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Apr 10, 2008

'If you're wondering where to get a good lube job in Prague, you'll definitely want to check out the hot young mechanics at this garage. Once the fresh-faced guys of Ignition get revved up, they drill each other up the ass and spray the garage floor with endless cum gobs. Ignition will get you from zero to cruising speed in no time flat!Adam Rush and Michael Marc get into some passionate lip locking as they sit in a car they're working on. After the two get really horned up, they strip each other out of their overalls revealing their lean, tight, ripped bodies and raging hardons which they start pulling and jerking. After Adam licks Michael's sweaty pits clean, they take turns sucking each other's stiff dicks. As Adam pumps, Michael grabs his tight butt cheeks and pulls his fuck pole deeper into his throat.Marc Taylor sees his buddies face fucking, pulls his overalls down to show off his tight, smooth body, and starts stroking his meaty member with anticipation. Michael goes back and forth between Marc and Adam, hungrily stroking and sucking their cocks, slobbering and spitting as the two take turns shoving their dicks down his throat. They moan, growl and kiss as Michael gives them his expert cock service, getting hot and bothered as they stroke their cocks and splatter Michael's ripped pecs with plenty of their thick, hot cum. Michael and Marc pull Adam's hard smooth ass cheeks apart, bend him over, and Adam slobbers on Michael's stiff dick and balls while Marc tongues his ass, smacks his hard muscular butt and reaches under to stroke his dick while eating out his ass.They switch positions and Michael gets in the middle while Adam teases his ass with his stiff dick and Marc feeds him his throbbing bone. Adam slips a condom on his hard cock, lubes up and cracks Michael's tight hole wide open, pumping in and out of his ass while Michael chews and chokes on Marc's dick. Next, Marc takes a turn pounding Michael's ass while Michael chows down on Adam's fuck pole and jacks his own uncut dick. Adam sits on the back of a tail gate and Michael impales himself on his cock and bounces up and down, getting his ass reamed hard while he leans over and sucks face with Marc. Michael lies on his back on an oil barrel, throws his long lean, muscular legs over Marc's shoulder and gobbles down Adam's thrusting boner while Marc fucks his ass. Adam shoots a huge load of cum onto Michael's hard pecs, Marc sprays jizz all over Michael's tight abs and Michael pulls on his uncut cock until he dumps a load all over his pubes.When dark and handsome Paolo Ramatti brings his car to the garage, he and hunky Julien Veneziano quickly get hot for each other. Paolo pulls Julien's overalls down to his butt revealing his hard smooth torso, and Julien strips Paolo's jacket off revealing his muscular tattooed arm and shoulders. The two pull each other's cocks out and start stroking, rubbing each other's pecs, chewing their nips and snapping their stiff cocks back and forth. Julien holds Paolo's arms above his head and licks his sweaty pits. Julien sits on a pile of tires with his overalls around his ankles as Paolo sucks his dick and massages his hard pecs.Tall, muscular and smooth Mario McCabe watches from a distance, stroking his hard dick with his overalls around his waist, then gets completely naked, comes over to Julien and Paolo and offers his protruding cock to Julien, who strokes and sucks it while Paolo kneels and swallows Julien's throbbing member. Mario grabs the back of Julien's head and pumps his throat, then does the same to Paolo as Julien's cock stands at rigid attention. Julien and Paolo share Mario's cock, sliding their tongues back and forth along either side of his swollen shaft. Julien alternates between servicing Paolo and Mario, hungrily swallowing and furiously stroking their dicks as the two of them stand over him and kiss. The three guys then stand side by side and stroke out big loads, moaning and groaning as they splatter the garage floor with gobs of sticky jizz.Mario kneels on a pile of tires and chokes and slobbers on Julien's stiff dick as Paolo pulls his cheeks apart, licks his tight hole and smacks his muscular ass. Paolo pulls a rubber over his shaft, lubes up, grabs Mario by the waist, shoves his cock up his ass and starts pumping into him like a stallion. As Paolo pumps and slam fucks Mario, Julien feeds Mario his stiff dick, then Julien lubes up and takes a turn fucking Mario, who's got one leg up on the tires and one on the ground giving Julien access to the depths of his ass. Mario strokes, sucks and chokes on Paolo's hard bone, bobbing up and down on it as he gets banged up his butt. The three grunt and groan uncontrollably and Mario's eyes roll to the back of his head in ecstasy as Julien reams his ass. As Paolo sits on the pile of tires, Mario eases down onto his cock and rides him like a bronco buster, impaling himself deeper and deeper with each thrust from Paolo. Mario's a real cock hound and needs more butt pumping; he lies on his back and offers up his ass to Julien, who holds his legs by the ankles and digs his cock deep into Mario's hot, greasy butt. Mario furiously jerks his cock until he sprays his six-pack with cum, getting Paolo so worked up that he unloads onto Mario's ripped pecs while Julien shoots jizz all over Mario's crotch.Muscular Joe Donovan and tall, ripped Onix Ian grab and rub their bulging crotches together through their overalls as they make out. Beefy, smooth Samuel Dolce is busy changing a tire, but as soon as he sees his two buddies getting it on, he quickly drops it to join in. After everybody pulls their overalls off to reveal their lean, muscular smooth bodies, Onix and Joe get on their knees and share cocksucking duty on Samuel's fat, jutting dick. Joe goes back and forth swallowing Onix and Samuel, furiously stroking one pole while he sucks the other. Samuel gets on his knees and deepthroats both Joe and Onix. The two jack their dicks until they spray their jizz all over Joe's tight, hard pecs and then rub it into his chest with the knobs of their stiff, dripping cocks.Onix gets on all fours on top of an oil drum and sucks Joe's cock while Samuel explores Onix' hairy ass crack with his tongue and fingers before lubing up his stiff prick and thrusting it deep up Onix's muscular round ass. Samuel and Joe switch places and Samuel feeds Onix his cock while Joe splits his ass in two with some serious fucking. Onix's face is covered in sweat as Samuel slaps him in the head with his dick and shoves it down his throat. Onix flips onto his back and hoists his blackbooted feet in the air, and Samuel pumps his ass with rhythmic thrusts as Onix slobbers on Joe's dick. Unable to hold back any longer, Joe launches a cannon shot of cum that splatters Onix' pecs; Onix creams all over himself and Samuel shoots his load all over Onix's pecs and shoulders.'

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