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Interracial Internal 2

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The first scene in 'Interracial Internal #2' begins as we see Cindy Starfall. Cindy playfully teases as she stands in a kitchen and eventually gives us a little masturbation session before Prince Yahshua enters view. Cindy goes straight for Prince's dong and the blowjob begins without any hesitation. The blowjob is nice here as Cindy gets progressively sloppier therein. After a couple minutes, and a couple facefucks, Cindy is a drooling mess, and looking quite wonderful in the midst of it all. The sex then starts out in a doggie style reaming over the countertop as Cindy is yelping for dear god through all of it. Prince gets pretty rou gh here and drags Cindy by her hair over to the other side of the kitchen for yet another facefucking before performing one of his signature moves on her. Lots of blowjob breaks in between positions here, which are definitely adding to an already great energy in this scene. As the scene moves on Prince continues to tear Cindy a new pussyhole and Cindy absolutely loves every minute of it. Intensity is high throughout all of the scene, let alone the later moments where it seems to pick up even more. The scene caps off with Prince busting his nuts inside of Cindy in a cowgirl position, before she later drips out the load and eats much of it up. The second scene begins as we see milfalicious Nikki Sexx teasing and fondling herself at the top of a staircase. Nikki looks sensational here, and actually has a butt plug that is eventually pulled out in the midst of the tease. The action begins after she recognizes that Rico Strong is sitting across the room. She crawls slowly on all fours to him where the heavy petting sets in. Soon after, Nikki begins the blowjob in a rather slow and sensual manner to start things off. The blowjob is pretty short lived and results in a doggie style ramming administered by Rico. The scene picks up well, and as the missionary sex starts Nikki continues dirty talking wonderfully. Anal comes next and gradually picks up as Rico starts off easy on Nikki's ass. The scene progresses decently but seems to be a relatively short one as it ends with Rico blasting an internal spunk load in Nikki's pussy as she fucks him in a cowgirl position. Next up is blonde beauty Jessica Nyx. The scene starts as she's already masturbating on the couch, while giving the camera some choice views of her holes. She shares in a bit of conversation with our director for a minute before returning to the task at hand. The tease isn't all that great and ends as she walks to the staircase where Lexington Steele awaits. The two begin playing and Lex whips his meat stick out pretty quickly as Jessica dives toward it face-first. The blowjob is again more along the lines of a sensual one and leads up to a reverse cowgirl style fucking at the bottom of the steps. The action stays on the steps for a while before moving to the couch where Lex gives some oral to wetting up Jessica's pussy for the missionary sex that follows. A relatively slow start evolves into some pretty good sex as Jessica seems to be gaining steam with every thrust that Lex gives. The anal sets in moments later as Lex gives it to her in a spoon style while Jessica moans and groans incessantly. As the anal continues, Jessica gives some great gapes to the home viewers as well as constant ATM's throughout. It all caps off with Lex ferociously blasting his jizz juice into Jessica's asshole. Gia Steel is next on the list and she begins her scene with an incredible tease. The tease is mainly Gia dancing around a pool, but it's easily the best in the movie so far. Gia shakes and shimmies like a true professional here, and by the end of this segment she's looking wet and ready to fuck. She goes indoors where JonJon awaits her, and the action sets in soon after. JonJon pokes and prods at her for a while before going in for some muff munching. Gia is really into it here and the two seem to have a really nice chemistry early on. The blowjob comes next, and leads into some great missionary style sex as Gia absolutely loves every minute of this pounding. Energy levels are high here, and as I said before, the chemistry between these two is perfect. Either Gia is extremely horny, or she really loves JonJon. Either way, it's making for a great scene. The final scene in 'Interracial Internal #2' starts out as we see Jasmine Rain. I've never watched a scene with this girl before, but I must say that I'm looking forward to this one, as she looks fantastic in the opening moments. Alexander talks with her a bit as the scene begins before the tease, mainly just telling her how hot she looks, etc. I must say that I'm in total agreement with him, she looks fantastic. Jasmine gives an abbreviated tease before walking up to Sean Michaels and bending over as Michael kisses her ass, literally. Sean then pulls her panties to the side to indulge in some eating of the ass in the next moments before unsheathing his sword as the two begin masturbating themselves in front of each other. The bj comes next, as Jasmine starts things of slowly here, making lots of eye contact with Sean as she sucks. The sex starts much like the other scenes in a very light manner, before Sean starts gradually pounding harder while Jasmine moans in appreciation. It all comes to an end after Sean busts an internal load as Jasmine giggles after her does.

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