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Keeley Magee

Keeley Magee



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Jan 25, 2012

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Keeley MaGee

Keeley Magee is an attractive, voluptuous, twenty-two year-old shiny-haired brunette. Keeley is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall - and when I said voluptuous, I was not kidding - she has large, natural 32-E sized breasts! When we meet Keeley Magee for the first scene, she is seated in The Orgasm Chair slowly undressing. She is wearing an emerald green and black trimmed bra and panty set. She peels off her grey sweatpants remarking about the bright colours. Then she shows us the two toys she has to play with as her hands wander to her crotch she remarks about her "nice, wet, pussy." The panties are peeled off and we see her shaved pussy, except for a thin landing strip on her mound. Keeley goes for it with the baton vibe first, noting that, "My clit is very sensitive, so it should be easy for me to cum now." And within just a small amount of time with the toy on her clit, her pussy does turn red rather quickly. She tries the toy straight into her clit first, then lays the baton at the top of her clit, firmly pressing the baton lengthwise into her pussy. It's not long at all before she is panting and has a quick, little, orgasm - turning quite red. She remarks how easy it's becoming for her to cum and that she is going to "do it again" for us. With the toy back in place and firmly planted, Keeley moans through a second orgasm in the chair. Wearing a black and white printed bra and panty set, Keeley is now lounging on the bed. She is looking forward to another go with the baton vibe - this time in the bedroom. She pulls her "big, big tits" out from beneath the bra for a "sneaky peek" of them - her exact words. Then, she pulls off her panties saying she is ready to play with her pussy. She finger rubs her clit and labia, licking her fingers, then she turns on the baton vibe and the camera moves in for a closer view of her pussy. It's not long before Keeley begins to pant and writhe on the bed - firmly pressing the toy onto her pussy. She brings her hips up to meet the toy, noting that she is having mini-orgasms and they keep on cumming and going. She turns the toy straight into her clit and flinches. She is quite sensitive as she begins to use the toy for another orgasm, noting that, "I think I've cum about three times already." She asks if the cameraman wants her to go for one more - so she keeps trying. With a now very red pussy, Keeley says it makes her tired to cum so much. She turns the power level on the toy down a notch, trying to give her swollen pussy a break for a minute before increasing the power again. Keeley finally gives herself a chance to settle down with the toy - really taking her time and using the toy on her clit and pussy - and then she has a nice, big and very visible orgasm. She is hot and knackered after that one! Saying that was one of the biggest orgasms she's ever had using a toy! And now that pussy is bright red - and she's all hot and sweaty.Now wearing a bright coral or pinkish coloured tube dress and brightly printed bikini, Keeley is back in the bedroom hesitantly giving the magic wand a try. She notes that both the high power and the low power are very severe. But, before she gets right down to business, she decided to give us a little teasing intro to viewing some of her body parts. She rolls onto all fours, showing us her "big bottom". Then she pulls the panties aside to show off her slit. She turns around, pulling her dress down and exposing her nice nipples. Next the panty bottoms are peeled off as she reaches for the wand, ready to get her pussy "all swollen up again and cumming." With the powerful toy on low, she rides the toy and quickly starts to pants, then quite suddenly, Keeley says, "Wow. I've just cum." She's amazed at the power and how well the magic wand works. She turns the toy back on low power again, because she wants to make herself cum again for us because the first orgasm was just too quick. Suddenly panting and putting her legs into the air, Keeley cums again - this time with big, wavelike contractions. She says she felt as if she wet herself - but I didn't spy any female ejaculate. She says her clit is pulsating and swollen - and it is. It's also quite red. Keeley shows off her red clit, then sets the toy to high power to give it a try - but ultimately decides "that one is too much." She is concerned about how red her pussy is, but the cameraman notes it looks very tempting. She laughs and says, "I'm sure you're gonna fuck it later, aren't you?" He asks, "Do you want me to?" To which Keeley replies, "Well, you could give it a lick." And of course, he can't turn down an opportunity like that. Wow. So, we fade to him diving between her legs and licking Keeley's pussy. She reaches back to hold onto the metal bed frame - panting and noting, "I'm going to rip this bed off." He spreads her thighs and dives back into her pussy until she cums.

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