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Hands On Orgasms 6

Hands On Orgasms 6



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Oct 10, 2009

This is the latest and greatest collection of sexy woman having real orgasms at the hands of our videographer! This collection features Holly Kiss, Tiffany Walker, Jess West, Tilly Hardy, Masie Dee, Satine Spark, Emma Butts, Shay. Holly Kiss is lying on the bed in a red bra and panty set. The videographer pulls her panties aside and begins rubbing her clit with his finger. Holly is remembering a session where she came 27 times! The videographer notes the size of her clit, licks his finger and continues rubbing her clit as they discuss toys. He reaches for a blue dolphin toy and asks Holly take off her panties. He spreads her lips and notes how juicy her pussy is. The little blue dolphin is put to good use on Holly's clit. It's not too long before Holly's hips are bouncing up and down and she is moaning a bit. The toy is going round and round on her clit with Holly's moans intensifying. The camera is catching the action from several different angles - at times almost aerial, then closeup, then more full-body. With the toy pressed firmly into her clit, Holly lifts her head up off the pillow, but she doesn't cum yet. He continues to press the toy into her clit, but when the dolphin can't quite get Holly to cum, they switch toys to a little nubby bullet-style vibe. Holly immediately notes how much she likes the new toy. Then, it really doesn't take long at all before we see a nice, big full contracting orgasm from Holly. The cameraman inserts his finger into her vagina noting that he wants to feel her contractions. He continues to stimulate her clitoris with the toy as Holly says, "That's my favourite so far!", meaning the toy. He has the toy going up and down on her clitoris as he presses firmly on her lower abdomen and Holly is still moaning. Holly lifts her head from the pillow and cums again. Holly has another nice visible orgasm - with slightly few contractions than the first, but still very visible. He fingers her clit and inserts his finger into her vagina one more time. Holly notes one more time how much she liked that toy. The videographer asks her for one more orgasm and moistens her clit. He turns the little nubby vibe back on and inserts it into her vagina. He then reaches for the black thingy massager, but opts for trying his new finger vibe on her clit instead. They decide that one is too gentle, so they go back to the egg style vibe, one in and one on her clit. As he rubs the nubby toy back on her clit, Holly says one more time, "Oh! I like that one!" Once again the camera moves in for a nice closeup view of Holly's cooch - with one toy on her clit and the other inside her. It's really not long before Holly has a tird orgasm! Moaning and throwing her head back as the contractions pucker! Holly notes how nice that felt! New-cummer Jess West is featured in the next hands on scene. She cums very quickly, with very minimal stimulation. The videographer is using the little blue dolphin on her pussy through her blue panties. He wants to have a look at her nipples and he stimulates them with the little toy before instructing her to take-off her panties. As he reaches between her legs, he notes her wetness and Jess says she is excited. He spreads her lips apart and "teases" her clit with the toy. He slowly uses the toy on her clit, sometimes pulling it away abruptly if he thinks she is getting too close too soon. But, she has an orgasm with lots of contractions. He continues to stimulate her clitoris until he 'allows' her to have a real big orgasm that leave her squirming and moaning and dripping wet. He reaches down to rub her clit with his fingers, but she notes, "I'm way too sensitive!" Large-breasted - extremely large breasted - Tilly Hardy is seated in the orgasm chair. The videographer is stimulating her clit through her panties with the blue dolphin toy. It's not long before the panties off and the toy is going round and round on her clitoris. Tilly notes that she doesn't use toys at home - she just likes the pressure of her hand and fingers to get off when she's home alone and lying on her stomach - she says that it only takes her two minutes. It takes Tilly slightly longer with the toy, but after using the toy to go roun and round and pressing firmly on her clitoris, her hips begin to move up and down. She asks the videographer to press firmly on her lower abdomen as she begins to squirm and hiss. She asks him to move the toy up and bit, which he does. She's getting close, but not close enough, so he pulls back on her clit and then re-orients the toy to find just the right spot. They find it! Tilly starts to rock, moan and hiss again as she cums! He continues to work the toy on her clit - all the while, her cooch is getting wetter and wetter. She notes she keeps having loads of mini orgasms. Tiffany Walker is lying on the bed in lilac colored lingerie. Tiffany decides she'd like to use the rabbit vibe. He uses the toy for quite some time on her clitoris, through her panties - noting that the toy is only on one-half power. Her pulls her nightgown aside and plays with her right nipple for a brief moment before removing her panties. Tiffany likes the stimulation from the little rabbit toy and after a bit, she is moaning and lifting her hips off the bed. He turns the toy and presses firmly down on her clitoris as she squirms and moans a little. With the rabbit ears firmly buried on her clit and pussy, Tiffany is moaning and just dying to cum! She lets out several breathy sighs and moans, before the rhythmic panting starts. She throws her head back a couple of times and her mouth is agape as she is just getting closer and closer to orgasm. He continues to work the toy - just trying to get her off - Tiffany is quivering at certain times. She is panting and moaning rhythmically as the toy goes up and down frantically, beofer her orgasm takes hold. She is squirming all over the bed and her juices are flowing between her labia majora. She is writhing all around on the bed, but we can just make out a contraction or two as she is panting and shaking and twisting. Her cooch really is nice and wet