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Hands On Collections 5

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Feb 10, 2009

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55:22 minute(s) presents the fifth collection in our Hands On Orgasms series. Those familiar with this series will know that this is a DVD featuring women having real orgasms while feeling the hands and toys of the cameraman. And the women love it! Felicia Fallon is back in the office for a little hands on stimulation with the dolphin toy. The camera is zoomed on Felicia's pin-striped panties. Felicia and the cameraman are having a little chat about the strength of the new batteries in the dolphin toy. As Felicia removes her panties, she says "It's nice to let someone else do it for you!" The cameraman says he is going to try to get her close to orgasm and then take the toy away to see if he can get a really strong orgasm - and he does. Felicia is about to cum when he pulls the toy away and she tells him, "You are such a tease!" But after a brief pause the toy goes back on her clit and she does indeed orgasm with nice visible contractions! He wants to try to get her to cum again, but Felicia's not so sure about this due to the clitoral sensitivity. The cameraman puts the toy down on the sides of her labia and points out her orgasm groove, explaining that's one sure way to tell if a girl's has a real orgasm by "the longitudinal groove" in her labia. (This term is copyrighted by so don't even think about it). After some soft persuasion, the blue dolphin is back on Felicia's clit getting her excited and ready to cum again. Felicia pulls her knees up and grabs onto her ankles. Within just a minute or two she is panting and enjoying a series of mini pussy contractions that doesn't quite get her there. The toy is quickly adjusted and Felicia cums again - this time with just a little squirt. The longitudinal groove is back, Baby! Felicia says, "That was fun"! The close-up cam is focused on Lily's shaved pussy this time. She has a rather prominent clitoris and large-ish labia. The cameraman is rubbing her clit in small circles as her hips rock up and down a bit. After a few moments, the pocket rocket is turned on and placed on Lily's clitoris. The scene fades and I notice that Lily's cooch is now really engorged - almost puffy - as the pocket rocket continues to go round and round on her clitoris. Lily is breathing a bit heavily and there are lots and lots of little contractions happening. Suddenly Lily pants a few times and cums. Her tummy is rising and falling quickly and her pussy shows the orgasm grooves as the cameraman gently rubs her clit with his fingers. Katja is seated in the chair - the camera showing a full body view - as the cameraman works the pocket rocket on her clitoris. Katja has just a little tiny tuft of hair on her pubic mound, otherwise her cooch is completely shaved. The cameraman parts her lips with his fingers to feel her wetness and then continues with the pocket rocket on her clitoris. Now going round and round more frantically, Katja is pulling back on her pussy mound, too, just for a little extra stimulation assistance. She's getting wet, with a nice drop of pussy juice glistening at the base of her folds. She pants, her eyes are closed and her head is back, the drip has moved its way down to her anus and Katja can hardly keep her body still. The cameraman hands her the pocket rocket so that she can take matters into her own hands - which she does. He gently continues to stroke her thigh. Katja's hips are rocking up and down as she firmly presses the pocket rocket into her clitoris. Katja lets out a little grunt, then flicks the toy back and forth very firmly and quickly on her clit, panting and tensing, getting closer and closer until she lets out a moan and has a really nice, really big orgasm. She smiles and giggles then apologizes and says, "That was very nice!" The cameraman can't resist playing with her wetness! Red-headed Polly is seated in the orgasm chair for a full-body view of hands-on play. She is wearing lace gloves and a pink lace body suit and the cameraman is using the magic wand on her shaved pussy. Almost instantly Polly is moaning as she scrunches down into the chair. She keeps sort of one-hand on the wand to guide it where she likes it best, occasionally sneaking glances at what's happening. She is getting wet, too. Polly begins to tense and moan a bit more, lifting her head up from the pillows on the chair as her face and chest flush red - she is nearly biting on the pillow as she cums. It's an almost aerial view as she orgasms, but if you look closely you can still spot her contractions bathed in lots of glistening wet pussy juices. She looks at the cameraman and smiles. Felicia Fallon is seated in the red suede lounger. We can hear a "bad dog", as Felicia calls him, trying to scratch the door. The dog is quieted, and never heard from again, as the cameraman lubes Felicia's pussy and fingers her inserting more and more fingers. The cameraman let's her know that she mustn't let him hurt her and Felicia just asks for a little more lube further up on his hand as he fingers her. He moves his entire hand in and out of her pussy as Felicia says, "Ok! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"She pushes herself backward and out of the chair. She says, "I told you it would be fast!" Kaicee Marie is seated in the orgasm chair with the camera focused on her cooch but pointing at an upward angle so we can see her face just a little bit. As the cameraman fingers her pussy he notes that she is "nice and wet." To which Kaicee replies, "I always am." Giggle, giggle. He fingers her pussy, alternating between one and two fingers and we can hear the juiciness. The cameraman reaches for the little red vibe and starts to play with the toy on her clit, taking his time to tease her clit out and put the toy directly on it. The direct stimulation causes Kaicee to flinch a bit, but she also likes it. The scene fades and we see where Kaicee very nearly cums, but the cameraman decides to hand the vibe over to her as he gently massages her pussy lips. Kaicee lets out a little moan and then the nice, visible orgasmic contractions start - she really has a nice, long orgasm, too! The scene fades and picks back up with the cameraman going back to fingering Kaicee Marie. With two fingers inside her, he moves his fingers up and down and back and forth, really massaging her g-spot as Kaicee simultaneously uses the vibe on her clit. After a bit, the internal finger massage is replaced with light exterior massage. Kaicee has a second little orgasm - not nearly as visible as the first - but there were a few visible contractions. She says, "Care for multiple!" Renee Richards is clothed in gold metallic boyshorts and a tank top. She is lounging on the sofa, showing off nice views of a camel toe. After a bit, the boyshorts are removed revealing a shaved pussy with just a small triangular patch of hair at the top of her pussy. Her clit is pierced. The cameraman reaches his fingers into her pussy to massage her g-spot and asks if she is a "g-spot girl". Renee looks up smiling saying, "Oh, yeah." Renee keeps one hand clasped on her bottom, occasionally playing with her clit and he fingers her pussy. After a bit, he turns on her favourite animal print vibe and uses that on her clit. Renee lays back, moistens her fingers, touching herself, too. The cameraman inserts the vibe into Renee's pussy as she rubs her clit, then he turns the toy over to Renee herself. Renee pulls the toy out of her pussy and places it on her clit, adjusting the speed and really kicking it up a notch as the cameraman inserts a finger into her pussy and plays with her g-spot. Renee starts to moan and say, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yes" very softly. With the toy firmly placed on her clit and the cameraman massaging her g-spot, Renee is sprawled out on the sofa, her hips rocking up and down. The cameraman removes his hand as Renee continues with the toy and within just a few moments, she moans and cums - with a squirting orgasm and some nice contractions. She pulls the toy out of her pussy and licks all of her juices off of it - three times!

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