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Kayla Dex

Kayla Dex



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Nov 23, 2010

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48:34 minute(s)



Kayla Dex

Kayla is a twenty-two year-old Lithuanian brunette. She's tattooed and pierced and experienced in oh so many ways - even enjoying lesbian and gang bang sex when she can. Kayla Dex is a bit fuller-figured, with a sweet round face, nice natural breasts and visible orgasms. The first scene begins with Kayla kneeling on the bed, removing a black tank top. She's not wearing a bra and she has nice natural breasts. Once Kayla removes the tank top, she squeezes her breasts and shows them off. She hikes a plaid skirt, peels off her tiny panties, discards them to the floor and lies back on the bed - legs wide apart and thigh-high stockings showing. Kayla's pussy is completely shaved, and she has a couple of tattoos on her chest and one on her wrist and a piercing through the bridge of her nose. Kayla begins with a little finger rub before reaching for a light purple coloured softee vibe. Kayla really begins to get into the sensations - enjoying the vibe and her breasts. She puts her head back, closes her eyes and works that toy on her clit. As Kayla gets closer, her facial expressions become more prominent and she begins to exhale a little louder and pant a bit. She grips the vibe, pressing it firmly into her clit and pussy. The other interesting thing about Kayla is as she wanks and gets aroused, her pussy gets pretty gooey wet! Turning her head forward, eyes closed, Kayla gasps - and the pre-orgasmic pussy contractions begin. Kayla's pussy puckers - she's getting so close now ... she's flicking the toy back and forth on her clit; she's holding her breath; she's panting; she's rocking her hips - the white creamy goodness! Kayla goes on and on - working that toy - until she has an orgasm. The creamy juices are dripping, as Kayla pants and rocks through her pussy contractions. She rides the orgasm all the way ... then turns off the toy to give the camera a nice big smile. Her pussy lips are spread open, showing her engorged clit and wetness. For scene two, Kayla is standing and stripping out of a pair tight black jeans. She is wearing a pair of teeny tiny black g-string panties - and her thigh high fishnet stockings. This is the first time I notice the tattoo on her calf, too. Kayla removes her black shirt and black bra. She peels off the panties last and discards them to the floor. Kayla finger massages her pussy for a moment, before getting busy with the black baton vibe. Kayla is in view from the breasts down in this mostly close-up view. Once more, Kayla is not the fastest out of the blocks, but once she as she gets closer and closer to cumming, her hips are rocking, she's panting quietly and her pussy is softly contracting. Not to mention - the white creamy pussy juice! As she works herself up, the creamy white stuff is squeezed right out of her vagina. Kayla pulls way up and back on her lip and clit hood in this scene - pressing the end of the baton vibe all over her clitoris. Then her outer labia are literally bulging as the contractions overcome her pussy. She quietly and rhythmically pants. Nice, strong, not exaggerated scene. The camera moves in for a close-up of her white pussy cum. Kayla is lying on the bed, naked except for her black fish net thigh-high stockings (I think she likes these) and a bodice; Kayla is bolstered on a few pillows as she gives the magic wand a ride. The film quality switches to HD just as Kayla rolls over onto her knees - the wand securely buzzing on her clit and between her legs. Kayla bucks and arches, riding the wand ... alas, the doggystyle method isn't doing it for Kayla, so she rolls over onto her back, still pressing the wand into her clit and pussy. Kayla is skirting the line between agony and ecstasy. Then, she kicks the toy up to high power! Her pussy is now red and engorged! She's pulling back on her clit hood, rocking her hips ... but she's not cumming yet! Then suddenly, Kayla lets out raspy breaths, spreading her hips and legs wide apart, her hand goes down into the mattress, her back arches but ... not yet. Just not yet (at least I'm *pretty sure* she didn't cum - she might have - but I don't think so). Kayla continues to stimulate her clit and pussy with the magic wand - unbelievable how long she can go - still skirting that pleasure / pain line, she turns the wand down to low power. And Kayla continues to ride that wand! On and on - amazing. Suddenly, Kayla is curling her hips up and panting - and this time, she definitely cums! She is absolutely knackered after all that wand exercise! And her pussy bits are puffy, engorged and visibly throbbing to prove it!

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