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Dec 17, 2004



You know how it works. Just before turning on the cameras, we bring in the guys and let 'em loose. They have an all-out orgy until they've drained each other dry, and we deliver the sights to you just about how it actually happened. The unique Titan documentary style that brings you unrehearsed, spontaneous, non-stop action means ManPlay is real guys, real sex, real hot. We've racked up seven nasty ManPlayers for this outing, and what a bunch of unshaven, raunchy, fuck pigs they are. You've met Nick before, in Manplay 12 and Packers, where his rugged face and back-alley attitude mowed 'em down. Adam was also in an earlier ManPlay, and the other five men are first time players. That probably explains their butt lickin', cock chompin', dick drivin' frenzy! A couple of 'em are tattooed sex gods. Nick's got those lily pads floating on his shoulder. Sexily sideburned Dax, with that trail of fine hair trickling down the center of his torso, has entirely novel disc tats circling his biceps and ascending his neck. Smooth, young Abram has symbol-laden bands clasping each arm. You'll also go for the dark five o'clock shadow on devilishly handsome Michael?he's the guy who's always got his legs flung open so his buddies can get their tongues crammed deeply up his sensitive, quivering asshole. Christian has a sultry Mediterranean look, with his dark hair and goatee. And check out the two blondes. Well, okay, so Adam is a bottle blond. But his golden skin, sunburst tattoo, and (best of all) his heavyweight, massively thick, juicy, uncut tool are all natural. Brandon is the real blond, a sweet, carnal confection. His smoothly shaven crotch keeps that fact nearly secret, so if you can tear your eyes away from his lickable lap for long enough, just catch a glance of the hair on his head. These guys can't get enough of each other. In a breathless, constantly morphing succession of partners, they feverishly fuck 'n suck until they've satiated themselves with every inch of their bodies and spewed buckets of spooge all over the room. Adam and Nick are the first two guys on the play space's scaffolding, exchanging heated kisses. Abram crawls up to start sucking their tasty cocks. Dax joins in, poking Abram'sjuicy butthole, and Adam climbs aboard, too. The guys start swapping around the slurping and sucking. Dax chows down on Abram's fat cock, and Nick slides his slippery lips over Adam's long, stiff tube steak. Getting overheated, Adam madly jack rabbits his cock into Abram's pulsating puckerhole. Abram's whole body, wracked with quivers and jerks, milks a luscious load of love juice from his chunky prick while his bunghole clamps down like a bear trap on the thrusting shaft of Adam's veiny meat cylinder. Abram may have just busted his nut, but he's ready for more, and Dax devours the hottie's ever-hard stiffie. Christian goes for handsome Michael's ass, and gets it when Michael splays his legs wide for Christian's probing tongue. Fuck bunny Christian takes it up the poop chute from Abram, and then wraps his hot hole around Michael's powerful prick. Pretty Brandon spews jets of hot pearls onto Nick's dark patch of belly fur. And when Nick squats on his face, Brandon shoots again?his second scorcher in just eight minutes! There's a steamy chain fuck with Brandon riding Nick's mighty monster as Michael slams his skin saber into Nick. But Brandon wants to suck the wild, electric cock of the guy who's getting fucked, and he whirls around to gobble Nick's oh-so-edible erection to the root. Nick's the center of everyone's attention now, and when he starts power-sucking Dax, he's getting pleasured at all points. Driven into a mad frenzy, he blasts rivers of cum over Michael, who rubs the spunky sauce onto his own semen-slick cock and wrenches a bucket of man-juice onto Nick's chest, lapping up the salty load from Nick's sweaty, matted pubic hair. The powerful fuck-a-thon crescendos as the guys work each other over mercilessly. Nick slams his hog into the eager hole of Christian, who's greedily sucking Adam's prime uncut beef, and Brandon rocks his perfect pink ass cheeks onto Abram's steely pole. After getting a good taste and a whiff of Nick's big funky balls and sweet hole, sex fiend Adam shoots a load so gigantic everyone seems stunned into slack-jawed amazement. There's more cum than you thought possible, thick cords of white spunk gushing from Adam's reddened donkey dick. Bet ya didn't know anybody could blow a load like that! It's another incredible ending of a wild night of debauchery with these hard-driving, deep rutting, horn dog Manplayers!

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