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Lexi Ward & Hannah Shaw

Lexi Ward & Hannah Shaw



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Feb 17, 2010

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56:55 minute(s)



Hannah Shaw, Lexi Ward

We had the pleasure of recently meeting two lovely lesbian lovers - Lexi Ward and Hannah Shaw. These are two sexy brunettes who enjoy playing with each other. The both manage to achieve orgasm very quickly and Lexi Ward enjoys multiple orgasms! Pig-tailed brunette Lexi Ward is standing in the bedroom, doing a very sexy undressing. I like it when she turns around and gives her bottom a little spanking! Lexi has nice, natural breasts with rather large areolas and a completely shaved pussy with a clit piercing. After stripping naked, Lexi makes herself comfortable on the bed with the silver vibe. It takes less than 4 minutes with the vibe buzzing on her clit for Lexi to reach her first orgasm - and it is definitely a nice one! She has one series of very nice, very visible contractions, then immediately goes back at it with the vibe for another quick orgasm - she cums so hard and so quickly the second time she squirts a bit, too! Lexi gets up from the bed and pulls on her panties before waving good bye to the camera. Lexi's partner Hannah Shaw is featured in the next scene and going solo, too. Hannah removes her clothing to reveal smaller, but perky breasts and a tiny pair of green panties. Hannah takes off the panties and invites us to follow her to the bed. She leans back against the headboard and reaches for a little pink vibe. She moistens the vibe and begins to use it to make small circles on her clit. Hannah doesn't waste anytime reaching a nice orgasm ,either - and it's quite visible and strong, as well. She has an interesting "curling-Elvis-Presley-Lip", as I like to call it, and she sort of snarls on one side of her mouth when she cums! Hannah waves at the camera, which moves in for a cooch close-up view. Hannah lays back on the bed and starts to finger rub her clit. While Hannah looks very sexy wanking with her fingers, she doesn't pull-off anymore orgasms for us. The girls are wearing matching purple lingerie outfits in the next scene. Lexi Ward is working a purple vibe into Hannah's pussy as the girls lounge on the bed together. When Lexi pulls the vibe out of Hannah's pussy, it is covered in gooey wetness and Lexi adds to the moisture by lubricating Hannah's pussy with a little spit. Lexi works the vibe directly on Hannah's clit. Hannah reaches around and holds onto Hannah's pig-tails as her hips rock up and down. Lexi continues the slow and methodical use of the vibe on Hannah's clit until she is gasping and cumming hard! Her lip is curling upward again, too, as Hannah pulls back and upward on her own pussy hood while her partner works the vibe. Lexi sits up to get a better view of all the action. Hannah says, "Oh yeah" and hisses quietly as she gives us yet another nice, strong orgasm. Lexi is immediately ready for "her turn"! Hannah applies some lube to the vibe, pulls the g-string to the side, then spits on Lexi's clit for a little added lubrication. Hannah works the little purple vibe in tiny circles on Lexi's clit, occasionally inserting the vibe inot Lexi's pussy. It's not long before Lexi's eyes roll back in her head and she cums hard. Hannah notes that Lexi's legs are shaking and Lexi replies that she's "Gone. I can keep going though!" That's the spirit in which multiple orgasms are made! Hannah continues the vibe stimulation, beginning to press a bit more firmly into Lexi's clit. Hannah spits a little more saliva onto Lexi's pussy - who looks as though she is just ready to explode in orgasm! Suddenly the perineum pulling contractions begin again - rhythmically and strong. Then her legs quiver. The girls lie side by side touching each other, intimately before waving good bye for the camera. We've included a very brief pee scene with Hannah on this DVD, too. The girls are back in the bedroom dressed as a couple of Santa's little elves - sans undergarments! Hannah is working a silver vibe on Lexi's clit this time. It's not long before Lexi moans and Hannah asks her, "Does that feel good?" Lexi nods in approval as her mouth opens in pure enjoyment. As Hannah continues to work the vibe on Lexi's clit, I notice that Lexi's chest begins to rise and fall a bit heavier as she gets ready to cum again. With the vibe rattling her clit piercing, Lexi says, "I'm gonna cum" as she has a lovely perfectly visible orgasm. A few moments later, Lexi rolls her eyes back in her once again, as she has follows up with another smaller, yet still visible orgasm. Lexi then decides it's Hannah's turn as she's been a naughty little elf. The camera moves infor a lcoseup of Hannah's pussy as Lexi works the silver vibe on her clit. It's not long before Hannah has a few little pre-orgasmic twitches as her hips bounce. She lets Lexi know, "I am quite close to cumming, though." Lexi tells her she's a "naughty person". Although it takes a few minutes more than what anticipated, the vibe tip is firmly working on Hannah's clit when she whispers, "Ah, I'm going to cum"! The camera is still in for close-up perspective to capture all of the nice orgasmic contractions. The girls wish us all a very Merry Christmas! Indeed. Hannah's ready for a bottoms-up session with the magic wand! With her hand placed in the pillows and the magic wand between her legs, we get a sideways view of Hannah getting off with the powerful toy. It makes her cum quite quickly, and she squirts all over the bed as she does so! She continues to use the wand, noting that "It's really sensitive!" But, that doesn't deter Hannah from keeping the toy between her legs! She bounces up and down on the magic wand before placing it firmly on pussy once more and arching her back in ecstasy. After a bit, Hannah rolls over onto her back, with her upper body resting on the pillows. Hannah places the toy on her pussy until her hips curl upward, she squirts slightly more and she cums again! Hannah plays with the juices with her fingers and she licks her fingers. Lexi Ward is kneeling bottoms up in a close-up cooch cam view of her session with the magic wand! It is just a few minutes before Lexi is cumming hard, with plenty of visible perineum pulling contractions and a squirting orgasm. She giggles and says, "Oop. That was a wet one!" She is sensitive, but goes back to using the toy on her clit, again. Pre-orgasmic bottom puckering contractions begin a second time.before Lexi quivers and shakes for a second, but less visible orgasm. She looks at the "mess" she's squirted on the bed!

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