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Koko 3

Koko 3



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Apr 21, 2010

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59:54 minute(s)




Sexy, buxom and lusty Asian Koko is back for her third DVD with us! This DVD features lots of nice and visible orgasms and Koko achieves them both solo and with a little hands-on help from the videographer! Koko is lying on the bed. Her black skirt is lifted up to her waist and her panties are pulled to the side and she rubs and plays with her pussy. Koko "releases" her large, enhanced breasts from beneath the confines of a black tank top. I can't help but notice those double nipple piercings! Koko reaches a hand back down to her pussy to massage her clit with her fingers - her clit is pierced, too. Koko reaches for a little white vibe with a bent tip on the end and the camera moves in for a nice close-up of her pussy and clitoris as she gets primed with the toy. Koko's hips immediately begin rising and falling and her legs are spread wide apart. Koko pulls back on her mound, really opening up her parts - she has a dark and meaty cooch. She increases the intensity of the toy - still pulling her panties to side - and her breathing is now in short, little, gasps. Koko moans and pants and she cums hard - with lots of nice visible contractions! She rides the orgasm all the way til the end. She turns off the little vibe, then touches her pussy with her hand. The camera moves in for a nother nice closeup of her spread pussy lips. Now somewhat recovered, Koko is wearing the same clothing, but ready for some hands-on attention from the cameraman. He tells her how sexy she is. She releases her breasts once more from beneath their bra and top confines. He plays with her nipple piercing. When he reaches down between her legs, he notes her dampness, then asks if she wants to take her panties off. She does! He begins by massaging her clit in small circular motions - and immediately she likes it! Her hips are rising and falling and her breathing rate increases. Koko has a brief giggling fit, noting how sensitive her clit is - but she quickly recovers as he continues to touch her. He reaches for a pocket rocket. He stimulates her clit with the toy and plays with her nipples and face with the other hand. She occasionally sucks, licks and nibbles on his fingers! Koko begins to breathe heavier and make those little moaning / panting sounds that only Koko can make. He takes his thumb into her mouth and sucks on it as he continues to work the little pocket rocket on her clitoris. Koko's noises begin to increase in intensity and volume. He moves his other hand down to her pussy to pull back on her mound, then firmly plant the pocket rocket into her clitoris. Koko is holding onto his arm and her toes are pointed and firmly scrunching into the bed. Her hips rise off the bed, then back down into the bed - she is so ready to cum - but just can't quite get there. She takes over with the toy on her clit as he continues to massage her bits with his fingers. He spreads her lips wide and gently massages her. She likes this and makes intense eye contact with him. She whimpers, then closes her eyes. Once more, she gets very close to cumming, but can't quite make it happen. He goes back to fondling her breasts as she continues to use the toy on her clit. She curls her hips up, closing her eyes and putting her head back. She whimpers and pants - increasing in intensity and volume once more - until she really cums hard once more! Lots of nice visible contractions. He tries to massage her clit with his finger after she has cum, but she is so sensitive and still whimpering. As her sensitivity passes he touches her pussy lightly. She giggles. Then he asks her to get on her knees for a bottoms up show. He moistens his fingers and inserts them into her vagina. He wiggles them all around as she moans and pants. He moves the finger rhythmically into and out of her pussy as she massages her clit. He pushes down on her lower back, forcing her hips and pelvis a bit higher and more into view. She reaches back for the pocket rocket and places that on her clit as he continues to finger her pussy. Clearly Koko likes this as her moans and breathing take on those sounds indicative of her ecstasy once more. He pulls her cheeks apart, continuing to finger fuck her. Koko cums and we can just see the end of her contractions as he takes his fingers out of her pussy. He continues to massage her bottom, then her moistens his finger once more, this time inserting it into her anus. Koko begins massaging her clit, first with her fingers, then she turns on the pocket rocket once more. With his finger now moving in and out of her ass and her using the toy on her clit, they continue like this until she has yet another nice, and very visible orgasm - albeit rather loud. He spreads her cheeks wide so that we can see all the contractions, then he gives her bottom a firm spank! She giggles. Then he asks her to roll - over in order for the camera to see her "lovely face". Koko says how nice that was and that she is "all hot and sweaty now". Koko is lounging in bed, sort of just waking from a little nap. She pushes the covers off and stretches in the half sunlit room. She is only wearing a black lingerie top. No panties or bottoms at all. Koko begins to touch and fondle her pussy. She pulls her top down to completely expose her breasts. I note this time, that she has removed her nipple piercings! Koko begins to massage her clit, frantically masturbating with her fingers on her cooch. She enjoys this, but giggles as she sits up and gets out of bed to get her favourite pocket rocket. Koko takes her time, working the toy all over her clit - just the way she likes it. Her breathing and moaning begin to increase - classic Koko - as she cums. She is really thrashing and moaning with this one. And she is so sensitive after, too. Koko is back in the bedroom, wearing black thigh-high stockings, a short plaid skirt and a little blue tank top. She pulls her skirt up around her waist, then pulls her tanktop down to expose her nipples. And once more I note that her nipple piercings are not apparent. She slides her hands down to her panties, teasing us as she goes. Then she lifts her top up and over her large, enhanced breasts. Koko pulls her panties tight and in between her pussy lips as she kinda of wiggles and rides her panties before she takes them off completely. She fingers and massages her pussy au naturel for a few minutes before grabbing her favourite pocket rocket once more. Koko toys her pussy, pulling back on her mound. Koko's breathing increases as her hips rise and fall on the bed. She closes her eyes and moans through another nice, visible orgasm. This one is sort of filmed from the side view, but aerial, also and you can see all of her strong popping contractions because her legs are spread nice and far apart. She giggles and smiles at the cameraman. Then she hands him the pocket rocket as a clue that she is ready for some more hands on attention. She blows a kiss at the camera. He sits down beside her on the bed and begins to finger her pussy. He inserts his finger quite deeply into her pussy, really wiggle them around. She is writhing and wriggling all over the bed. He turns a finger upward to stimulate her g-spot, then he goes back to rapidly moving the finger in and out of her - finger fucking her. After a bit, her instructs Koko, "Get on your knees". She does so, reaching for a pocket rocket while he inserts a finger or two rapidly in and out of her pussy. It's not long at all before Koko releases a high-pitched moaning/panting/wailing sound and cumming once more. He spreads her cheeks so that we can see the contractions. Her post-orgasm sensitivity is obvious, too.

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