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Loz Lorrimar

Loz Lorrimar



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Apr 21, 2010

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Loz Lorrimar

Loz Lorrimar has very pretty, striking blue eyes that "pop" because of her dyed red hair colour. She's 25 years old and is bi-curious. She's lovely and voluptuous with large breasts, a nipple piercing and a couple tattoos, and she has the most amazing sex flush everytime she cums! When we first meet Loz, she introduces herself and starts rubbing her chest. She is kneeling in the bedroom with a denim skirt hiked up high around her waist. She removes a tank top, then her bra. Loz has enhanced breasts with one pierced nipple. Loz's black bra matches the pair of little blank panties peeking from beneath her skirt. Loz removes the skirt - leaving on her high heels - then lies back on the pillows to slip off the panties, also. Loz has a large tattoo on her right hip. Lying back on the pillows, Loz moistens her fingers in her mouth and then begins to massage her clit with her fingers. And massage and rub Loz does! Her fingers press firmly into her clit as her hand goes round and round on her clit. After a few minutes, Loz begins to pant and moan. Loz will pause to moisten her fingers a bit from time-to-time, but she gets into seriously frantic finger masturbation. The pace slows down just a bit as Loz's chest and neck flush bright red and she moans in orgasmic ecstasy. Loz doesn't have very strong and visible contractions, but her sex flush cannot be ignored! Her contractions are weak, but I do think they are there. Loz giggles as she notes "first one of the day!". She sits up to blow a kiss to the camera. Loz is now wearing white thigh-high stockings, white panties and a white nightie top with some red accents. Loz pulls her breasts out from beneath the top to fondle and play with them for a bit. Loz removes her white panties, moistens her fingers and starts to play with her pussy. Loz inserts a couple of fingers into her vagina, spreading the wetness up to her clit. She rubs her clit with her fingers for a bit, then reaches for a pink vibe that looks amazingly like a tooth brush! Loz puts the head of the toy on her clit, which seems to quickly make her moan. Loz experiments with the speeds and settings of the toy, pulling way back on the hood of her clit, really exposing her clit. For whatever reason, Loz turns the toy off and goes back to manually massaging her cit with her fingers. She reaches her other hand up, over her head, and kind of grasps onto the pillows as her back begins to arch. Loz starts to pant, re-moistens her fingers, then goes right back to the rubbing. Loz goes back to the frantic, rhythmic masturbation breathlessly wording, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I'm gonna cum." And while Loz's contractions are not the most obvious, I'm certain she did indeed cum - and once more the sex flush across her chest is quite remarkable. She stands up and walks out of the bedroom without putting on her panties! Loz is seated in a chair, with her legs spread wide apart. She is wearing absolutely nothing. Loz fingers her pussy and rubs her clit. Loz reaches for a penis-shaped glass dildo and inserts that into her pussy. She really works the toy into her pussy, nice and slowly at first. She pulls the toy out and moistens it in her mouth. After a bit, Loz opts for the smooth white buzzy vibe on her clit and pussy. Loz really pulls back and up on her clit hood - exposing the most of her clit that she can. The vibe gets her moaning and throwing her head back pretty quickly. She bounces the toy up and down, up and down on her clit as she continues to lubricate it with her saliva. Loz continues with the toy - until her head goes way back and she is moaning once more in ecstasy. And this time - mostly because of her positioning on the chair, her contractions are quite visible! It's a nice orgasm. She takes a brief moment to recover, then she stands up and waves good bye to the camera. Wearing an animal print, body clinging piece of lingerie, Loz is lounging on the bed sipping a mimosa. She sets the drink down, then releases her breasts from beneath the fabric. She plays with her nipples, lifting her breasts to lick them. Loz gets her pussy warmed up a bit before reaching for the matching animal print "spoon" still vibe. She inserts the toy deep into her pussy and alternatingly uses it on her clit. Loz adjusts the speed of the toy to high power, always keeping her clit nice and moist with her saliva, and begins to moan. Loz uses the hand not working the toy to spread her lips wide apart and get a better exposure on her clitoris - she really likes that! Loz is getting very aroused and very turned on as she firmly "bounces" the vibe up and down on her clit. She only pauses to maintain lubrication and it's not long at all before she is really panting. Loz's chest begins to heave as she holds her breath just before the big moment! Then, Loz lets out a big "Ahhhh" as she cums once more. Again, this is not a snapping orgasm, but it I did see some small contractions. But, Loz is not finished yet! She rolls over onto her knees, enjoys a sip of her mimosa, then grabs the magic wand, getting into a doggy style position. Loz gets comfortable with the pillows, but almost instantly the toy has her moaning and panting. Loz is gripping onto the side of the bed and the sheets as she works the wand on her pussy. It's not long before Loz says, "Oh my god! I'm gonna cum again!" And she does! The contractions weren't really obvious because of the angle of the camera, but Loz is clearly riding the toy! Loz announces, "I think I'm done for the day now. I enjoyed that one!" Her legs are like jell-o as she walks out of the room!

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