against his six-pack abs. Jeremy returns the favor and swallows Victor's dick, getting it slippery wet with loads of spit. As Victor steadily pumps his face, Jeremy strokes his own raging hardon. Victor gets back on his knees and sucks and jerks an incredible load out of Jeremy that covers his hairy chest with jizz. Victor groans and lets his own load fly all over himself and the sticky floor.As Damien continues to stroke his dick while watching the pair on TV, Victor gets up on a bench on all fours. Jeremy eats his beefy ass and then shoves the full length of his uncut meat in deep, his balls slapping against Victor's hard round butt. Damien flips Victor onto his back and pulls one leg over his shoulder and the other around his waist as he cracks Victor's hot hole wide open. Jeremy lies back on the bench and Victor slams his ass down onto Jeremy's pole, eventually shooting a stream of hot spunk onto Jeremy's muscular thighs. Dripping with sperm, Jeremy stands over Victor and hoses him down with cum; watching this hot scene makes horned-up Damien shoot his own load onto his tight abs.Andrew Justice feeds his big dick to muscular, smooth and cute Francesco Giovanelly, who swallows his cock to the base. Francesco savors every inch of Andrew's shaft while Frank tongues Andrew's pits and chews on his hard nipples. As Francesco and Andrew kiss, Frank spit lubes their cocks and manages to squeeze both cock heads into his mouth at the same time.Andrew squats his ass over Frank's face, bending over and swallowing Frank's cock while Frank tongues his hole and Francesco plays with Andrew's ass. Frank sprays his jizz all over Andrew, and Andrew shoots a load all over himself while Francesco plays with his balls and Frank tweaks his nipples.Andrew pulls Francesco's ass cheeks apart to tongue and spit into his deep crack while Frank furiously face fucks him. They switch positions and Frank grabs Francesco by the shoulders and fucks his juicy ass, grunting with each thrust deep into Francesco's hole.Andrew eases his cock down Francesco's fuckchute as Francesco swallows Frank's cock. Even after all this fucking, Francesco's still starved for cock, so he sits on Andrew's dick, taking its full length deep into his ass while he swallows a mouthful of Frank's hard dick. Frank pulls Francesco off Andrew's dick, rolls him onto his back and pile drives his greasy ass. After Frank pulls out of Francesco's assclamp and sprays his hot load onto Francesco's rippling six pack, Andrew takes over and piston fucks Francesco until Francesco spews his own fountain of jizz. Andrew grunts and groans as he splatters Francesco from head to toe with a torrent of cream.In the final scene, hot, hard-bodied Eddie Stone shows up on the deck of Damien's apartment in a tight, soaking wet tank top. Damien rips it off, revealing Eddie's smooth, perfectly muscular body, then pulls Eddie's pants down, grabs his balls and swallows his cock as Eddie fucks his face with deep, hard strokes.Eddie pulls Damien's pants down to reveal his hard, muscular round ass; he grabs Damien's asscheeks as he pulls his cock down his throat. Damien grabs Eddie by his thick black hair and bangs the back of his throat, and Eddie's stiff dick bounces up and down as Damien reams his face. With Damien's dick buried in his throat as deep as it can get, Eddie fires round after round of steaming jizz onto the floor. Damien strokes his own dick and groans and gasps as he sends a torrent of semen onto Eddie's hard pecs.Damien lies back on the coffee table and Eddie slides his ass onto Damien's stiff dick. As Eddie rides up and down, he grabs his ass cheeks and pulls them apart so Damien can thrust ever deeper into his hot hole. He gasps with each thrust as Damien arches his back and pounds deep into Eddie's muscular ass. Eddie gets on all fours and Damien grabs his broad shoulders, pulls him back onto his cock and slam fucks him, his muscular pecs and biceps flexing with each deliberate thrust. Damien flips Eddie onto his back, holds his legs up by the ankles and rams Eddie's tight ass full of dick. After furiously pounding Eddie's ass, Damien yanks his dick out and the two guys jerk their pent-up loads onto Eddie's ripped torso, grunting and gasping and wet with sweat.What are you waiting for? Cum on and get wet with the guys of H20!'

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