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Mai Bailey

Mai Bailey



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Oct 25, 2010

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36:12 minute(s)



Mai Bailey

Mai Bailey is tall and thin at 5 feet 8 inches. She is twenty-four years old and has a tiny 24 inch waist. She's Russian and she cums super fast! It doesn't take much at all to get this sexy young woman writhing in ecstasy on the bed! When we first meet the lithe Mai Bailey, she is lounging on the bed in a black one piece body suit. She pulls the top down to expose her breasts and she pulls the panties aside to show off her luscious lippy pussy. She unbuttons the crotch of the body suit and turns on a powerful little pink pocket rocket. Nearly instantly Mai Bailey is gasping in pleasure from the little toy. She pauses from time-to-time just slow down the action a bit, but she's like Jess West - she's a super quick cummer! With the pocket rocket resting on her clit, she lets out a series of gasps - and the camera perspective changes so we can see all those pussy popping contractions! Wow! She pushes her bottom into the bed, but it's still a nice orgasm!! She turns off the toy and gently touches her pussy until she calms down. Mai Bailey is back in the bedroom, this time in a mostly side angle view. She is propped up on black sheets and green pillows while lounging in a black lingerie body suit. Her toes are already scrunched into the bed. She slowly removes the straps from the body suit - clutching her breasts and playing with her nipples. I haven't mentioned yet that her breasts are enhanced and her nipples are pierced. The camera angle switches to a close-up cooch cam view. Her bottoms are opaque, so it is erotic to see her large lips and clitoris protruding beneath the garment. She rubs her pussy, obviously getting herself quite turned on, before unsnapping the crotch of the bodysuit. She lightly touches her pussy, clitoris and lips with her hands. The camera angle alternates between full body and close-up cooch cam throughout this scene. Mai Bailey moistens her fingers and begins to massage her clitoris with only her fingers. She pulls her lips apart and tap, tap, taps her clit before reaching for the little pink pocket rocket. Mai Bailey seems to favor stimulating the left side of her clitoris. She bounces the toy on her clit, then rests it on the left side - panting and moaning as she does so. She switches the toy to the other side of her clitoris - but only briefly. The toy goes back to her "preferred" position and quickly again Mai Bailey is cumming hard - fast and popping pussy orgasm! Nice. She is sensitive and takes a minute to recover - her prominent and swollen clit the focus. Now wearing a sexy floral print satin lingerie set, Mai Bailey is touching her pussy and playing with herself on the bed. She is one of those women with a very sensitive clitoris - minimal play gets her quite aroused. She can just rub her clit through her panties to achieve an orgasm. Mai Bailey spends several minutes ramping herself up through her panties. Then she pulls the top down to expose the breast with the piercing. Next she slips the little panties off to gently stroke her clit and pussy. The camera angle changes to the closer cooch cam view - showcasing Mai Bailey's large, luscious labia. The DVD alternates between the two camera angles as Mai Bailey continues to play with herself and wank. Eventually, she reaches for her trusty pink pocket rocket, turning on the toy and putting it on her clitoris. I love the way she actually gently pushes her labia to one side when she places the toy on her clit! She gasps a lot, then the intensity increases and becomes more rapid as she has another orgasm. She sits up in the bed to calm down and we also get a close-up of her engorged pussy after she's cum. Wearing yet another sexy, lacy, lingerie outfit, Mai Bailey is perched on the bed. She is rubbing her pussy through her lacy panties and playing with herself. She's definitely a sexy chick and she looks good spread across the bed with her hand holding onto the headboard. She is already whimpering and panting. She reaches her hand up to clutch her breasts, then releases one from beneath the lingerie. She reaches her hands down, stretching the panties a bit to move them to the side of her lippy cooch. She moistens her fingers then slowly touches herself. She really works herself up in this one - taking her time and playing with her pussy with her fingers for a bit. She eventually opts for her favourite, powerful, little pocket rocket. She is propped up on two large pillows, on her back with her long, lean, legs bent at the knee - her toes are scrunching into the bed. Mai Bailey begins her characteristic pant, and hips begin to rise. She pulls her thighs together, her muscles go quite taut, as she gasps in rhythmic orgasmic beats with a full-body view of her orgasm, clearly showing her total body reactions! She holds her panties to the side to expose her pussy as she catches her breath.

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