with lots of clear juices, though! The videographer spreads her legs apart again as she lies on the bed, just knackered. He dips a finger into her vagina and spreads the juices on her clit as he frantically rubs it with his fingers. He inserts a finger into her pussy as she rubs her clit. Then he goes back to rubbing her clit and she is panting and moaning again. She is shaking and quivering one more time as he gets her off with his finger going in and out of her vagina. Fun-loving Masie Dee is next up for a hands-on orgasm. They are using the purple bullet-style vibe in Masie's quest to find the best orgasm toy in the building. Masie is wearing a little grey skirt and red panties. Masie wants a toy of her own for stimulating her breasts and nipples while the cameraman works the purple toy on her panties. They chit chat and exchange banter about the settings and speeds of the toy. He pulls her panties aside and works the toy on her clit. They pull her panties off and put a pillow under her bum. He toys her clitoris for a bit, then Masie reaches between her own legs, showing him where she likes the toy most. As the toy buzzes away, she says she enjoys the little wiggle, asking him to move it a "bit more side-to-side" and "a bit more aggressive". She arches her back, saying, "Oh yeah, I'm close!" then she cums hard. The cameraman asks Masie to "Ride it through". She is completely twitching and out of breath afterwards. The lovely little student Satine Spark is wearing green cotton panties and a green top in the orgasm chair - this is a close-up cooch cam view, so we can't really see her face at all in this scene. The videographer is stimulating her pussy with the dolphin vibe toy through her panties - and she is getting a little visible wet spot!! Even with her panties on, you can tell she's getting very excited. After a bit, her turns off the toy and moves her panties aside - noting, "Wow! Super wet!" He spreads her lips apart and puts the toy on her clit. After a few moments, they decide that her "very nice panties" are going to have to come off! He finger rubs her clit as she moans and pants. Her cooch is flushing redder and redder as he continues to firmly press his finger into her clit. Satine's moans and pants become deeper as she has an orgasm! There are a few visible contractions around her perineum as she cums, but he is rubbing pretty frantically on her clit trying to get her off, so there's a lot of movement there. She is absolutely breathless. He inserts a finger into her pussy and spreads the juices up to her clit then turns on the blue dolphin vibe and uses that toy on her clit. There's a bit of wetness building as the toy goes round and round. Satine is clearly enjoying all the sensations as he works the toy on her clit while holding it in place with his 'other' finger. The juices have officially spilled out of her pussy and then she says, "I'm gonna cum!" and she does! There are some obvious contractions, but Satine does not have a snapper cooch. The clear wet juices running down her bum are quite something though! He continues to stimulate her clit with the toy and the juices just keep running. He tries to get her off one more time and when he spreads her lips, her pussy is really, really wet! He then massages her clit with his fingers and plays with all her dripping wetness. There is tons of stringy wetness! He continues massaging her clit as she indicates she'd like him to carry-on playing with her. As he continues to massage her clit with his fingers, Satine beings to pant more rhythmically - clearly she is enjoying all of this. He rubs and rubs until she cums again and she says, "Oh, I'm cumming!" the uices are still running out of her cooch, too, even if the contractions are a bit faint - they are still visible. She is absolutely twitching, sensitive and soaked! He inserts a finger or two into her vagina, trying to find her g-spot, then removes them. You can see her pulsating cooch. Emma Butts is next up in the orgasm chair. This is a full-body scene, so we can see Emma's face, breasts and legs up in the air. The videographer is using the pocket rocket on her pierced clit. Almost instantly Emma begins to moan. She reaches hand over to touch her chest as the toy goes round and round on her piercing. He moves the pocket rocket down, closer to her perineum and Emma begins to pant. The toy goes back up to her piercing, and he holds one side of her clit with his finger. Both of Emma's legs are up in the air as she beigns to pant, pant, pant. He inserts a finger into the base of her vagina and works the pocket rocket on her clit. Emma is moaning and groaning, but not quite cumming, yet. He switches and puts the toy back on her clit as he finger massages, too. He then changes toy completely and starts using the little black massager. That's not quite right for Emma, either. So she takes over by using the magic wand as he fingers her. Emma lets out a deep groan as she cums - hard! This is a big, huge and visible orgasm! Sexy blonde Shay, with the broken arm is seated on a white sofa. This is a full body view - we can see her face, breasts, tummy and cooch as she lies back on the sofa to enjoy herself. She pulls down her grey sweater to play with her ample breasts and nipples as the videographer works little toy on her clit through her black and white tiny polka dotted panties. Her panties are removed as he manually rubs her clit before going back to the little bent vibe toy. I like her erect nipple in the scene! He works the tip of the little vibe directly on her clit for a while, the buzzing and attention gets Shay breathless. She applies some saliva to her cooch - just to keep things moist. She stimulates and tweaks her nipples often as he continues to play with her clit with the toy. They take their time, slowly building Shay up, closer and closer to orgasm. She is panting and breathless as she arches her head back - then closes her legs so that we can't see all her pussy contractions. He notes her strong anal contractions, but we sure didn't see them. He pushes her legs back apart to show off the after shocks and contractions. They note how sensitive she is. Shay says, "Thanks for that!"

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