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Laura Neat 3 - Orgasm Adventure

Laura Neat 3 - Orgasm Adventure



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Nov 20, 2017

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1:06 hour(s)



Laura Neat

Laura Neat is feeling rather adventurous in her third movie, getting naked and masturbating to orgasm outdoors in the woods! She has wonderfully hairy armpits and is sporting quite the bush as she rubs her clit to one pussy drenching pulsating orgasm after another. This is a must for every collection! Laura Neat has set herself up in the woods - the camera facing her as she sits on a log and slowly strips. Judging by her layers, it must be a little chilly! She caresses her body, rubs her crotch, then sniffs her fingers :-) before taking out her small breast and very perky nipples. Laura keeps looking around a little nervously as she takes off her top, giving us a glimpse of her hairy armpits. She gets up and walks over to the camera to give us some close-up views of her ass and crotch through her stockings ... and it becomes obvious that she is not wearing panties! Back on the log, Laura pulls one leg out of her stockings and begins to finger her hairy pussy. She pauses to take her top off completely and then starts to masturbate in earnest with her fingers, occasionally looking around to make sure she doesn't get caught. But this time she wants a little more than just her fingers, so she reaches into her purse for her mascara vibe. She first uses it on her clit, then on her nipples, then back on her clit. But that's not going to do it, so Laura goes back to her frantic finger rubbing - and that does it! She has a body jerking, toe curling, nipple hardening orgasm! She quickly gets herself dressed again saying to the camera "I'd better hurry up" ... someone must have been approaching. Laura is back in the woods, sitting on her blanket. The camera is close this time and shows just her panty clad crotch ... her dark hair is protruding from all sides of her sexy little panties - she really is very hairy! Laura breaks out her handy-dandy vibrator and starts to masturbate through the fabric of her panties. But she wants more - she pulls the crotch and frees her labia and clit, and after a quick buzz, she switches to finger rubbing masturbation. Her pussy is rather moist, and we keep getting glimpses of her juices collecting at the base of her vagina. Laura pulls her panties off completely, then resumes masturbating with the white smoothie vibrator. She must be really horny as her perineum starts contracting quite quickly. Very shortly thereafter, Laura lets out a big "Ahhh .... I'm cumming ..." just as her orgasm contractions take hold! She has lots and lots of contractions, a bead of her grool out of her pussy and right down to her ass ... she really did get wet with this one! Laura must really like the outdoors as she is in the woods on her blanket again! This time she has the camera setup to show her whole body as she carefully undresses. She can't be that far away from civilization as a car horn sounds nearby ... but that doesn't phase her - she continues to undress for the camera, peeling off her stockings, taking her shirt and bra off, and removing her panties completely. Laura lays back and uses her purse as a pillow as she starts to masturbate her pussy with her fingers ... she uses a firm and fast circular motion on her clitoris. She pauses to take her skirt off, leaving her completely naked as she masturbates. In typical sexy Laura fashion, she reaches down with one hand for her pussy juice, which she rubs on her nipples as she masturbates. She spreads her pussy lips wide and exposes her pink vulva, then draws more juice up to her nipples as she gets serious about making herself cum! Laura rub-a-dubs her clitoris and tenses her buttocks to lift her hips against her fingers. More pussy juice goes up to her perky nipples using both hands this time - that really is sexy, especially since we know that it really turns her on. Laura goes back to rubbing her clit, then s she looks around nervously, smiles at the camera and whispers "I'm cumming"! She lifts up her legs as she cums, her toes curl and her pussy and ass are overcome by strong contractions as she rides her orgasm out - Wow!! After she recovered for a bit, Laura says "Well that was exciting! I'm not sure you were the only ones who watched this!". Now in the safety of her own home, Laura is sitting on a couch wearing pink lace panties and a yellow top – it's a close-up view, so we can only see the bottom of her top. She lifts her legs up and slips her panties off, leaving us with a close-up of her very bushy pussy as she starts to rub herself with her belt buckle! It sounds like an odd choice of toy, but Laura likes the feeling! She focuses the edge of the buckle on her clitoris and rubs it up and down ... and that obviously works for her as her pussy starts to get very wet! A bead of juice starts to drip down towards her anus and she has a few little pre-orgasm contractions. Laura just keeps on going with the buckle and keeps getting wetter and wetter as she gets closer and closer to cumming. But the buckle isn't quite enough so she switches to her fingers ... her grool is running all the way down to the couch now as she firmly rubs her clitoris. She is absolutely soaking wet when she suddenly stops her rubbing, parts her lips, and gently rubs her clit as she goes over the edge. Her soaked pink pussy contracts nicely as she cums too! She touches her clit with her belt buckle again soliciting more post orgasm contractions. This title comes with a Bonus Scene. Laura flips her camera sideways to give us a tall view of her as she sits her in her chair by the window to satisfy herself. She is comfortably in the safety of her home as she gets almost completely naked (she leaves her socks on) and masturbates with her vibrator. She first uses the vibe on her pussy, then when it's nice and wet, she puts it on her nipples as she masturbates with her fingers, then she switches it back to her pussy. Laura puts the toy away to finish herself off with her fingers, rocking out a nice big orgasm that leaves her completely satisfied and pussy juice on her chair (which she mops up with her panties!).

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