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Oct 9, 2019

The Breast Exam: Autumn Falls has amazing natural breasts, but someone told her that because they're so big she's more at risk to get breast cancer. It makes sense to her, so she's regularly checks herself to make sure she doesn't have any lumps but today she thinks she found one. Totally freaked out, Autumn calls her friend Nia to come over to take a look to put her at ease. Autumns's been attracted to Nia for a while and was hoping that she would be touching her breasts in a different situation, but even with the possibility of her having cancer, she's still turned on. Nia doesn't find any lumps, but Autumn's still not convinced she's in the clear and asks if she can check Nia's breasts for lumps just to make sure she's not going crazy. A little reluctant, Nia agrees and removes her shirt & bra. Autumn checks for lumps but doesn't find any on Nia, but really seems to enjoy rubbing her breasts. She comments on how soft they are and then Autumn asks if she can lick them. Nia's surprised, she's known Autumn for a while now and didn't know she was interested in girls. "I mean, you can if you want to" Nia replies as Autumn leans in and gets a mouthful of her breasts, then Nia gets a taste of Autumns and confesses that she's been wanting this for a long time too. Autumn and Nia explore each other's bodies as they discover new sexual interests then decide that they should give each other regular breast exams more often. The Creepy Chiropractor: Gianna Dior hurt her back while doing yoga, so she makes an appointment with Dr. Angela White to get her back in line. After filling out the required documents, Gianna tells Dr. White where on her back is bothering her then sits on the examination table to give her a better look. Dr. White is clearly turned on by Gianna's tight/toned body as she can't resist touching her soft tanned skin, but she tries to keep it professional and continues the examination. Dr. White has Gianna lay down on the table as she runs her hands down Gianna's back to feel the alignment, as she does her breasts hang slightly above Gianna's face almost resting on her nose. After the initial exam Dr. White concludes that this might not be a yoga issue after all, she mentions that a lot of her patients come in with back issues but they end up being caused by having large breasts. Thankfully, Dr. White is the best in the business when it comes to back pain caused by large breasts and gets right to work. She asks that Gianna remove her bra so she can get to all the right muscles which makes her a little uncomfortable. This is her first time going to see a chiropractor and she wants to make sure this is how all chiropractor visits are. Dr. White ensures her that this is how she'll be able to fix her back problem and even offers to unbutton her own blouse to make Gianna more comfortable with it. Once Gianna's bra is off, Dr. White gets on the table with her to get a better angle to adjust her as she seductively sniffs Gianna's hair. She explains that it might be a bigger issue and wants to feel her hip alignment, but to do that Gianna's going to have to take off her pants too. Gianna's hesitant to agree, but goes with it if this is what the doctor thinks will fix her problems. Dr. White climbs back onto the table once Gianna removes her pants and starts stretching put her leg muscles. As she fully extends Gianna's legs, Dr. White's panties slightly rub against Gianna's crotch and rubs them together harder and harder each time she stretches her legs. Gianna asks if Dr. White also has back issues due to the fact that her breasts are even bigger than Gianna's and she tells her that she does, and sometimes her patients help her with her pain too. Gianna gets a full adjustment and she returns the favor by fully adjusting Dr. White the best she can before finishing up and making an appointment for next week. Let's just hope the next one is as relieving as this one. Appreciating Nice Tits Jade & Gabbie go to the same community college and are studying for a big test. When Gabbie notices that Jade is distracted by her big breasts, Gabbie says "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". The Photographer: April O'Neil is a make-up artist for fashion shoots and today she's working with a very famous photographer, Valentina Nappi. Their model is the very beautiful Darice Dolce and after they finish shooting Valentina tries to convince Darcie to go to Italy with her so she can work with all of her famous fashion friends. Darcie tries to convince her that she should bring April along to Italy too, but Valentina declines, saying that there are better make-up artists in Italy so there's no need. Valentina then invites Darcie to go for a ride in her Italian sports car, but Darcie declines saying she's tired and wants to go back to her hotel. April's relaxing in the break room when Darcie joins her on the couch to tell her how much she liked her makeup, then comments on how perfect April's breasts are. Darcie takes off her top as she tries to convince April to show off her boobs too and after a lot of convincing April gives in. Valentina catches them making out with their tops off and fires April on the spot. Darcie comes to her defense and tries to tempt Valentina to join in with them if it would save April's job. Valentina says "I guess we can work something out", but how far will they have to go?

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