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Katy Moore

Katy Moore



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Nov 23, 2010


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Katy Moore

We are pleased to welcome sexy blonde new-cummer Katy Moore to The Female Orgasm family. Katy is twenty eight years old - just coming into her sexual prime, really. Miss Katy Moore has a nice body with a navel piercing, a clit piercing and a couple of "tasteful" tattoos. Katy's pussy is nice and lippy and completely shaved. Her breasts are large and enhanced. Not to mention her stellar orgasms! Katy is stripping out of her t-shirt and undies to make herself comfy in the Orgasm Chair for the first scene. She starts by finger rubbing her clit and pussy keeping one leg perched on a foot rest. After applying a bit of natural lubricant (saliva), Katy turns on her purple metal vibe and gets busy with the toy on her clit. Katy rocks her hips up and down in response to the sensations from the toy. With the tip of her vibe going straight into her clit, Katy lets out a little moan and the next thing we know, she is having a nice orgasm! Katy curls up, her tummy muscles taunt. She continues to stimulate her clitoris with the vibe, but her sensitivity is obvious. She works past the sensitivity and continues to play with her pussy and clit piercing - intent on cumming again. The camera moves in for a nice clit close-up as she works the toy around her piercing. Katy keeps one hand and her fingers around her labia while working the toy with the other hand. We hear Katy moan an "Oh!" once more and then we see her perineum popping contractions in close-up view! Nice. She firmly presses her fingers into her clit, then smiles at the camera. For Scene two, Katy is in the bedroom seated in the bamboo recliner chair. She is wearing a short torn jean skirt and a grey tank. The skirt is hiked so her blue panties are visible! Katy says she has already cum today, but she is ready to cum again and again and again. "I like to cum - over and over and over", says Katy! She stands up to strip out of her skirt and panties - and I see the little tattoo across the small of her back. She leaves on the blue bra. Katy sits back down in the chair, spreading her long legs wide apart. She moistens her fingers and starts to play with her pussy. After some stroke-y, stroking, Katy is panting and moaning. The finger masturbation becomes more and more intense - Katy keeps her clit nice and moist as she continues her solo masturbation, too. The camera moves in for a close-up cooch cam view of Katy's rubbing technique - the camera also moves up to her tummy, chest and face, too. The camera pans out to a full-body, fixed cam view of sexy Katy rubbing her clit in the chair. Katy's not quite able to "get there" using only her fingers - she reaches for a big purple vibe, though. As in the last scene, she points the toy directly onto her clitoris - her clit piercing rattling slightly on the strong vibe. After a few minutes with the toy, Katy begins to moan - her breasts are heaved upward, tightly tucked into her blue bra. Her blonde hair is cascading down to her chest. Suddenly, Katy increases the power of the toy and we know Katy is feeling soooo good. With the toy rattling on her clit, Katy closes her eyes and quietly pants and moans through a stellar, strong, pulsating pussy orgasm! These contractions were so obvious and so visible! After she rides that one out to the end, she comments, "My pussy is so noisy!" because of the vibe on the clit piercing! But, trust me, it's not THAT noisy - just enjoyable! The camera moves in for a bit of a spreading close-up. Back in the bedroom for scene three, Katy is slowly undressing - removing a pair of short jean shorts and a t-shirt while lounging on black satin sheets. She is wearing a bright pink bra and panty set. Katy puts her legs up in the air to remove the panties, then gets right down to the business of finger rubbing that clitoris and pussy! This scene is presented using a blend of multiple camera angles and views, by the way. Katy leaves her legs up in various positions as she wanks in this scene - she clearly enjoys it. With one hand straddling her pussy lips and the other hand coming up from underneath, she strokes and rubs her clitoris from the center upward. After a bit, Katy does put her feet down into the bed and she continues to stroke her clit with her fingers. As the pleasure mounts, Katy's legs begin to lift off the bed again. Her head is pulled up off the bed, slightly tucked into her chest. She alternates between flat on her back and tucked upward, trying desperately to let her fingers do the work :-) Katy curls upward, using both hands on her pussy until Katy cums once more. She is so sensitive after! Katy takes a few moments to "recover" and spreads her pussy lips. Katy is in the bedroom once more. This time she is wearing a white dress with black and blue trimmed panties and bra, propped up on pillows. She has the dress pulled up in order to gain access to her crotch. She begins by massaging her pussy with her fingers through her panties. Katie pulls off the dress and then the panties. She moistens her pussy with some saliva and begins stroking her clit. Her lips are dangling to the sides. Katie leaves her bra on for this one. After "warming up" with her fingers, Katy reaches for a bright pink little vibe. Sometimes she inserts the vibe into her vagina and sometimes she points it directly on her clit. This is definitely a very visually pleasing scene - Katy looks great - very sexy - as she enjoys her masturbation session. Katy has another rocking orgasm in this scene! In typical fashion she curls upward, lifting her head off the pillows, the toy is on her clit and her pussy lips are spread to the sides - the contractions are very strong and Katy rides it out for as long as she is able to do so. Katy clenches completely - thoroughly enjoying every moment of this! She turns off the toy and touches her clit. She giggles as she says, "I like this toy!" Katy removes her bra after all that, then tweeks her nipples as she flaunts her "assets" for the cameraman! The next scene is a tummy masturbation scene in the bedroom. Katy has two large pillows under her abdomen as she uses the little pink vibe on her clitoris. The tattoo on her back is quite visible from this view :-) and the scene is presented from varying camera angles to keep it nice and interesting. After several minutes, Katy moistens her clit once more and re-positions herself on the pillows. I like her two-handed wanking method. Katy works herself up to this orgasm - clenching her butt cheeks and quivering through this orgasm - there is no doubt Katy enjoyed that one! Her face has such a flush! She touches her pussy once more then sits up on the bed.

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