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Hands On Orgasms 9

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Hands On Orgasms 9



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Nov 23, 2010


Continuing our best selling Hands on Orgasms series is DVD 9! This DVD features 8 of our finest women cumming hard at the hands of our photographer! Our first model featured on Hands on Orgasms 9 is Anna (Incognito). She doesn't want anyone to know her true identity! Anna is wearing a pair of sexy black panties and laced-up thigh-high fish-net stockings. She is wearing a black bra. This is Anna's first ever adult shoot, but she enjoys watching female orgasms. Anna doesn't normally use toys to get herself off, but he is using the black baton vibe on her pussy, over top of her panties. He uses the toy to stimulate her nipples. He pulls her panties aside after commenting about the fact that she doesn't shave her pussy, therefore we know she's not a "professional" model. After stimulating for a moment, he asks her to take her panties off. He moistens his fingers and begins massaging her clit with just his fingers - Anna is a "fingers girl", after all. He "threatens" her telling her if she doesn't keep her legs apart, he'll have to use restraints - she giggles and they both joke about the idea of light bondage. He continues to finger massage her clit, but she is very sensitive. Anna is totally relaxed though and she is enjoying all this hands on attention as her hips rise and fall. Anna lets out a soft moan and her thighs begin to clench. The moaning becomes more and more regular as she says, "Oh, oh, oh, ah" as he gets her off. But she's so sensitive - and she says it was so intense having someone else gets her off. Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence is lying on the bed wearing polka-dotted peach satin bra and panties. The camera is capturing Elizabeth from the chest down - her breasts, nipples, mid-rife, cooch and thighs are visible, but her face is not. He turns on a white buzzy vibe and begins to stimulate her pussy through the panties. She peels off her panties exposing her pierced clit hood and shapely pussy. The camera man continues to stimulate her clit, slightly spreading her pussy lips with his other hand while Elizabeth plays with her nipple. He continues to buzz her clit, trying to work his way around her clit ring while parting her lips with his free hand. Elizabeth's hands are now playing with the areas to the side of her pussy and just above her clit ... The stimulation gets more intense and focused, and the cameraman starts playing with her anus. You can see her chest beginning to heave as she gets closer to orgasm. A drop of pussy juice builds up at the base of her vagina and soon runs down to her anus, glistening all the way. She reaches down to her anus with her fingers, indicating that she wants more ... The camera man obliges and puts the tip of one finger in her ass and starts wiggling it. She really is sopping wet!! More intense clit stimulation combined with his finger in her butt is all she can take ... she explodes in a nice, strong and clearly visible orgasm! Elizabeth has lots of clear post-orgasmic contractions while the camera man continues to play with her pussy juices, her ass and her clit. She slaps her clit a few times as the scene ends. The next scene features yet another hairy new-cummer: Hairy Cherry Adams! This is also another first hand on experience for Cherry. He wants to try to make her cum with just his fingers, but she's not ready for that. He pulls her pink panties aside, gasping at her hairy bush as he toys her clit with the baton vibe. He pulls back on her clitoral mound, running the toy up and down the length of her cooch before removing her panties. He asks her if this is exciting - and I think it is because her pussy is already dripping wet! Cherry is softly panting and whimpering now, he is patiently working her clitoris with the baton vibe - and the clear pussy juices are flowing! Her hips are responding by rhythmically rocking up and down - and then he increases the intensity of the toy! After lots more playing and pressing with the toy, he strokes the length of her pussy, almost dipping the end into her wet, wet, wet vagina - almost. Her breathing increases and we can just hear all of that juicy wetness. He places his hand on her tummy, moving the toy round and round on her clitoris. She is panting and moaning - legs quivering. She curls her pelvis upward, moaning as she has a releasing orgasm - and then she whispers, "I can't take anymore." He dips his finger into her wetness, but Cherry is spent - and wet! Karlie Simon is featured in the fourth Hands on Orgasm scene! Now, by way of history, Karlie is a big-time porn star in the UK ... but this was the first time she's ever REALLY cum on camera! And what a nice, strong, pulsating orgasm she has for us! Karlie is "in position" on the bed. She pulls her panties aside and provides a generous amount of saliva to get her pussy primed and ready for this hands-on attention. He sits down on the bed beside her and starts working the baton vibe back and forth on her clitoris. Karlie is breathing heavily and "panting" within just a few seconds! She likes this kind of play! They take a moment to readjust their respective positions ... and get right back to the vibe stimulation. Karlie gets totally relaxed, puts her head back on the pillow, closes her eyes and gasps. She loves this. After a few more moments, he decides to peel off her sexy panties completely and lube her clit. He finger rubs her clit to spread the saliva, and then gets back to stimulating her with the baton vibe. Once more, Karlie closes her eyes and her hips begin to rise and fall rhythmically! Karlie is heavily breathing. Her hips and abdomen are rising and falling. Her legs begin to quiver. Her mouth opens; she lets out a little series of gasps as her shaved pussy snaps in orgasmic ecstasy! This is a stellar orgasm, and she clearly enjoyed every second of it! He comments on how quickly she came, but her legs are shaky and her clit is sensitive. He pulls back on her clitoral hood, noting that her pussy is still "pulsating away". He is keen to give her another orgasm, but Karlie's never done that before ... this one was just perfect! Kayla Dex is dripping for us in this fifth scene. When we meet Kayla she is lounging on the bed in black panties, fish-net stockings and lingerie. He asks her if she is ready and he lets her know that he is going to try to make her cum. Let me just say now, he is successful ;-) Kayla wastes no time in removing her black panties and he notes how sticky wet she is already from "playing with herself earlier". And he wastes no time massaging her clit with the black baton vibe. He pauses to moisten