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Manplay 20

Manplay 20



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Mar 21, 2007



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2:21 hour(s)


You can skip the morning paper and the six-o-clock news. There's only one place where reality keeps getting better, and that's TitanMen's best selling ManPlay series of reality sex. As always, the action's unrehearsed and spontaneous. We just turn 'em loose, let 'em play, and deliver the party to you almost exactly as it happened. ManPlay 20 has real guys and real sex - hot and hard! For this latest edition of the popular series, we've brought you the biggest cast having the longest party yet - eleven sexy studs going at it for two and half hours! There was so much hot footage that for the first time we've even included two memorable scenes as bonus content - they were just too good to let go. With the first time addition of a ManPlay Cumshot Review, ManPlay 20 has more bang for the buck than ever. Meet the guys! Ken - Hairy chested, cockring, and a tattoo on his shoulder that says, "Saturday night's alright for fighting. But sex comes first every night of the week." Brandon - Handsome, clean-shaven, and mighty sturdy. He's got a cockring. Randy - Solidly built and superbly hung with a smoothly wrapped, dark foreskin. And the only beard in the bunch. Colby - A husky young rocker type. Smooth and kinda pale with smoldering sideburns. Jeff - Smooth, stocky and handsome with a cockring. Eryk - Long and slender dude with long and not at all slender cock. Sideburns. Ivan - Black hair, black stretches in his ears, and full color, full sleeve tats. Uncut. JC - Nice tawny color, a hairy chest and several days of stubble. Plus another cockring. Sean - Furry chested, salt 'n pepper stubble. Slater - Rough stuff, with pierced eyebrow and sideburns. David - Well, you just might remember him as David Griffin. He's been around, made some movies. Become a real leather Dad. Put on some bulk, and gotten inked - wait'll you see the design flared across his back. Looks gruff, plays rough. Never without a cockring. A brick warehouse. A couple of platforms. Action! Part One Here's a tit-twisting, cock sucking meet 'n greet for David, in knee-high black leather boots, with Randy, Eryk, JC and Jeff. Eryk's got a cock long enough for pole vaulting - if it weren't so damn stiff. Jeff clamps his mouth on it right away, swinging between it and Randy's humongous rod, and Randy deep throats every inch of Eryk's endless pole. Ken swirls his tongue so swiftly around the glistening knob atop Randy's pole that the solidly muscled stud suddenly shoots a thick white load. Eryk and David straddle both ends of JC's body, and as David lobs a load across his legs, Eryk sprays his juice over JC's chest. Part Two Another five-way takes shape - there's Brandon, Jeff, Ivan, and Ken, who's sinking his tongue deep in Colby's roomy crack and fucking the husky boy 'til the jizz squirts from his chunky cock. Brandon sinks his brittle meat into Jeff's furry hole with slow strokes. But cock-hound Brandon also likes to get his ass reamed, and in a quick switch, he impales himself on Jeff's extra wide manrammer, and then turns up his all-American ass to long-dicked Ivan for a hearty plugging that makes him blow in an agonized explosion. Colby's hot mouth makes Ken's spit-slicked cock cum once again, and Ivan plugs Jeff with some rapid pelvis-pushing that makes both of them spray their juice. Part Three Randy, Slater, Ken, and David rally round Eryk's stunning maypole. They suck it, sit on it, and get banged on their backs. Eryk's tight balls and clipped crotch hair accentuate the length of his cock, and just watching him pound David's ass makes Slater blow pellets of hot cum over David's sweaty body. JC sucks the jizz outta Ken, Randy unloads on David, and David blasts across JC and Sean. Whew! Part Four The guys continue to mix it up in a tumultuous suck-and-fuckathon of changing partners. Ivan pumps Colby's plump butt 'til the cum breaks loose, while bunghole buddies Ken and Jeff have a torrid flip-flop fuck. As the final five-way races to its climax, it looks like Ken's gonna get the Most Orgasms Award. His fat wang makes a return visit to Colby's hot hole and Brandon pushes his pretty muscle rump into the air so Ivan can lube it up for a final depth charge cock-probe that's so sizzling everyone gathers round for a simultaneous blast off on lucky Ivan that leaves him happy and drenched with cum!

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