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Hold Your Cum Slave!

Hold Your Cum Slave!

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Nov 5, 2005


Running time

1:27 hour(s)


In a delicious 88 minute exercise in teasing and denial, Mistress Crimson puts slave bull through several 'withholding stations' until finally milking him out for four foot cum shot while lashed to a pillar. Intense ass worship, ball squeezing, slapping and pressurization, stocking foot massage and a prostate massage get slave bull fully pumped and ready to blow a giant load. Stripping down to stockings and high heels as She milks him adds to his final excitement and release. Mistress Crimson describes the withholding treatment planned for Her large slave named bull. She orders him to lick the bottom of Her red high heels and then ass worship is used as part of the beginning of intense teasing and denial. His cock is inspected both before and after repeated treatments. He is ordered to take it out and put it on the desk for some inspection, grabbed, pulled and then ass teased for some more stimulation at Her first 'withholding station'. The beautiful blonde Mistress Crimson turns up the heat on slave bull. She bends low over the desk and orders him to clean Her ass. She pulls aside Her thin red panties and he cleans as ordered. Good point of view shots from below. She inspects his cock and then orders him onto his back on the desk for more oral servitude. Scene two begins with Mistress Crimson wearing a black leather and chain outfit, garters and stockings. Slave bull has his cock manipulated under Her stocking feet. Slave bull lays helpless under Mistress Crimson's stroking stockinged feet. She alternates whipping with caressing to keep him stiff and attentive. Using the sharp pinwheel, She teases and torments Her adoring slave. He sucks Her stocking clad feet as She rolls the sharp pinwheel over his balls. Pain is rewarded with pleasure as She uses Her ass and pussy on his face. She orders him to lick and continues Her cock attention with the pinwheel. Using slave bull's face to pleasure Herself, Mistress Crimson grinds and makes him lick Her. She massages his cock and laughs as Her scent further excites him. She places him in bondage with his legs in the spreader bar wide apart. She begins with some clothespins and cock teasing, ties the head of his cock to the spreader bar and applies Her pussy to his face. Reversing Herself She drops Her ass on his face and massages and squeezes his massive cock and balls. She then begins 'ball pressurization'. She ties and separates his huge nuts and squeezes each over and over until he is crying out. Good old fashioned hand squeezing to generate as much cum as possible. She then places a timer on his chest and lightly slaps his balls over and over and over until he is starting to go mad. The timer has not run its course so She must continue the ball spanking over his whimpering. Although the slapping light, Her enjoyment of his discomfort combined with the fact that She just won't stop makes this scene a memorable experience. Mistress Crimson finishes Her 'ball pressurization' with another 100 light slaps to slave bull's swollen red nuts while She give his huge shaft a hand job. He is writhing and going crazy from pain and pleasure. He moves to get away from Her slapping hand while being distracted by the masturbating other hand. Mistress Crimson then gives him a prostate massage to build up more pressurized ball juice for what will be a 4 foot cum shot. After the prostate massage She spanks his balls a bit one more time. Mistress Crimson shows the bound and helpless slave bull the tape measure pulled to four feet and calmly explains to him what is going to happen. He is just a cock with two pressurized balls and She is going to see that he spews four feet when finally allowed release. The slave bound and roped to the pillar can only nod as his mouth is filled with a ball gag. Mistress Crimson exams his swollen testicles and begins working on him with the razor sharp pinwheel. She strokes his shaft and squeezes his balls and alternates pain and pleasure, enjoying the power She has over his manhood. In a final, hot exercise in teasing and denial, Mistress Crimson alternates milking the huge organ with a sensuous striptease. Her dress comes down, Her panties come off and She wipes Her wet pussy before thrusting them into slave bull's mouth to suck dry. She applies Her pocket rocket vibrator to the underside of his swollen nuts as Her milking hand jacks. She stops and rubs Her soft beautiful ass against him. He is ready to burst. The tall and beautiful Mistress Crimson - 6'2" of high heeled merciless milking Dominatrix - stands next to Her bound big dicked slave bull. Her panties in his mouth and Her fragrance in his nose, he has gone mad with teasing and denial. Her pumping hand has him on edge and She give him permission to cum. He spews enormous sprays from the tip of his tormented cock as She squeezes his balls at exactly the same time. Mistress Crimson reaches for the tape measure and finds that Her devoted slut has shot exactly the four feet She predicted. She uses Her two red high heeled shoes to sop up some of the mess on the ground cloth and makes him lick his load from the bottom of Her shoes.

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