her clit with his saliva and finger rub her pussy also. Kayla's hips begin to rise and fall. Kayla pants as he firmly works the baton vibe on her clit. She is becoming just a bit squirmy so he presses her thighs apart with his "free" hand. She seems to like this and holds onto his wrist. Her pussy is shaved completely bald. She tries desperately to be still, but she just can't help but rock her hips. And her pussy is getting very gooey wet indeed! As he works the toy, we can now hear the juicy goodness. Kayla is literally holding his hand and loving every minute of attention. There's even more of that gooey wetness dripping from Kayla's pussy now. Kayla is holding onto him for dear life and bucking her hips up to enjoy every vibration from the toy. With the juices flowing, she reaches back on her pubic mound, exposing all of her clit for him and the toy. He continues with the firm, circular stimulation as Kayla begins to pant rhythmically. She pants and cums through her orgasm - spreading her legs, then just slightly closing her legs as the orgasm takes hold. But she rides it out and her pussy is still pulsating and throbbing as he gently parts her thighs for us. The contractions just go on and on and of course he can't help but finger her gooey wetness and rub it all over her clit. She's still a bit sensitive, but he maintains the stimulation until she is ready to try for another orgasm. First he finger massages her clit until her sensitivity subsides, then he reaches for the baton vibe again, first on her clit, then inserting the toy into her vagina. He moves the toy back onto her clitoris, keeping it lubricated as he does so. As Kayla gets closer and closer to cumming, she begins to gasp and pant - and her hips are rocking up and down. He presses a hand across her pubic mound as he works the toy firmly and quickly around on her clit. Kayla's gasping again; creamy juices pooling. Kayla bucks and cums hard - panting - and when he pulls the toy away, her cooch is contracting all over. Eastern European blonde Carmen K is next featured. We welcome new-cummer Carmen K and she definitely loves the hands-on attention. She is instantly moaning as he begins to finger massages her clit. And she continues to moan and make pleasant sounds as he works his finger round and round on her clit. After a few minutes, he asks her to take her panties off completely, but he goes right back to playing with her pussy. Then, he turns on the baton vibe! With the baton vibe going on her clit, he keeps her lubed with saliva. She looks up at him from time-to-time, smiling. He pulls up and back on her pubic mound as she constantly moans and whimpers. He provides a little more saliva for lubrication and tells her, "I'm not going to let you cum too quickly." She manages to enjoy the play for a few minutes longer ... After a few more seconds and extra lubrication, he cranks up the power of the baton vibe. Carmen spreads her legs a little wider apart, making eye contact with the camera, too. Her legs are beginning to quiver. Carmen's eyes are closed and suddenly her moaning becomes more audible as she throws her head back in orgasmic ecstasy! He is careful to keep the stimulation even and consistent so that she really rides this one all the way! When she is finished, it is quiet for a moment before she sits up and looks at him. He says, "That was good!" and she giggles. Sexy Jess West is lying on the bed with her blue skirt hiked and peach panties peeking. He is working a lighted flashlight looking toy on her clit; he lifts her panties and tries the toy down in them, too. The scene fades, Jess' bra is removed, and then she takes off her skirt and peach panties. He is working the nubby silver bullet vibe on her bald pussy and clitoris. The camera is aiming directly between her legs and Jess' face is still visible. He takes a brief pause (and apologizes to audience) because the camera battery is about to die. He comes back over to Jess and gently massages her clit with his fingers for a few moments before putting turning the toy on and putting it back on her clit. In typical Jess form she is just totally relaxed as he slightly pulls her lips apart and uses the toy on her pussy. Every now and then she exhales a bit. As he spreads her lips and applies the toy with a bit more pressure, she gasps - clearly enjoying this. Jess snickers as he gives the toy more power, and then she begins to say, "ah Jess firmly plants the foot of her now bended knee into the bed and lets out a series of moans. Just as they get deep and guttural, she lifts her head up and off the pillow. He presses the toy firmly into her clit, she closes her eyes and we see her pussy start to pop and contract! Really lovely! She couldn't take it anymore. He says, "That was quite strong" as he continues to finger massage her clit. He doesn't let Jess get away with just one orgasm, though ... He puts the toy back on her clit and within a minute, she is cumming a second time with tons and tons of visible contractions that just go on and on - even through the phone ringing! He massages Jess' clit with his fingers for a moment, and then switches to a solid vibe. Jess is a truly mutli-orgasmic woman and she cums so fast! Within just a few minutes of being played with the vibe, Jess cums again. He continues with the toy on her clit. He puts the toy right on the side of her clit, working her clit between his thumb and index finger. Jess is moaning. She lifts her head, letting out a big moan, then she cums yet again. She is giggly after that one! She says, "I don't think I can do anymore!" Lovely. Another famous UK porn-star, Brooke Jameson, is seated in The Orgasm Chair. She is wearing pink thigh-high stockings, pink panties and a pink bra. He is playing with her pussy with the baton vibe through her panties. Brooke has stellar, strong, popping orgasms. He asks Brooke to let him know when she's about to cum, but she says she won't be able to tell beforehand. He stimulates her nipples and she playfully asks "What are you going to do with that?" Eventually she removes her panties and he touches her perineum as he stimulates her clit with the baton vibe. He pulls her lips apart with his other hand and I can see the pre-orgasmic quivers beginning. He keeps her lips spread and the stimulation going. Brooke's eyes are closed as she just relaxes in the chair. He plays with her anus with his finger, still working the toy around on her clit. Still relaxed, I note that Brooke's respiratory rate is increasing. Very quickly and very quietly she gasps and shifts in the chair and then the orgasm contractions are so prominent. She giggles afterward saying, "I thought your finger was there." He playfully touches her very sensitive clit and she says, "No!"

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